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Companies That Hire for Remote, Work-From-Home Healthcare Jobs

Companies That Hire for Remote, Work-From-Home Healthcare Jobs

With events such as the global Covid 19 pandemic, the demand for virtual healthcare is rising.

For the sake of minimizing exposure and social distancing, many patients and employees are relying on virtual medical consultations and remote work. If you are looking for Companies That Hire for Remote, Work-From-Home Healthcare Jobs, you can look into the following companies, institutions, and organizations.

I do not know which places have vacancies at the moment. But it is good to know where you can start to look depending on what you would like to do.

companies that hire for remote work from home healthcare jobs

Universities – Medicine Schools

Universities across the country that specialize in healthcare and medicine are a good place to start in terms of looking for remote work.

Aside from remote teaching opportunities, many hospitals, clinics, and other facilities rely heavily on educational institutions to provide support or supplementary services. There are also opportunities to participate or contribute to clinical trials and research studies.

Administrative Work – Medical Records and Scheduling

Administrative jobs include:

  • Processing medical records
  • Customer care calls
  • Scheduling patients for appointments
  • Providing patients with statements
  • Ensuring that patients are making payments
  • Answering any questions that patients may have regarding their administrative paperwork
  • Medical insurance verification
  • Updating personal information of patients

The following companies have advertised positions related to administrative work: Astera Cancer Care, TruBridge, Healthmark Medical group, Cigna, PM Pediatrics, Phoenix Children’s hospital, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and CVS Health.

Home Care – Palliative/Hospice

For obvious reasons, some patients will need you to show up and physically care for them. However, some are still able to be mobile. For these patients, you can check in with a phone call. You can enquire if they still have what they need in terms of groceries and medication. Make sure that they are sticking to their medication schedule and overall treatment plan. Give some guidance and supportive counseling.

Companies who hire for this type of position include Honor (Phoenix), Providence, CentraCare Health, Trinity Health, Ascension, Hospice of the Valley, UC San Diego, and Franciscan Health.

Remote Therapy

Of all the factors of our overall health, mental health is often neglected the most. Opting for a virtual consultation is actually one of the only silver linings we have in trying time, such as the pandemic. It is more convenient for some patients and less daunting.

Look up the following practices for possible positions: Cerebral, Lyra Health, Ayana Therapy, Babylon Health, Orange Park Medical Center, Within Health, All Points North Lodge, and XRHealth.

the companies that hire for remote work from home healthcare job

Video Consultations

A doctor may sometimes regard a video consultation as sufficient to determine a patient’s condition. Or use one to decide if further physical examination, testing, and diagnosis are needed. A virtual consult can cut time and limit exposure for easy diagnosis conditions such as a tummy bug or a cold. A prescription can be sent, and a patient can be treated without having to leave the comfort of their own homes.

You can look into the following practices: Driven Care, Cerebral, Medicus Firm, Forward, HealthTap, Providence, Texas Behavioural Health, Premise Health Babylon Health, and Cigna.

Additional Info And Advice On Healthcare

Remote healthcare structures are becoming more and more common in is day and age. So, to keep you up to date and your skills, we recommend reading up on Statistics for Healthcare Professionals: An Introduction, the Systems Design for Remote Healthcare, and the Telemedicine Technologies: Big Data, Deep Learning, Robotics, Mobile and Remote Applications for Global Healthcare to begin with.

Furthermore, we also found Remote Medicine: A Textbook for Trainee and Established Remote Healthcare Practitioners, the IoT-enabled Smart Healthcare Systems, Services and Applications, the Medical Cannabis Handbook for Healthcare Professionals, and the Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing & Healthcare, all available online in 2023.

Lastly, check out my Healthcare Administrator Job Description to understand what the position entails, along with my Molina Healthcare Application and UnitedHealthcare Insurance Application for possible job opportunities.

Final Thoughts

There are many remote opportunities in the healthcare industry, Although you will still need to be more hands-on at times. Or perhaps, a fully remote career may not be in the cards for you.

The upside is, it does not matter whether you are a doctor or simply assisting patients with paperwork; you are still making a difference and fighting the good fight.

Enjoy working from home, and thank you for caring!

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