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Companies That Hire For Remote Work-From-Home Nursing Jobs

The US has a growing, aging population and an ever-greater need for health care with a consistent need for new nurses. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics has forecasted a 7% growth in nursing positions by 2029. Over the next few years, that’s more than 221,000 new nursing jobs.

However, recently, many healthcare and related companies have switched gears and are now hiring qualified people for remote work-from-home nursing jobs. They understand that work-from-home remote jobs are becoming the way of the future for many employees and employers.

Innovative technology is becoming increasingly available to both the public and private sectors. This has resulted in healthcare providers, and related companies are recognizing that traditional workplaces are no longer always necessary or efficient. And many forward-thinking healthcare-related companies now offer several positions in which qualified nurses can work from home.

So, I decided to look at some large companies that hire for remote work-from-home nursing jobs, but first, let’s pinpoint why these jobs are becoming available.

companies that hire for remote work from home nursing jobs

So Why Are Work-from-home Remote Nursing Jobs Becoming Popular?

Registered nurses are now needed in many areas of the economy, not just in hospitals and clinics! Technology, insurance, teaching, and legal professions all utilize the skills of clinically trained nurses and offer work-from-home positions. Technology has advanced quickly in the last few years, and all types of services and products have become more accessible.

The healthcare industry is only one of many that can take advantage of the switch to employees working remotely. Not every patient question, assessment, or evaluation needs to be done in person. Elderly patients or immune-compromised individuals are finding it more comfortable to consult their healthcare providers from home.

The push to restructure healthcare along technological lines for better efficiency and user convenience has opened a huge employment market for registered nurses and other care-related positions. The recent pandemic and resulting regional restrictions have accelerated this process.

Qualified registered nurses from all over the country are now working from home, in many cases enjoying flexible hours and competitive salaries.

companies that hire for remote work from home nursing job

What Type of Remote work-from-home Positions Are Available to a Registered Nurse?

Case Management, Triage Nursing, Telemedicine, Health Coaching, and Medical Informatics are all possibilities when looking at positions for remote nursing work. Clinical Specialists, Nurse Educators, Medical Insurance Claims Specialists, and Call Center Nurses are also working from home.

I’ll discuss some of the responsibilities of these positions in a bit, but first, let’s look at some employers.

The Companies That Hire For Remote Work-From-Home Nursing Jobs

Companies of all sizes, and specializations, national and regional, are currently making the move to offer qualified candidates more remote work-from-home nursing positions. Research into national and regional healthcare providers offers you many opportunities. So, here are some examples of top-tier multinational and national healthcare companies to get you started.


Humana is a managed healthcare and insurance company providing medical benefit plans to employers and individuals. They also offer services for pharmacies, as well as informatics and clinical care services.

It has many divisions and services, and has many remote work-from-home positions, including Remote Duty Nurses, Care Coaches, Audit and Compliance Nurses, and Utilization Management.

company that hire for remote work from home nursing job


Anthem is the largest privately managed healthcare company in the United States, serving over 10% of Americans. It and its affiliated companies provide services that help 73 million members across the country to receive the care they need. Anthem hires qualified Nurses for remote positions as Case Managers, Quality Improvement Nurses, and Claims Appeals and Review Nurses.


Q-Centrix offers secure information and workspace solutions to hospitals and other healthcare interests around the country. They incorporate clinical expertise with technological and quality data analysis to assist in patient care and administration.

Q-Centrix hires clinically educated data management experts for positions, such as Quality Information Specialists and Data Abstraction Specialists.

Amerihealth Caritas

AmeriHealth Caritas has more than 30 years providing healthcare to the marginalized and impoverished, and people with chronic conditions. Its mission is to help patients receive the essential care they need and provide publicly funded programs and clients with state-of-the-art care solutions.

AmeriHealth Caritas offers opportunities as Care Managers in such diverse fields as Complex Care and Maternity. It also deals with Clinical Appeals Review and Medicare.

CVS Health

CVS Health is a leading healthcare company that operates divisions in pharmacy retail, drug prescription benefits, health insurance, and medical facilities and services. The company’s most recognizable brand, CVS Pharmacy, has more than 9,000 outlets across the US, filling over 1 billion individual prescriptions for clients annually.

It hires remote Registered Nurses, Nurse Educators, Case Management, and Telemedicine positions.

UnitedHealth Group

Across the United States and in 125 countries around the world, UnitedHealth Group provides benefits services and healthcare coverage to millions of people. It operates as both insurance coverage and benefits provider, and information and technology-enabled health services.

The company has a global reach and many opportunities for remote work for qualified Nurses. Telemedicine, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, and Clinical Documentation Specialist are among the many available opportunities.

Colorado Technical University, Excelsior College, Rasmussen University, Western Governors University, and Walden University are all top-rated accredited online and hybrid universities and colleges presenting programs in nursing, public health, public policy and administration, psychology, counseling, and social work. If you are interested in working as a Remote Nurse Educator online, these educational facilities are sought-after places to begin your employment research.

So What Jobs Can Remote Registered Nurses Do?

Remote Triage Nurse

These days, medical facilities often do triage by telephone or using other online services. Qualified nurses speak with patients, assess symptoms, and determine the appropriate approach before the patient arrives for healthcare services.

Remote Triage Nurses help to keep doctors, and medical support staff in the clinic focused and efficient by answering patient questions and preventing unneeded patient visits and inconvenience.

Remote Case Manager and Telemedicine Nurses

Generally, a Telemedicine Nurse uses telephone or online technology to perform assessments and offer patients education and assistive care. They serve as intermediaries between the patient and physicians or nurse practitioners.

A Remote Case Manager is a specialized Registered Nurse that works with patients and healthcare providers to assess required specific care options. They act as patient advocates and, through collaboration with appropriate specialists, ensure the patient is receiving quality medical care.

the company that hire for remote work from home nursing job

Remote Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners

Remote Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners work via telephone and online video sessions. They assess patients’ mental health status, study relevant medical history, and perform comprehensive evaluations.

They identify risk factors and make diagnoses based on these assessments, and then determine the most effective care plan to improve the patients’ mental health, such as therapy or prescription medication, or a combination of both.

Remote Medical Claims Specialist

Health insurance companies need employees with clinical knowledge to examine and investigate claims and determine what procedures or services are covered. Registered nurses train to keep correct medical records, build treatment and care plans, and use other administrative formats specific to healthcare.

With your nursing background, you would make balanced, informed decisions that are in the patient’s interest and follow the regulations of medical providers and insurance companies.

Medical Informatics Positions

Medical Informatics incorporates technology, communications, and healthcare systems. Whether dealing with patient care and hospital systems, medical records, labs, or pharmacy, computers assist in every facet of healthcare.

Nurses use their clinical backgrounds and their computer and organizational skills to analyze, develop and improve the automated systems used in the clinical settings.

As technology and medical applications are constantly developing, there is plenty of space within the field to explore and expand while utilizing your nursing qualifications and practice.

Remote Call Center Nurse

A Remote Call Center Nurse is responsible for placing, receiving, and directing calls, connecting various patients and healthcare professionals.

This is an administrative role rather than a telemedicine role. A call center position doesn’t require as much nursing experience, but medical and healthcare companies are more likely to consider candidates with a medical background.

Remote Nurse Educator

Increasingly, colleges and universities offer online classes online. Some universities even offer full online nurse practitioner degree programs. Recently, many campus-based nursing classes have moved online.

There’s heightened demand for nurse educators within educational programs. Within hospitals and corporate settings, there are also positions available for Remote Nurse Educators who are tasked with updating colleagues on new skills, procedures, and policies.

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Companies That Hire For Remote Work-From-Home Nursing Jobs

Remote Nursing Is An Opportunity For You!

Registered Nurses who want a change of environment and career path no longer need to feel they are limited to stepping back from the front lines of the healthcare system. The healthcare industry is changing rapidly and needs more qualified nurses all the time.

A large percentage of Registered Nurses continue to provide essential bedside care and treatment; however, the variety of roles that nurses can play in healthcare is constantly growing and diversifying.

Registered nurses are now needed in many new and interesting sectors of the broader economy, such as teaching, technology, and insurance. These sectors all offer registered nurses the opportunities to use their education, skills, and practice in remote work-from-home positions.

Providing valuable care for patients and earning a competitive wage no longer requires working in a hospital or clinic. The innovations in technology and the growing aging population means there are more remote job work-from-home opportunities for Registered Nurses than ever before.

All the best with exploring these exciting new nursing opportunities.

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