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Companies that Hire for Remote Writing Jobs

Companies that Hire for Remote Writing Jobs

Over the last few years, the remote workforce has grown at an incredible rate. Now, more and more people are seeing the benefits of working remotely, such as flexible schedules, reduced commuting time, and no commuting costs.

And happily, many employers have also started to see the value in remote work. A huge number of organizations are actively seeking out writers who work outside of the office.

So, I decided to take a closer look at companies that hire for remote writing jobs, starting with…


One of the biggest and brightest companies that hire for remote writing jobs has to be Hubspot. Since 2004, this organization has been providing tools to assist with sales, customer services, and marketing. It regularly hires writers to create eBooks, blog posts, and website content.


How do I get a job with Hubspot?

Well, for a start, you’ll need a decent understanding of inbound marketing. You should also be able to write confidently and clearly, using straightforward language. Plus, it helps if you’re open to constructive criticism and feedback.

One of the best things about Hubspot is that it offers an impressive training program. Writers can access its awesome array of training courses in sales and marketing. Hubspot wants the best out of its employees and therefore supports them in every way.


You can start your new career as a Hubspot writer through the website, where you’ll find a list of open positions as well as a link to start applying. There’s also a live chat option in case you have any questions before proceeding.


Everyone knows Buzzfeed, right? This online media company hosts platforms in countries all around the world. It features quizzes, lists, and fun gossip, but also covers serious world events and news items.

Buzzfeed is an awesome place to work when it comes to inclusivity and diversity. They’re committed to offering equal opportunities to all employees. They also understand the importance of maintaining a good work-life balance and are sympathetic to employee troubles or health issues.

How to get a job at Buzzfeed

To work at Buzzfeed, you’ll need to have your finger on the pulse. You should have a deep understanding of pop culture and an interest in current events. If that sounds like you, you can take your first steps here.


This freelancing platform is for writers from all walks of life. It connects creators with businesses and employers from a huge variety of different fields. This means you can use your expert experience to find the perfect job for you.

Toptal works with respected companies that have extremely high standards. And that means they have an incredibly rigorous vetting process for their writers. Only the most talented writers are accepted, so you’ll need to know your stuff to work here.


Ready to begin?

The application process starts right here. And while it’s a bit of a challenge, it’s worth it if you get accepted. Toptal is a great company to work for, with competitive rates of pay and flexible working plans.


Aha! is a 100% remote software company that assists businesses with strategizing and planning. It’s always looking for writers to create product descriptions, blog posts, and various marketing materials. It expects strong, clear communication from its creator, with concise, compelling writing skills.

This is another organization that understands employee work-life balance. It offers some awesome benefits, including flexible work schedules and free training sessions. And best of all, jobs here also come with unlimited vacation time!

Sounds like a good fit for you?

Get started on your new career with this link. You can view their current openings and start applying straight away. Aha! has a commitment to The Responsive Method, so you should hear back from them pretty quickly.


You probably know Shopify as an eCommerce platform for hosting online stores. But you also know that it employs writers? It regularly hires content creators to make various marketing materials for its website.

Shopify is serious about company culture. It hosts regular team-building exercises and offers ample opportunity for professional development and growth. Plus, it gives its staff flexible schedules and plenty of support with any personal or professional issues.

Jobs at Shopify

Find open positions at Shopify right here. You can also read more about its history and company values. Writers for Shopify should have a deep understanding of eCommerce and a clear, compelling style of writing.


Twinkl is an invaluable resource for teachers. It provides materials for educators in all fields, including special education, English as a second language, and more.

Twinkl always needs writers to create lesson plans and materials. But it also hires creators for blog posts and marketing content. Jobs here come with some pretty great benefits, such as maternity, paternity, adoption pay, and a generous paid leave allowance.

Work at Twinkl

Current open positions can be found here. Before applying, you must have a good understanding of the education system in your country. Twinkl prefers to hire writers that have a background in teaching.


Crowdstrike sounds like an offensive military campaign! But it’s actually a cybersecurity company. It provides end-point protection and threat intelligence to clients all over the globe.

Crowdstrike needs writers who understand the field. Cybersecurity is a complex business, and it’s tricky to get the hang of it. You’ll need experience in the industry to become a writer here.

Does that sound like you?

Check out the Crowdstrike website here. As well as technical knowledge, you’ll need a clear, authoritative writing style. Cybersecurity is hard to follow for many people, so you must be able to take that technical jargon and turn it into language a layman would understand.


This is one for those copywriters out there. InVision is a platform for digital product design. It needs writers who have a working knowledge of innovative product design for both web and mobile applications.

InVision looks for writers who are self-starters. They should be able to work independently and commit to deadlines. They also need a genuine passion for the subject, as it involves some complicated and technical language choices.

Working for InVision

InVision writers are well-compensated for their time. They also get some pretty great benefits, such as a home office package and funds towards professional development. If you’re interested, apply here.


Now for a company that needs no introduction! Mozilla, of course, is known for its Firefox web browser. It also develops other open-source software.

Mozilla offers remote writing jobs for technical writers, content writers, and editors. It values those who have a passion for technology and explain technical concepts in simplified terms. For a role with Mozilla, you’ll need experience in writing user guides, software copy, and other types of technical articles.

Take the first step

You can find open positions through the Mozilla website. This is a great option for those looking to enhance their career. Mozilla is committed to employee growth and has a great staff development program.


Well-known as one of the biggest and most successful eCommerce companies in the world, Amazon also hires remote writers. They look for copywriters to create product descriptions, but also technical writers and editors. Ideally, candidates should have a background in eCommerce and be detail-oriented.


Being an employee at Amazon comes with a number of perks. You can look forward to health insurance, a 401K, and adoption assistance as just some of the benefits here. They also offer an employee support network for those who are struggling with either their personal or professional life.

How to start working at Amazon

Editorial, writing, and content jobs at Amazon can be found here. You can search for positions by job category as well as the time commitment required. There’s also the option to search by location if you’re looking for a job in a certain place.

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Final Thoughts

There’s never been a better time to look for remote work. And there are plenty of writing jobs out there. It’s just a question of knowing where to look.

And don’t forget, if you can specialize in a certain subject, you’ve got a better chance of getting hired. So, always play to your strengths. Search for roles in a field you have experience in for the best chance of success.

Happy job-hunting, folks!

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