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Computer Programmer Job Description

the computer programmer job description

Computers Programmers or Software Engineers help companies design new programs, fix bugs in different software, and help instruct the clients with a proper fix. As a programmer, you are required to perform tasks that include integrating systems and training the end-users by creating a file for system instructions. This job also includes debugging and maintaining the operating systems on and off the site.

computer programmer job description

Job Descriptions

As a Computer Programmer, you have to perform various tasks and for that, you need to be a multitasker. You should have good technical computer skills and, as a developer, you have to know the languages to help code mind-blowing applications. You also have to blend in with the needs of the systems software organization and its infrastructure.

The duties of a computer programmer are also to craft the program and assist it to increase efficiency during the execution of the program. The programmer has to fix defects, manage reports, develop software and perform a detailed risk analysis for codes. A programmer has to have amazing coding skills to streamline the functions. Apart from that, you have to be a fast thinker and a good problem-solver.

Skills Required

An ideal programmer should hold advanced skills to increase the efficiency of a program. They have to find ways to cut down on the cost of systems and fix the bugs as per the organization’s needs. To perform these tasks, you should know different languages to find the perfect fit for different operating systems. The job requires attention to every small detail and every single statement that you run in your code. Once you have the fix for any bug, you have to make reports where your report writing skills will be required.

Job Responsibilities

  • They are required to handle the coding and debugging of the software. You have to take care of the bugs whilst the program runs in the background.
  • They should also test the design and computer structure for the front-end and back-end as per the needs of the organization.
  • As a part of this job, you are also required to fix the system errors with proper troubleshooting steps.
  • You also have to write proper instructions for bugs whenever you find a new fix to help the fellow developer learn and use it.
  • The database system also falls under the job of a programmer and one has to manage it properly.
  • Maintaining the operating systems from the organization’s end for the clients is also one of the prime responsibilities.
  • Giving tech support to vendors, consumers or clients is also a part of this job.
  • Profiling different algorithms and finding some new algorithms is also something a computer programmer must do.
  • Editing source codes and analyzing them for new bugs.


  • You should have a degree in computer programming or any related field.
  • Advanced IT skills
  • Knowledge of the execution of a code
  • Strong Aptitude
  • You need to have good communication skills.
  • Knowledge of different operating systems.
  • You should know the severity of the deadlines.
  • An eye for all the details to self-analyze the problems and find effective solutions for the bugs
  • You should know Java, C++, SQL, C #, and HTML.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 What Languages do I have to learn before I apply as a Computer Programmer?

Ans. You should hold a good knowledge of Java, C++, SQL, C #, and HTML. These languages are the basics that you need as a programmer and also if you know Python and other user-oriented languages, that would be preferable for the employer. Also, there are companies that ask you to enroll yourself to learn different languages.

2 How to find these jobs on the Internet?

Ans. To find good jobs on the internet for the position of a computer programmer, you have to use reliable websites that allow you to contact the employer. There are so many websites where you can sign up for free and apply for your preferred jobs. You can even easily filter the jobs for the locations you want to work in. Just try finding reliable job opportunities with good companies and make sure you have the same skill set as mentioned by the employer.

3 What is the Role of a Computer Programmer?

Ans. A computer programmer is supposed to handle all the technical things that go around for the organization. You have to manage the duties of controlling the bugs and fixing different system failures. As a programmer, you also have to generate reports for the bugs you fix to help other programmers learn the right way through them.

As a programmer, you have to perform various tasks to manage the database. Also, there are times when you need to help the clients and vendors out of a technical situation. The job requires problem-solving skills that and it has to be quick to save time for the organization.

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