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Concrete Finisher Job Description

concrete finisher job description

If you are willing to take up the job of a concrete finisher, then you must know that you are on the right page, as you can find all the details in the job description mentioned below. These experts pour, level, and smooth concrete for various surfaces, including roads, floors, curbs beside sidewalks.

Significant duties are likely to include aligning forms to a given depth and pitch, cutting of the expansion joints featuring a power saw, cleaning surface areas, directing the casting of this concrete, and of course, completing models by using various hand handled and power techniques.

Ideally, these experts work as independent contractors or form a part of some construction crew collaboratively. Above all, the experts work in almost all environments and weather conditions during shifts like weekends and holidays. They need to be prepared to perform emergency on-call work. Professionals need to travel to various job sites to achieve remarkable results.

concrete finisher job description

Job Description – Concrete Finisher

A concrete finisher is likely to get described as an expert the individual who is expected to finish surfaces made especially from poured concrete using various hand and power equipment.

The expert is ideally responsible for actually carrying out these various duties, including filling voids, cutting of the expansion joints, ensuring that surfaces are finished to assure good looks, repairing of the concretes surfaces, decorating shells, sidewalks, or surfaces featuring stone chips or even colored marble.

The professionals are likely to carry out several duties like setting forms, building forms assisting survey crews and build structures before placing the concretes, stripping forms after placing concrete, and other responsibilities. They need to regularly use power tools to restructure concrete and, of course, smooth it out. Additionally, they need to read some construction tools, drawings, and other forms under construction plans.

If you wish to take up the job, you need to set some forms that hold the concrete perfectly, patch existing surfaces, cut some expansion joints, and keep track of concrete to ensure the best quality finish.

If you wish to become a successful concrete finisher, you must possess some mandatory skills vital to trade and, of course, be similar to the recent pouring technique. Additionally, it would be best if you were physically fit and can stand for a longer duration, lift heavy materials and work outdoors irrespective of the weather conditions.

Skills Required – Concrete Finisher

To become a successful concrete finisher, you need to have some vital skills, including communication skills, as construction sites tend to have a collaborative environment where there might be some dangers. Being an expert, you must possess physical strength and work in extreme weather conditions. Additionally, it would help if you had an eye for detail so you can manage imperfections perfectly. It is also vital to have design comprehension skills as you need to read construction plans and drawings to implement the design. Lastly, mechanical aptitude also plays a crucial role in this job.

Job Responsibilities

  • Set the forms which would hold the concrete in place.
  • Must clean and inspect various surfaces for pouring issues.
  • You need to direct the casting of this concrete and help the truck driver.
  • Use trowel, float, rake, and screed to pour, smooth and level concrete.
  • Keep track of weather conditions during the curing process.
  • Need to operate power vibrator safely to ensure the concrete is compacted perfectly.

Job Requirements

  • Must have a high school diploma.
  • Need to have two years’ work experience minimum as a concrete laborer or mason.
  • You need to be able to lift heavyweight weight and stand for long durations.
  • Must know how to use hand-held and power tools like cutting saws, power vibrators, polishers, and edging tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 What are the primary duties of concrete finishers?

Ans. Concrete finishers are professionals responsible for pouring, leveling, and smoothening concrete for various surfaces such as curbs, roads, sidewalks, and floors. Their core duties include aligning the forms to the pitch, direction of concrete casting, preparation and cleansing of surface areas, completion of moldings using various tools, etc.

2 What are the skills-set which a concrete finisher needs to possess?

Ans. For becoming a successful concrete finisher, the candidate needs to be well aware of the latest concrete technology. Companies are generally lookout for individuals who are comfortable in working shifts, or even overnights or weekends. Candidates need to be flexible not just with the working hours but with the working locations. Lastly, candidates should be physically fit as they must work in the cold and heat outdoors.

3 What is the minimum work experience required to apply for this role?

Ans. The candidate ideally should have 2+ years of experience working as a mason or a concrete laborer. However, this does vary amongst the company and what policy they have in terms of hiring people with a certain amount of work experience.

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