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Contract Specialist Job Description (2023 Updated)

contract specialist job description

Are you getting ready to apply for a contract specialist job that has caught your eye?

This role is perfect for people who have strong negotiation skills and communication skills. Plus, it is necessary to have deep knowledge of business law and be able to draft contracts.

If an advertised role is particularly appealing, it is sure to attract a large number of applicants. Therefore, it is important to make sure your resume and application stand out from the crowd. So, let’s check out the elements of a typical contract specialist position and ways to make your resume shine. 

Contract Specialist Job Description

A typical job description for a contract specialist job should begin with an overview of the company. It is likely to include the company’s main products and services as well as their clients. The type of contract that is being offered should be explained as well as the base salary and working environment.

There should be an overview of the typical daily duties that employees will be expected to complete. The job description should provide details of the qualification, experience, and knowledge that candidates need to have. There may also be details of the specialist skills and personal attributes that the ideal candidate should possess. 

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The Working Environment

The Working Environment

This job usually takes place in an office environment. Contract specialists typically work full-time hours from Monday to Friday. It may occasionally be necessary to work overtime when putting together special deals and projects.

It may also be necessary to travel to the offices of new clients from time to time. While most of the working time will be spent in front of a computer, the job also involves making presentations. It is important to be comfortable speaking with authority in groups of people. 

Typical Duties And Responsibilities

When applying for this type of role, it is important to experience your experience with certain tasks. This will help the hiring manager to recognize that you are a strong candidate who can bring value to the company. Here are the main duties and responsibilities associated with this role and an overview of what they involve. 

Writing and editing contracts

Writing and editing contracts

One of the main responsibilities of this role is writing and editing contracts on behalf of the company for potential clients. To do this, it is necessary to have detailed knowledge of contract language as well as contract style guides. If you have experience creating contracts, make sure you refer to it in your resume. 

Evaluating contracts

When contracts have been created by clients or other parties, you are likely to be asked to review those contracts. You need to make sure that all the details in the contract are accurate and above board. If there are any discrepancies in the contract, you need to report them to upper management as quickly as possible. 

Negotiating with clients 

You will often represent the company you work for during business meetings with clients. You need to be focused on getting the best deal possible for the company at all times, and be able to choose the best data, facts, and tactics to convince clients of your position. 

Researching legislation and regulations

Researching legislation and regulations

There are different sets of legislation and regulations governing each industry. You need to make sure that contracts entirely conform to the local legislation and regulations. It is essential to make sure your knowledge is current by doing regular research. 

Building relationships with contractors and vendors

It is important to be able to establish a rapport with important contractors and maintain good working relationships. This will help your company to provide the best services for different clients when needed. You should be able to maintain a database of different vendors and contractors you can rely on. 

Contract Specialist Job Description – Valuable Skills And Attributes

When the hiring manager scans your resume, they are sure to be looking for references to particular skills and attributes. These will demonstrate your approach to work and how you complete different tasks. Here are some of the best skills and attributes to work into your resume and application. 

Writing and editing skills

Close up of male hands writing on paper on his office desk.

A large part of this job is spent creating contracts and other types of business documents. It is essential to be aware of the correct format for different documents and make sure they are well presented. The way your resume is written and edited will serve as a strong indication of your ability to do this. 

Interpersonal communication

It is important to be able to present complex information simply when negotiating with clients. You need to be ready to explain and clarify different legislations when necessary. You also need to have strong, active listening skills to understand the needs and objections of clients. 



You need to be able to analyze different options to make the best presentations to clients. This includes analyzing the merits of different options and determining which ones to select. You need to be ready to defend your decisions when necessary and make sure they follow company policy. 


This is a very valuable personal skill to have when negotiating with clients. You need to be able to turn on the charm while presenting data and facts to support your claims. Hiring managers understand the value of persuasion in this role and actively seek candidates who highlight this skill. 

Attention to detail

It is essential to be able to focus on the small details to do this job well. Even the tiniest mistake in important contracts can make them invalid. Hiring managers are sure to appreciate seeing this soft skill on your resume. 

Organizational skills

Organizational skills

You are likely to work on contracts and proposals for several clients at the same time. You need to be able to make sure that every aspect of the contract is perfect and ready on time. Therefore, it is important to have strong organizational skills to do this job. 

Education And Experience

It is necessary to hold a bachelor’s degree in business administration or law to secure this job. It is important to choose a course that includes modules in procurement regulations, legal specifications, and contract documents. Depending on the role you are applying for, you may also need to gain a little work experience. 

Pursue A Professional Certification 

Pursue A Professional Certification 

Gaining a professional contract specialist certification will help you gain access to more desirable roles. The National Contract Management Association offers a number of certifications that highlight your specialist skills and knowledge. Here are some of the professional certifications that are sure to make employers sit up and take notice. 

Certified Contract Management Associate

This certification is perfect for entry-level contract management professionals who want to boost their career prospects. It is necessary to complete forty hours of continuing education credits, which you can do in your spare time. Once you have completed the course, you must pass a special exam to gain certification. 

Certified Federal Contract Manager

Certified Federal Contract Manager

Once you have gained two years of work experience in federal contract management, you can apply for this special certification. This involves completing extra coursework, which takes around eighty hours to complete. Once you are ready, you then need to sit and pass an exam to prove your knowledge of the Federal Acquisition Regulation’s standards. 

Certified Commercial Contract Manager

This advanced certification can help you gain a promotion and secure a higher salary. There are eight hours of coursework to complete, which is centered on the Uniform Commercial Code and Associated Legislation. Once you have passed the exam, you need to renew the certification every two years to maintain it. 

Certified Professional Contract Manager

This is the highest contract specialist certification around and is suitable for both government and commercial contract professionals. You need to have at least five years of experience to apply for the certification and complete 120 hours of coursework. The accredited exam is designed to test your knowledge of complex and advanced contract management policies.

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Contract Specialist Job Description – Final Thoughts

Before you apply for the job you’ve set your sights on, read the job description carefully. Make sure you understand all of the requirements and have the necessary skills and education. You then need to make sure these elements are highlighted in your resume so that they don’t get overlooked.

It is also important to do as much research into the company as possible as well as the role. Find out about the company’s typical clients and the types of contracts you would work on. 

You can then include details in your resume that showcase your unique skills and attributes.

All the very best in working as a Contract Specialist!

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