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Convergys Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

convergys application

Convergys is ideally a company that mainly offers information or customer management services to huge companies. The company is based in Cincinnati, Ohio but has various satellite offices in at least 30 countries globally. The company had started under AT&T Solutions Customer Care and Cincinnati Bell Information Systems.

The business became completely independent in 1998 by offering an initial public offering or IPO. The American global corporation is quite prominent for its international support of companies. It has also established its presence with several fortune 500 companies that proved nothing less than the best. The company has at least 89000 employees in at least 70 customer contact centers and various facilities, including Asia, North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Additional Information

The company is present globally, and it offers incredible benefits to its employees. The company provides various services, including self-service, agent-assisted, and care software for the financial niche, communications, retail, technology, government, and healthcare markets.

Some other benefits include convergent billing and business support systems for merchandise and products, revenue management, and customer care management. The company started its operations as Cincinnati Bell Information Systems and MATRIXX, and they are subsidiaries of Cincinnati Bell. The company has its headquarters in Ohio, and it has acquired several clients.

Important Information To Know About Working at Convergys

Minimum age required of the candidate to be eligible to work at Convergys: The candidate needs to be a minimum of 18 years of age to apply at Convergys.

Working hours at Convergys: The Company is operative seven days a week and 24 hours a day. The working hours of the employees vary as per the need.

Employment Opportunities at Convergys

The regional recruitment company mainly works closely with domestic and international organizations to outsource candidates for various sectors. The company offers specific job replacement services for government, information technology healthcare, automotive repair, retail, and banking. The company’s global reach spans more than 30 nations and connects several people with meaningful employment opportunities.

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Job Requirements

The employment opportunities available include entry-level jobs, including customer service representative and technical support staff. The recruitment company also offers work from home job positions. The candidates looking for job opportunities must complete some examinations to determine their abilities.

The majority of the potential clients encounter various tests but typically not more than one or two. The job seekers have to also go for an interview with staff that includes further testing. The placement is mainly completed within seven days, but it depends on specific location and expert abilities.

Career Opportunities at Convergys

To get a job here, one needs to be at least 18 years old besides being friendly, cheerful, and dedicated. The majority of the jobs here tend to include office settings. The employees here should expect to sit at desks for an extended period and carry out administrative roles or customer-related tasks. Large companies mainly connect with the staffing firm to hire people and a team of professionals.

the convergys application

The hours are likely to vary from one position to another. The call centers and other administrative jobs have fixed hours, but customer service jobs require people to work during flexible hours, including over weekends and late nights. It is valid for industries or positions that are all about troubleshooting for technology-based roles. The posts need employees to have basic computer knowledge besides the internet.

Applicant Requirement

The applicants should also be comfortable with web navigation and use computers to fill potential jobs. Ideally, the applicants can earn $8 to $14 per hour. The previous work experience is likely to be a boon to job seekers as it will significantly influence their pay.

Job positions involving sales are possible to offer additional commissions to applicants depending on their performance. Convergys also outsources managerial jobs that offer annual salary options based on the employment duration, terms, and conditions. The employees are obliged to work as per the contract and get more earnings than short-term workers. They can earn $25,000 during the start, and they can earn $40,000 for professionals.

Sales Associate

The applicants should have in-depth knowledge regarding the business’s products and services. To effectively achieve the sales objectives and make the most sales opportunities with almost all the customer calls. They must also implement approved strategies to choose specific customer demands.

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Technical Support Associate

They ideally have to help the clients regarding the technical queries with different products and services. They are expected to effectively investigate the issue by corresponding with the patron and troubleshooting the hardware, software, or network issue.


They have to oversee the trainees working with the organization. They have to provide coaching and monitor their progress subsequently, give feedback, and assess if they would be assigned in the workplace regularly.

Tips for Applying at Convergys

The interested candidate looking forward to seeking employment at Convergys should at least prepare for a week to know in and about the company and the role they look forward to applying for. Candidates need to visit the official website and make their accounts to apply. They should have all the updated documents with themselves such as resumes, personal verification IDs, professional proofs, etc. The shortlisted candidates will be updated via email or call about the further processes.

Perks of Working at Convergys

The short term doesn’t promise any real employment benefits. Still, like any other company, this company also offers paid training, leaves, etc. the eligible employees can also get 401(k) retirement plans.

Miscellaneous Information about Convergys

The company tends to be famous for recruiting office employees in the United States as the global staffing agency maintains a considerable presence in the Philippines and India. Hence the company is quite prosperous.


Convergys provides a very flexible and positive working environment to the employees, hence why individuals are always looking forward to working here. In this article, you can get information about the background of Convergys, the working hours, job roles offered, expected salary, etc to clear all the queries which you might have. Preparing well for the interview can put a candidate ahead of the rest of the pack.

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