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Costco Dress Code

costco dress code

Many retail stores in the US have dress codes that expect employees to dress in a particular way. Sometimes they also place restrictions on certain accessories like jewelry and tattoos.

You might be wondering what Costco’s dress code is if you recently started working there or if you have a job interview.

So, let’s take a look at…

The Costco Dress Code

As of 2023, certain employees must wear a waistcoat-style vest as part of the Costco uniform. They must also wear closed-toe shoes around the warehouses for safety.

Otherwise, employees may wear jeans and a casual yet professional top. Although jewelry is discouraged, you may wear small stud earrings.

The Costco Uniform

Costco does not require a specific uniform, except for the Costco vest, but there are a few dress code guidelines that must be followed, for example:

  • Pants or jeans without rips or holes
  • Smart-casual modest shirt, top, or blouse
  • Practical non-slip shoes
  • Long hair must be tied up
  • Beard nets are required if you work with food (and have a beard, obviously)

Must Costco Employees Wear Uniforms?

Instead of wearing full uniforms, some Costco employees are expected to wear regular clothing and a vest and name tag. This is mainly because vests and name tags are cheaper and simpler to manage, as many Costco employees work part-time.

Can Costco Employees Wear Jewelry?

Unfortunately, Costco’s dress code prohibits staff from wearing jewelry while working in-store. This is required for safety reasons, as jewelry can be dangerous when stock items are handled and moved around by staff.

What Shoes Should Costco Employees Wear?

When working at Costco, you should wear comfortable, practical shoes. To provide additional safety around its busy warehouses, Costco suggests wearing non-slip footwear, like trainers or boots.

For safety concerns, note that high heels or open-toed footwear, especially flip-flops, are not permitted.

Can Costco Employees Dye Their Hair?

There is no strict hair dyeing policy at Costco. However, employees should speak to their store manager before dyeing their hair.

How to Dress for a Costco Interview?

Pick your interview outfit based on the job you are applying for. For managerial positions, it is best to dress more professionally, such as in a suit or dress/blouse.

If you’re looking for a warehouse-based or part-time position, wear something smart-casual for your job interview.

How to Dress for a Costco Interview

How to Dress for a Costco Orientation?

If you’ve reached the stage of going to the Costco orientation day, you don’t have to worry about dressing smartly because you already have the job.

Dress in plain, practical clothing without holes, rips, or overt designs. For example, a button-down shirt or casual t-shirt with plain jeans or pants, and practical shoes are fine.

Are Acrylic Nails Allowed at Costco?

Due to health and safety concerns, you are not permitted to wear any type of nails while working at Costco, including acrylic nails.

Furthermore, Costco’s food safety guidelines require employees to have short, cleanly cut nails while on the job. This is especially important in the food department.

Can Costco Employees Wear Nail Varnish?

While Costco discourages using nail varnish, different stores have different policies on its enforcement. Ask your direct supervisor or coworkers about your store’s nail varnish policy.

If you are permitted to wear nail varnish, it must have a neutral tone and color in order to appear professional.

Does Costco Allow Long Hair?

There isn’t currently a hair length policy for Costco staff. Hair must still be tied back or worn up for health and safety concerns, regardless of length.

Does Costco Allow Earrings?

Costco permits small earrings like studs that won’t interfere with work or raise any safety or health issues. Your earrings should also look professional; otherwise, you might have to remove them for your shift.

Does Costco Allow Tattoos?

There is no specific restriction on tattoos at Costco. However, it’s better to ask the Costco hiring manager, your coworkers, or your line manager if you already work there. They can give you the best advice since tattoo acceptance varies from store to store.

Does Costco Allow Tattoos

Does Costco Allow Beards?

In most cases, Costco allows beards. However, for hygienic reasons, you will be expected to wear a beard net if you work in the food department. Facial hair should be neatly groomed and look professional, as a general rule.

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Final Thoughts

The dress code at Costco is typically smart-casual. While Costco doesn’t have a full uniform, most employees wear Costco vests and name tags. Employees are permitted to wear jeans or pants and a casual, professional top, provided they have no holes, rips, or overt designs.

Due to health and safety risks, it is advised that Costco staff avoid wearing jewelry. However, small stud earrings are permitted. Stores have different rules about tattoos and nail polish, so remember to check with your supervisor or coworkers. 

Wishing you the very best of luck in your new job at Costco.

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