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Costco Employee Discount (Something You Should Know)

costco employee discount

Are you thinking of applying for a job at Costco? The company is the world’s largest warehouse retailer and boasts more than eight hundred locations around the world. The company employees more than 250,000 people in warehouses and other divisions to perform a wide range of roles.

If you happen to have a branch close to your home, there is a good chance that they are hiring. However, it is important to check out the salary and benefits carefully to make sure it’s worth applying for work. So, let’s take a look at the Costco employee discount and other benefits part-time and full-time staff can enjoy.

Store Discounts 

Store Discounts 

Most major retailers offer their full-time and part-time staff reduced rates on company products. In some cases, these reductions can be as much as 50% on the retail price. This allows staff to make significant savings on their shopping.

Unfortunately, Costco does not offer store discounts, and staff pay the same rates as regular customers. This is because most items in stores are sold in bulk, and the rates are already low. If the company offered its staff price cuts, they would actually make a loss on most items. 

Costco Employee Discount – Other Employee Benefits

Although staff members are not treated to price reductions, there are plenty of other benefits. In many cases, the benefits that staff can enjoy are significantly better than those offered by competing stores. So, let’s take a closer look at the main perks of working for this retail giant. 

Above minimum wage

Above minimum wage

The starting salary for most entry-level members of staff at retail companies is usually minimum wage, which varies in different parts of the country. However, Costco treats entry-level employees to a starting salary of $15 per hour, while service clerks earn $18 per hour. 

The salary quickly rises as staff gain experience and specialist skills. Staff who work in the pharmacy and optical center typically earn at least $25 per hour. This wage can easily rise to $29 per hour after the first year of employment.

Free memberships 

In order to enjoy impressive savings on a wide range of products, customers have to become members. There are several different types of membership, with the cheapest level running to $60 per year. While this price has to be paid upfront, it allows customers to make savings every day of the year. 

However, each person who works for the company receives four of these memberships free of charge. This entitles them to use one membership for themselves and give three to friends and family members. Of course, it is also possible to make a little extra cash by selling these annual memberships if you wish. 

Each member of staff receives an annual Executive membership, which is valued at $120. This membership entitles users to gain access to enhanced deals and discounts. The other three are standard annual memberships and are valued at $60 each. 

Health benefits

Health benefits

After working for Costco for 180 days, members of staff are eligible for the company’s health benefits plan. However, it is necessary to work at least 24 hours a week to gain access to these benefits. Affordable health insurance is provided, which includes dental and vision insurance.

Members of staff can take advantage of the optometrists in the company’s stores and fill prescriptions at in-store pharmacies. The company’s affordable dental plan covers checkups and teeth cleaning. It also covers the cost of basic dental procedures such as cavity fillings. 

Seasonal work options

People who are searching for short-term work can take on jobs at certain times of the year. Extra staff members are needed to meet seasonal demands around major holidays. The company’s seasonal hiring period typically starts in October and runs until January.

Seasonal workers are given access to benefits after they complete a ninety-day probationary period. At the end of the period, regular full-time and part-time jobs are offered to people who work hard. This is a good way to see if you want to work for the company without making an initial commitment.

Extra pay on Sundays

If you are free to work on Sundays, you can score time-and-a-half for covering shifts on this day. This means you will be rewarded with 50% on top of your regular hourly rate. It is worth volunteering to work on Sundays and taking a day off in the middle of the week. 

This is because Sundays are the busiest day of the week in stores, and extra workers are always needed. Members of staff of all levels need to be prepared to work hard on this day of the week. However, you can always schedule a day off the following day if you need to recover.  

Free turkey

The company likes to mark the holiday season by giving each Costco worker a free turkey. This special treat is awarded at different times, depending on availability. Members of staff can usually expect to receive their turkey somewhere between the middle of November and Christmas Eve. 

Regular bonuses

Each member of staff receives a performance review every six months. If they have been working hard, they will be given a pay rise directly after their assessment. The exact amount of the rise depends on how long workers have been with the company.

An annual bonus is also awarded to employees as recognition of their hard work. While the amount of the bonus varies, it is not unusual to receive a bonus of $2,000. People who hold a senior position could easily earn double this amount each year in bonuses. 

Retirement plans

Retirement plans

Each member of staff is encouraged to contribute to the company’s retirement plan. The company matches 50% of each worker’s annual retirement contributions up to a value of $500 per year. This means that it pays to save if you have your sights set on working for the company for a long time. 

To get the most out of this benefit, it is best to add $1,000 per year to the retirement plan. You will then receive an additional $500 annually from the company. After working for the company for ten years, workers receive free health insurance as part of their retirement package. 

Promotion opportunities

The company actively seeks to promote hourly workers such as stockers to positions with more responsibility if they work hard. Managers are trained to look for staff who show promise and reward them for their efforts. This helps to instill a feeling of staff loyalty and keeps workers striving to do their best at all times.

The company runs an employee mentorship program that helps new workers learn from their peers. There are regular opportunities to train and learn the new skills necessary to advance through the company. In fact, the company proudly promotes the fact that 70% of Costco warehouse managers started off in hourly roles like stockers

Time off

Staff are treated to a range of different time-off policies to take advantage of. These include paid sick leave, paid time off, and vacation hours. Workers start accruing paid time off after they have worked for the company for ninety days. 

Vacation hours can also be carried onto the following year if you wish. The company has a special policy that provides new mothers with six weeks of paid maternity leave. People who have to serve on a jury are also paid for the time they miss at work. 


Members of staff receive seven paid holidays per year. These days include all of the major holidays such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, Labor Day, and Memorial Day. While members of staff receive their regular salary on these days, they can earn extra if they choose to work. Workers can also receive pay for taking off Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the day before, or the day after. 

Extended shopping hours

Extended shopping hours

Members of staff can do their shopping when the store is empty if they wish. This allows them to avoid the crowds and makes the process very quick and easy. Shopping just before or after a shift is a perk that many members of staff appreciate. 

Cash back

Taking advantage of the free Executive membership deal allows you to make impressive savings. Each time you purchase items from the company’s stores, you will receive an impressive 2% cash back reward. This entitles you to receive up to $1,000 back on your shopping each and every year. In effect, this cash back reward is similar to an employee discount. 

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Costco Employee Discount – Final Thoughts

Unlike many other retailers, Costco does not offer discounts to workers in its stores. However, everyone who works for the company receives a competitive salary and a range of other perks. One of the things that set the company apart is that all staff gain access to a superb range of benefits.

Even people who have only been working for the company on a part-time basis for a few weeks are granted impressive benefits. Plus, the number of benefits increases with the amount of time you work for the company. This helps to instill company loyalty and encourages staff to work hard in order to advance.

All the very best and enjoy the perks of working at Costco!

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