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Costco Executive Membership Hours (Full Guide)

costco executive membership hours

Are you looking for an easy way to save money on your shopping bill

Costco is famous for offering great deals and discounts on a wide range of products. But people who sign up for the highest level member plan have the chance of saving even more. Because the stores are so popular with bargain hunters, they can get a little crowded during peak times. To resolve this issue, the company previously offered the highest tier members exclusive access at certain times. 

So, let’s find out more about Costco executive membership and the benefits of becoming a top-tier member. 

Updated Costco Executive Membership Hours 

Updated Costco Executive Membership

The company’s warehouses typically open from 10:00 to 20:30 from Monday to Friday. The Saturday hours of operation are 09:30 to 18:00, with stores opening from 10:00 to 18:00 on Sundays. All members are treated to the same operating hours, regardless of which tier they choose. It should be noted that operating hours can vary between different warehouses in different parts of the country. 

In the past, the warehouses opened an hour earlier for top-tier members. This allowed shoppers to beat the crowds and browse for bargains in peace. Most warehouses also allowed top-tier members to continue shopping two hours after the official closing time. However, this perk has now been largely discontinued.

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Be in the know about early openings!

However, some warehouses open around fifteen minutes before their scheduled operating time if possible. This usually happens just before major holidays. This allows those in the know to get a jumpstart on their shopping and scoop up the best deals. 

The following members are also permitted to enter the warehouses early:

The following members are also permitted to enter the warehouses early

  • People aged 60 or over.
  • Members with immune-compromised conditions.
  • People with disability.
  • Medical professionals.
  • First Responders like firefighters, police officers, paramedics, and EMTs.

Members in the list above are permitted to start shopping an hour before the official opening time. This allows these people to get in and out of the warehouses as quickly as possible. This special dispensation has replaced the dispensation for top-tier members. 

About Executive Membership 

About Executive Membership

As you may know, you have to pay $60 a year to become a member of Costco. Paying this money upfront gives you access to a wide range of deals and discounts. The company also offers advanced membership options, the highest of which is Executive Membership.

People who choose to become top-tier members receive first-class treatment whenever they enter a warehouse. There are special services to take advantage of, and all members in this tier receive a spousal card. However, people have to pay an extra $60 for this privilege, which brings the annual fee to $120. 

Costco Executive Membership Hours – Benefits For Members

Even though members of this tier are no longer treated to extended hours, there are other reasons to join. These members get treated like VIPs whenever they enter a store and gain access to special deals. Let’s take a closer look at some of the main benefits that top-tier members can enjoy. 

Enhanced savings on services

The company offers a wide range of special services for customers to take advantage of. These services are provided at very low prices right across the board. However, top-tier members can enjoy these services at even lower rates.

2% cashback

Each time top-tier members purchase products in warehouses or online, they receive a total of 2% off their shopping bill. This offer applies to most products, except tobacco, alcohol, and a few other items. The cap on this cashback deal is an impressive $1,000 per year. If you have a large family to feed or purchase products for your business, these savings can be very impressive. 

Travel deals

If you love to travel, becoming a top-tier member gives you access to a wide range of special deals. In addition to a discount on rental cars, you will also be treated to coupons for free vehicle upgrades. Other travel benefits include discounts on tour packages, airfare, cruises, and hotel stays. 

Costco pharmacy offers

Costco pharmacy offers

Becoming a top-tier Costco member gives you access to a wide range of pharmacy services. Members also receive an impressive 25% discount on certain prescriptions. 

Free roadside assistance

This complimentary service provides motorists with extra peace of mind. If you ever break down at the side of the road, a member of the auto team will come by to help you. Complimentary auto services include changing tires, putting air in tires, and jump starting batteries. 

Bottled water service

You can arrange to have drinking water refill containers delivered to your home. There are several options to choose from, including spring or purified water. You can also choose to receive these refills in three-gallon or five-gallon jugs. 

Discount auto parts

You can save money when you give your vehicle a facelift with this special deal. Top tier members receive a 15% discount on a range of auto services and parts. This includes air filters, used tire replacement, car door speakers, and deep cycle batteries. 

Truck rental

You can save up to 25% of the cost of renting a truck from Budget. This is sure to be a useful service if you are planning to move house. The truck comes complete with a delivery driver, who will help to load up the truck. 

Cheaper insurance

The company offers a wide range of different types of insurance plans. These include pet insurance plans, life insurance, auto, home, health, vision, and dental plans. If you are a top-tier Costco member, you will be able to pay less for the insurance plan of your choice. 

Product installation

Product installation

If you purchase a product from the store, you can arrange to have it installed free of charge. This offer applies to a wide range of products, from hardwood floors and carpets to home water treatment systems. This service is particularly useful if you are not particularly handy yourself.

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Costco Executive Membership Hours – Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a way to save even more money on your shopping, it is worth considering special membership. Executive Costco members are treated to a wide range of special deals and discounts. There are also savings on services just waiting to be taken advantage of.

However, it is important to take the cost of becoming a top-tier member into account. You need to pay $120 upfront to become an Executive Member. In order to get your money back, you need to spend at least $3,000 annually (that’s $250 a month) in the company’s warehouses.

All the very best with your Costco Membership!

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