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Costco Furniture Warranty

Costco Furniture Warranty

Are you planning to give your home or office a facelift? 

Quality furniture can give your room a new lease on life. However, choosing the perfect items can be tricky if you are on a tight budget. Costco is known for selling a whole host of quality products at low prices. Most products the company sells are backed up by a comprehensive warranty to provide extra piece of mind.

 So, let’s learn about the Costco furniture warranty and what it covers.

About the Furniture Warranty at Costco

Costco offers a huge selection of different types of furniture. This includes beds, desks, tables, couches, and tables. These items come in a whole host of different styles to satisfy all taste levels and budgets. All these products come with a warranty to protect buyers against flaws and other issues. 

The standard warranty

Under the terms of the company’s return policy, all furniture bought at Costco is protected by a 90-day warranty. This means that you can return the furniture if it fails to meet your needs in any way. This includes if it starts to become uncomfortable or flaws that were not immediately obvious start to show.

In some cases, it is possible to return unsuitable furniture long after the 90 days have passed. Store managers may accept items up to a year after the date of purchase. This is usually because the item shows a genuine manufacturing defect that was not obvious within ninety days.

The extended warranty

Certain products that Costco sells are protected by an extended warranty. This extends for two years past the standard manufacturer’s warranty and includes certain electronics. However, this extra guarantee is not usually available for furniture.

Patio and outdoor furniture 

The company offers a huge selection of chairs and tables that are designed for outdoor use. Different return periods apply to different items, and it is important to read the terms and conditions carefully.

A good example of this is Peak Season outdoor furniture, which is usually protected for three years. If these products fail structurally within three years of purchase, the frame can be replaced or repaired. This service is offered at the discretion of the store manager, and there is no additional charge. 

Leather furniture

There is no separate guarantee for products made from leather. Although leather is more expensive than many other materials, it is also more prone to damage. Factors like scratching, the sun, and general wear and tear can all cause the leather to become damaged. 

Without the packaging

It is a good idea to keep the original packaging and receipt until you are sure you’re satisfied with the product. This helps to verify purchases and will make the returns process easier. However, you can still return unwanted furniture without the packaging and receipt in most cases.

All purchases are linked to your membership card, which can be used for verification. A member of staff will be able to use your membership number to find the details of the purchase. This can also be done online by contacting the customer service team. 

How To Return Unwanted Furniture?

Returning unwanted items at Costco is generally quick and easy. The item will be inspected, and your claim will be considered. If your return is eligible under the terms and conditions, you will receive a full refund or store credit. 

How To Return Unwanted Furniture

In-store returns

The easiest way to return unwanted furniture is to take it back to your nearest store. Each store boasts a dedicated return desk where you can initiate the return process. A member of staff will be available to help make the process as quick and easy as possible. 

Online returns

You can also start the return process through the Costco website. To get started, log into your account and select Orders and Returns followed by Return Items. You then need to follow the prompts to complete the replacement or return request. 

What happens to returned furniture

If the item you return is found to be defective, it will be tagged as unsuitable for sale. After this, it will either be sent back to the manufacturer or disposed of by Costco. 

In some cases, the item can be restored and renovated. In this case, Costco will resell the item to another company. The company will either refurbish the product and resell it or sell the product with the flaws clearly declared. 

Reasons To Buy Furniture From Costco

There are numerous places to purchase furniture these days. In recent years, Costco has risen to become one of the most popular retailers of beds, desks, and other items. Here are some reasons to check out the available options. 

Reasons To Buy Furniture From Costco


You are sure to find that the prices offered are very reasonable. It is worth taking the time to make a quick price comparison before making a purchase. You are sure to be impressed by the savings that are just waiting to be made on your choice of products. 

Easy returns

The returns process is generally very quick and easy. You will usually receive a full refund with no questions asked. Even if you have lost the receipt, your purchase can be verified very easily. 

Online orders

Most products the company offers are also available on its website. You can browse for products from the comfort of your own home and have them delivered to your door. You can also use the company’s app to check out the options while you’re on the move.

Annual sales

The company offers two dedicated furniture sales each year. One takes place just after the 4th of July, while the other happens right before Christmas. These are great times to score further discounts on already reasonable prices.

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Final Thoughts

Costco offers a wide range of furniture for all occasions and environments. Although these products are usually reasonably-priced, they are generally considered to be very high-quality. This is confirmed by reviews from hundreds of satisfied customers.

If you are not satisfied with the furniture for any reason, you can usually return it within ninety days. In most cases, you will be able to receive a full refund with no questions asked. However, there are certain exceptions to this policy that you need to bear in mind.

Happy Shopping at your local Costco!

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