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Costco Glasses Return Policy

costco glasses return policy

Are you searching for a new pair of prescription glasses or standard reading glasses

Depending on the type you need, the cost of seeing clearly can be quite high. Therefore, you are sure to want to spend time finding the most affordable option, especially if you are on a budget.

Costco Wholesale is the largest warehouse retailer in the United States. The company is known for offering exclusive members great rates on a wide range of products and services. But what if you’re not happy with your purchase?

So, if you were wondering about the Costco Glasses Return Policy…

Let’s take an in-depth look!

Glasses Return Policy At Costco 

Most Costco stores come complete with an optician department. These departments offer a wide range of different types of prescription glasses and sunglasses. Members can take advantage of impressive discounts to help cut the cost of new eyeglasses.

Prescription Eyewear

It can take a little time for your eyes to adjust to a new pair of prescription glasses. This can make picking out the perfect pair a little tricky. You may find that the eyewear you picked out is not quite right after a few days.

Unfortunately, you cannot exchange or return prescription eyewear that has been purchased from Costco Optical. This is because the eyewear has been specially adapted to meet the unique needs of customers. If the company accepted this unwanted eyewear, it would not be able to resell it.

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Prescription Eyewear

If your prescription is wrong…

However, you can take back the eyeglasses if the optician department made a mistake with your prescription. You may have difficulty adjusting to your new eyeglasses if the prescription is too weak or strong.

You will need to schedule an appointment at the optical department to resolve the issue. If the prescription is found to be incorrect, the lenses will be adjusted for you. This service will be provided free of charge.

Non-Prescription Eyewear

The company sells a range of non-prescription reading glasses in stores and online. This type of eyewear is designed for reading, reflecting blue light, and blocking out UV rays. All of these items come with the company’s 100% satisfaction guarantee.

This means that you can return them at any time and exchange them for another pair or get a refund. You can also have the eyewear altered slightly so that they fit your face better. In most cases, you need to do this within ninety days of purchase.


You won’t always get your money back!

The return policy for sunglasses is the same as for eyeglasses. If you have chosen a standard pair of non-prescription sunglasses, you can return them at any time. You can pick out a different pair or get your money back if you are not satisfied.

However, prescription sunglasses come with modified lenses that are designed to correct your vision. These lenses cannot usually be resold if you are not happy with them. Therefore, you will not be able to get your money back.

Contact Lenses 

All of the company’s warehouses carry a range of different types of contact lenses. Popular brands include Acuvue, Biofinity, Proclear, MyDay, and Bausch + Lomb. There is a wide range of prescription strengths to choose from as well as dailies, monthlies, and weeklies.

If you want to order the contact lenses from the company’s website, you can enter your prescription information. You can also choose the diameter, to make sure you get the perfect size and strength. You can buy boxes of contact lenses in bulk, and impressive savings are waiting to be made.

Contact Lenses 

Trial pair for testing…

When you visit the optical department in your local store, you can ask for a trial pair of contact lenses. This allows you to take a pair for a test drive to make sure they are comfortable. If you are happy with the lenses, you can then choose to purchase a large pack and save some cash. 

How to return contact lenses

If you accidentally ordered the wrong type of contact lenses, you can return them within five years of purchase. This is a useful option if you bought in bulk and your prescription changed. The box of contact lenses must be unused, unopened, and not damaged in any way. 

There will be no need to produce the receipt as long as you can show your member’s card. This is because your purchase information will be stored in the system. 

Making a return online…

You need to take the box of contact lenses and your membership card to the optical department of a store. If you purchased the contact lenses from the company’s website, you can start the process online. Log into your account, find the online order, and click to request a refund or exchange. 

Eyewear Terms And Conditions

You need to hold a Costco membership to purchase eyewear from one of the company’s warehouses or online. You will not receive a warranty when you purchase lenses and frames. There is no coverage for scratches or breakages, so you need to take extra care with your new eyewear. 

Eyewear Terms And Conditions

Eye Exams

Before purchasing new prescription eyewear, it is a good idea to get an eye exam. This is the best way to confirm the prescription you need before making a purchase. Eye exams are competitively priced and are available to both members and non-members.

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Final Thoughts

The Costco returns policy usually covers non-prescription eyewear and contact lenses. If you have purchased non-prescription eyewear, you can return it at any time and ask for an exchange. You can also arrange to have alterations made or choose to receive a full refund.

When it comes to contact lenses, you have up to five years from the date of purchase to return them. Prescription eyewear cannot be returned to Costco unless the optician made a mistake. In all cases, making sure you are satisfied with your eyewear before leaving the store will save you time and trouble.

Enjoy shopping for glasses at Costco!

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