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Costco Interview Questions

costco interview questions

Costco is an American store that offers various discounts on different kinds of merchandise. It is one of the largest retailers across the world. Customers can purchase general supermarket items along with some luxury goods. The total items in Costco are 4000 in a single time. Costco started its retail operations in the year 1976.

The organization is well known for paying employees a higher salary and a better set of benefits that are important to work in the retail sector. Costco provides a pre-preparatory interview questionnaire to facilitate new applicants to understand the work culture and work policies of Costco.


Interview Questions for Costco

Q – 1. How will you describe Costco as an organization?


  • Costco is a well–known retailer brand in the world.
  • Costco is known for offering insurance and it also has a travel agency in its name.
  • This retailer brand started in Kirkland, Washington in 1983.
  • In the year 1993, Costco merged with Price Club.
  • Costco facilitates customers to shop online through their website.
  • Customers can access product reviews on the online website.
  • In the year 2018, the store was opened in 100 locations across Canada.
  • UK, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, and Mexico are other cities where Costco has its stores.
  • The signature brand of Costco is called “Kirkland”.
  • Costco offers 3 kinds of memberships to customers, which are, Executive, Business, and Gold Star.
  • Any Executive member earns 2% of the yearly reward for most of their purchases.
  • Employees find a friendly work environment at Costco which is better than their competitors.
  • Employees work for more years with Costco due to the employee benefits it provides.
  • Applicants can watch the video titled “Mind-Blowing Facts about Costco” to understand their work culture and employee policies better.

costco interview questions ans

Q – 2. Why do you think Costco is your preferred employer?


  • You can look for appropriate and steady career growth opportunities in the retail sector.
  • Costco is a large retail brand where you will receive ample opportunities.
  • You must conduct proper research about Costco and understand how the company operates.
  • Costco keeps its staff members highly motivated as well as satisfied.
  • It has received the award for the best employer in the year 2017.
  • You can also talk about the product and services offered by Costco and the customer service which you will deliver to keep customers happy.

Q – 3. How many hours can you work with Costco?

Ans: It is always better to show more flexibility with your working hours to get a better chance to work with Costco. You can emphasize working on weekends and holidays to perform better at Costco.

Q – 4. How will you handle work pressure at Costco?


  • You can handle work pressure by prioritizing your work appropriately.
  • You can segregate tasks as per the level of importance.
  • List down specific timelines to complete each task.
  • Pay attention to specific details so that you do not miss out on critical details for any transactions or tasks.
  • Review every task once a week with your immediate supervisor.
  • Delegate tasks to your team members appropriately and efficiently.

Q – 5. How will you handle stress at work?


  • You need to be calm at work so that you can handle stressful situations with the presence of mind.
  • Don’t get agitated at work. Handle each task calmly to get appropriate results.
  • Maintain a work checklist to streamline your work properly.
  • Delegate tasks to your team members so that you can achieve better results in long term.
  • You must review every task to identify any gaps or discrepancies in the same.

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Q – 6. How will you deal with work-related gaps?

Ans: Use appropriate training methods that help you understand the gaps well and provide you suitable strategies to deal with these gaps. You must always use proper timelines to complete tasks and deliver qualitative results.

Career Opportunities with Costco

Q – 1. What is your specific career path for the next 5 years?

Ans: Many times you will face a situation where you may not have clarity about your career path in the next 5 years. In this case, you must emphasize your commitment to the organization and specify various career strategies you will adopt to grow as a professional at Costco.

Q – 2. How will you state your previous work history?


  • Emphasize on customer service experience that you might have.
  • Specify the retail experience which you have.
  • In case this is your first job, specify that you can prove yourself if given a chance to work in the workforce of Costco.

Q – 3. How will you handle an upset customer?


  • You can provide proper assistance to customers to help them find products of their choice at the store.
  • You can avoid long queues for your customers.
  • In case a customer is not satisfied with the product, you can explain the return policy of Costco.

Q – 4. Why do you think Costco should hire you?


  • You must carefully read the Job Description to identify the specific skills you need clearly.
  • Always try and match your skills with the skills listed in the Job Description.
  • You must reassure the interviewer that you have the appropriate skills to perform the job well.

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Q – 5. What are the best things you enjoy about your last job?


  • You must specify on recognitions and accomplishments of your previous job with a positive approach.
  • You should always specify that you are looking around for new opportunities and work challenges to develop yourself professionally.

Customer Handling Skills for Costco

Q -1. Define excellent customer service in your own words?


  • As a staff member, you need to ensure you have a polite and friendly attitude towards the customer.
  • You must ensure you understand a customer’s requirements well.
  • Always ensure your customers do not wait for too long to get the billing completed.
  • It is your responsibility to maintain an adequate stock inventory for your customers at Costco.
  • Go the extra mile to satisfy your customers at Costco.

Q – 2. How will you provide exceptional customer service at Costco?

Ans: Customers enjoy and feel more welcomed if you can satisfy customers with exceptional customer service. This means putting extra and sincere efforts to satisfy customers so that they remain loyal to the brand. You can use specific real-life examples to support this answer. For example, on a rainy day, you offered your umbrella to the customer and escorted him to his car while he left the store.

Strengths and Weaknesses at Costco

Q – 1. Does Costco conduct any drug tests?

Ans: Yes, as a pre-employment screening exercise Costco conducts a drug test to analyze drugs and alcohol in the applicant’s body. Costco makes a job offer to you after the drug test returns negative. You must never use drugs few days before your interview. Costco hires employees for full-time, part-time, and seasonal sets of employments.

Q – 2. List down your specific strengths?

Ans: You must structure your answer by relating your specific strengths to the work profile you are getting interviewed for. You can also read the job description carefully so that you can describe your strengths in an appropriate manner. This gives you a better chance to work with Costco.

the costco interview questions

Q – 3. What are your specific weaknesses at work?

Ans: You must never deny the fact that you do not have a weakness. Try and describe each weakness as a potential strength with effective strategies to overcome each weakness. You must understand your improvement areas properly and work upon them to perform better at work.

Q-4. What are the factors which motivate you to work better?


  • You must focus to meet your targets & goals appropriately.
  • You must focus on mentoring and coaching other employees in your team.
  • Try and learn new skills to perform well at work.
  • You can use new creative ideas to improve on something at work.
  • You can also create something new at work.
  • Find a new way to solve a problem or overcome a challenging situation.
  • Always work as a team member.
  • Do not say that money motivates you.
  • Avoid saying employee discounts attract you towards Costco.

Costco Interview Questions for Cashier

Q – 1. How will you get a job as a cashier with Costco?


  • A cashier must-have skills like paying attention to details, a quick learning attitude, good communication skills.
  • You must demonstrate the ability to work under severe work pressure along with teamwork as a core skill.
  • The more work experience you have for the job role; the better job you can get with Costco.
  • If you are a fresh hire with no prior experience, you can use this opportunity to prove yourself at work.

Q – 2. What is the key reason for becoming a cashier?

Ans: You can say this is a customer-centric role and you enjoy dealing with customers. This makes you a suitable choice for this work profile at Costco.

Q – 3. Why should Costco hire you as a cashier?


  • You need to demonstrate politeness and humbleness in your attitude towards work.
  • Use efficient and accurate processes to carry out customer transactions effectively.
  • Maintain all cash balances effectively at the counter.
  • Deal with employees, members, and suppliers effectively.
  • Provide an ear to listen so that you can capture all information appropriately.
  • You can use a selfless attitude to serve customers and demonstrate teamwork while following all company procedures.
  • As a cashier, you must ensure all payments get received appropriately.

Q – 4. How will you grow as a cashier in the next 5 years?

Ans: You must adopt specific learning opportunities to grow in this work profile and take proper on-the-job training to develop more skills that help you grow as a cashier. Be honest with your work profile so that Costco provides you specific opportunities to excel in this work profile. You must also specify that you are open to learning any new skills that may be needed for you to perform your job well. While five years may seem like a long time, it is important for the management to see that you are headed in the right direction.

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Q – 5. Do you have specific questions for Costco related to the profile of a cashier?


  • What are the specific skills you need to work as a cashier?
  • Define the specific qualities to become a good cashier for Costco
  • What are specific strategies you can keep in mind while performing the job of a cashier?
  • How does Costco measure your career success in the long term?
  • How will you achieve your learning curve efficiently and effectively?
  • Are there specific opportunities that will help you to excel as a cashier?
  • What are the specific opportunities you can use to excel at Costco?

Interview and Attire

Q – 1. What are the specific questions you can ask your, interviewer, at Costco?


  • Why do you enjoy working with Costco?
  • Mention the specific attributes for an ideal applicant for this position
  • What are the most important points to keep in mind for this position?
  • What is the measure of success you adopt to measure an employee’s performance at Costco?
  • How does an employee achieve a steep learning curve with Costco?
  • What strategies can you adopt to rise above the career ladder quickly?
  • Define the kind of learning opportunities and career growth opportunities one can avail at Costco

Q – 2. What are specific interview tips for Costco?


  • You must arrive 10 minutes early for your interview.
  • You must switch off your smartphone.
  • Always conduct proper company research to perform well in the interview.
  • Avoid speaking very slowly since you demonstrate nervousness.
  • Avoid sounding boring during the interview.
  • Make firm eye contact during your interview.
  • Wear business casuals for your interview.

Bottom Line

Costco is a large retail brand that offers numerous work opportunities to new applicants. The popular interview tool facilitates new applicants to prepare their answers well for the interview. This tool removes anxiety and nervousness from the mind of the applicant and provides him a platform to perform well in the interview.

You can review the job description and skills required appropriately with the help of this interview tool. You must demonstrate self–motivation to give your interview the best shot. This increases your chances of getting a better job with Costco and developing a rewarding career in the future.

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