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Costco Mattress Return Policy in 2023 (No Receipt And More…)

costco mattress return policy

You know that feeling when you comfortably lay in bed and fall asleep? Or, if you are part of the social media frenzy, you scroll away on different applications? 

Having a good mattress can never be underestimated. At Costco, you’ll find an outstanding selection of premium-brand mattresses. These come in every size, material, and comfort level. You’re sure to find the perfect mattress. They also have an affordable selection and multiple brands to choose from. 

While the mattresses are good quality, any shopper knows the importance of understanding return policies, especially with big purchases. So, let’s take an in-depth look at the Costco Mattress Return Policy.

Shopping At Costco

Shopping At Costco

If you’re into interior or furnishing, Costco is a one-stop shop as it sells a wide range of furniture. Costco furniture categories include storage and organization, lamps, backyard playground equipment, and of course, mattresses. 

Not only does it accept returns for traditional mattresses, but Costco also takes back memory foam and air mattresses. It also takes back Casper mattresses. In the unlikely event that you’re unsatisfied with the mattress or have just changed your mind, here’s what to do!

Costco Mattress Return Policy

Costco Mattress Return Policy

This retail company takes back mattress returns at any point after purchase. You’ll just have to bring your membership card, and that’s it. If you forget your card, the return desk will still assist you. 

Costco’s mattress return policy is quite lenient, as are its other return policies. The process of returning a mattress is simplified. If the store guarantees product satisfaction, why do some customers return their mattresses?

And here is why…

Some customers will realize that the mattress simply isn’t working out for them. Perhaps it takes up too little or too much space in a room. It might not be as comfortable as expected. Either way, the mattress can be returned without hesitation. 

What Happens If You Don’t Have Your Receipt?

What Happens If You Don’t Have Your Receipt

The retail store doesn’t require its customers to have a receipt when returning a mattress. This is because it proudly promises customers a “risk-free 100% satisfaction guarantee” return policy. You can return the mattress even if it has been used or you’ve disposed of the original packaging. 

How does Costco know it’s one of their products without a receipt?

The store keeps track of Costco members’ visits and purchases. The store will look up your transaction history. This will help verify that you purchased the mattress at Costco. When you provide your membership card to the customer service representative, they’ll handle your case. 

How You Can Return Your Mattress

Plus, if you need a little extra help taking back the mattress, in case you don’t have a large pickup truck of your own. Costco offers assistance, and all you have to do is call your local store. They’ll arrange to pick up the mattress at a time that’s convenient for you.

If you’re able to take the mattress back on your own, that works too! A small investment towards your keyset is this key chain ring for car trucks. Made from genuine walnut wood, leather, and brass ring, you’ll get two key chains, and a gift box is included. 

If you ordered your mattress online, you could return it to your nearest Costco warehouse for an immediate refund. You can also initiate a return through Costco.com.

Making A Return Using Costco.com

Making A Return Using Costco.com

There are several reasons why a customer would like to return a mattress after ordering it online. You could be unsatisfied, or the mattress order is incorrect. Take a look at how you can request a return online.

First, log in to your account. After you select Orders & Returns, choose the Return Items button and complete the prompts listed. You’ll receive your return label immediately, and for a product as large as a mattress, you can proceed to schedule a pickup time. 

Your refund will take a few days…

If you use this method, you’ll, of course, get your refund. There’s just one downside to this… Since the refund will be credited to the card used to place your order, the funds will reflect after a few days. On the brighter side, you won’t be charged for the return shipping. 

Payment Methods Used

Payment Methods Used

Keep in mind that products bought in-store can’t be returned online. Costco has different payment methods in-store. You can buy a mattress and other products using cash, debit and credit cards, checks, and EBT cards. Costco also takes mobile wallets such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.

There are also payment methods accepted online. All visa cards are accepted. Discover cards, including JCB and Diners Club, can be used too.

Get yourself a Costco Shop Card!

A good option is the Costco Shop Card. It’s convenient for members because they can use it online, at warehouses, and at gas stations. On the downside, you can’t complete online purchases using EBT cards, checks, or a mobile wallet.

Costco has extremely generous policies. In fact, it boasts of one of the best return policies in retail. However, there are a few regulations to keep in mind before you return your mattress. Don’t worry! These are just a few protocols, and they’re simple to follow through with. 

The store will not accept returns if the mattress has been damaged. This also applies to other product returns. 

What Does Costco Do With Returned Mattresses?

If returned mattresses had already been used, Costco sells them at an unannounced secondhand auction. In some cases, depending on the location and state law, they can be donated. These are given to charities like the Salvation Army, homeless shelters, or women’s resource centers. 

Other Products Which Can Be Returned

Several Costco products come with a lifetime guarantee. On the other hand, electronics only have a 90-day return window. This includes camcorders, cameras, projectors, smartphones, and smartwatches.

Some online purchases can’t be returned using the self-service online system. You’d be required to return these to your nearest warehouse. Such items include Apple products, event tickets, prescription glasses and other optical products, and digital media.

When it comes to diamonds…

If you’re a jewelry collector, you’ll understand that returning this product comes with additional requirements. Diamonds weighing more than one carat can be returned after successfully passing an inspection by a gemologist. 

Products That Can’t Be Returned

Products That Can’t Be Returned

Some products can’t be returned at all, even if you have a receipt. Products missing accessories or parts can’t be returned. Open perishables or any perishables past their expiration date can’t be taken back. In addition to this list, alcohol, tobacco, car batteries, and gift cards can’t be returned.

Avoid abusing Costco’s mattress policy

With such generous return policies, it must be tempting to return a product at any time. Well, as a Costco member, you will want to avoid this habit. Costco reserves the right to cancel your membership if you abuse their return policies. So, always use good judgment before returning any product.

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Costco Mattress Return Policy – Final Thoughts

When it comes to returning a mattress, Costco can arrange to pick up the item from your home. If you’re able to take it to the store yourself, don’t forget your membership card. No need to worry about a receipt. 

You can also return a mattress using the online self-service system. An in-store return guarantees you an immediate refund. It takes a few days for the online refund to reflect on the same card that was used for the purchase. 

Costco gets over three million shoppers per day. These shoppers have rightfully earned the name “Costcoholics.” With over 111 million club members worldwide, the retail company continues to guarantee 100% customer satisfaction on top of its mattress return policy.

Well then, all that’s left to say is… Good night and sweet dreams!

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