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Cox Communications Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

cox communications application

If you’re looking for a great company that gives you the opportunity to ramp up your career in the communication industry, you just landed on the right page.

Have you ever heard of Cox Communications? If not, it doesn’t matter because today I’m going to explain exactly who Cox Communications are, what it’s like to work there, what kind of jobs are available, and most importantly, how to apply.

By the end of this article, you will know all the job details about Cox Communications Application Online: Jobs & Career Info. So, are you ready to find your next job?

cox communications application

What Is Cox Communications?

Cox Communications is the largest privately-owned broadband provider in the US. Founded in 1962 in Pennsylvania, the company serves six and a half million residential and commercial customers across 18 states. Cox Communications provides a variety of services, including advanced digital video, telephone, internet, home security, and automation.

Cox Communications is a subsidiary of Cox Enterprise, a family-owned company founded in 1898. And, more than 120 years on, Cox Enterprise is still owned by the same family. We can safely say that the Cox family knows how to run their business!

Cox Communications employs more than 18000 people in America and has an annual revenue of $12.5 billion (2020). Nowadays, the company is headquartered in Sandy Springs, GA.

Now that we know all about Cox Communications and how big of a company it is, the next question is…

What Is It Like Working At Cox Communications?

To better understand the working conditions at Cox Communications, you can check the online reviews that many employees have left. The general impression is extremely positive. It’s quite hard to find any major complaints, and this is even more impressive if we consider that people are more likely to share their experiences when they have something negative to say.

Cox Communications appears to be a great organization to work for, with a strong focus on customer service and an inclusive corporate culture. Everyone at any level has the impression to be part of a big family, and the management strives to make any employee feel important.

Personal growth is encouraged…

One of the best aspects is that there is always room for advancement. The company continuously encourages personal growth, and it pushes hard to help everyone to reach their professional goals, including regular training. So, put in the time and effort; it will not go unnoticed.

Moneywise, the pay is always above average, and the benefits package that comes with almost any position is beyond the most optimistic expectations. More details on this later…

cox communications application tips

Strict rules to follow…

A work-life balance is important to the company. Flexible time-off policies and accommodating schedules are available for every employee.

The only negative aspect that I was able to find is the extreme emphasis on procedures and rules. At Cox Communications, there is not too much room for a free spirit, and everyone is expected to strictly follow their protocol. This means that some people could find themselves trapped and feel unable to express their personality.

Jobs and Career Opportunities

A job at the company starts with the Cox Communications Career Webpage. Here you can find tons of information about career areas, job locations, and benefits. In addition, there is a really useful FAQ page that goes over the most common problems that somebody might encounter during the recruitment process.

Available jobs

The quantity and the variety of the vacancies are astonishing. Whatever your skills and experience, you will find a job that suits your needs and interests. There are six main categories that you can select to refine your search: business sales, retail sales, call center, territory sales, technician, and technology.

Once you click on any of these sections, you’ll be redirected to the main portal with all the job listings. Here you can apply more filters such as Cox division, employment type (part-time or full-time), job category, location, and even more.

The job postings are some of the best I’ve ever seen. After a brief overview of the position, extensive details are given on responsibilities, requirements, qualifications, education, and benefits.

cox communications application guide

The benefits

On the career page, you will also find a section dedicated to the benefits that normally come with a job at Cox Communications. The list is quite impressive, and it will certainly boost your motivation to click on that “Apply” button.

Here are just a few of them:

  • Competitive package with bonus and incentive plan
  • 401(k) + company match
  • Professional development funds
  • House, auto, and pet insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Free onsite health screening
  • Diabetes and weight loss support
  • Counseling
  • Paid parental leave
  • Adoption assistance

How to Apply?

When you decide to apply, the first step is to create an account. You can do that using your LinkedIn profile or providing a valid email address and choosing a password. The personal profile has different sections, all of which have to be completed in order to apply for a job.

You can decide to upload a resume, a cover letter, and any additional file (certifications, references, etc.) that might be beneficial to your application. You can apply to as many jobs as you like. The status of any submission will be updated on your profile, and you will also receive an email whenever you get a response.

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Final Thoughts

It’s always a good idea to research the company before you apply for any job. By doing so, you will be able to better address your cover letter. As well as finding information about the working conditions in the organization.

Depending on what you find, your decision to submit an application will be reinforced. Now that you know everything about the Cox Communications Online Application, will you decide to apply? Probably!

All the very best with your Application!

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