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Cracker Barrel Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

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About Cracker Barrel Application

Cracker Barrel is a leading restaurant chain that serves traditional and country foods in approximately 630 locations in the United States. The chain also operates a general store inside the restaurant. This provides many part-time and full-time employment opportunities in multiple roles.

Cracker Barrel locations provide a work environment that is relaxed and laid back. The restaurant maintains a staff strength of 20 to 30 employees and consistently hires new employees. The applicants can research different job vacancies by visiting the store in person.

Part-time jobs offered at Cracker Barrel provide entry-level opportunities with flexible work schedules paid pieces of training, and competitive pays. Job seekers with leadership experience can get hired as supervisors or managers. Customer service skills are very important along with food preparation skills and sanitization of the kitchen.

Application Process for Cracker Barrel

Applicants who can perform any task assigned to them or in other words are willing to multi-task get a suitable opportunity with Cracker Barrel. Previous experience of working in a restaurant works as an added advantage for applicants who can demonstrate a team-oriented and customer-oriented attitude. The application form needs to be completed online on the career website with an accurate and honest level of information. This can provide better job opportunities to employees who want to develop a career with Cracker Barrel.

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Online Process

Once the application gets submitted online, the applicants can submit various documents related to the application and then follow up in few days to check the progress of the application so that they know whether they have been shortlisted for a particular job vacancy or not. The hiring managers will call only the shortlisted candidates who clear the initial round of the application process. The application should match the job requirements listed in the job description.

Essential Requirements to Work for Cracker Barrel

What is the minimum age requirement to work for Cracker Barrel?

The minimum age requirement for Cracker Barrel is 16 years.

What are the working hours for Cracker Barrel?

The working hours for Cracker Barrel are Sunday to Thursday 11 am to 10 pm & Friday to Saturday 6 am to 11 pm.

Make a list of available positions at Cracker Barrel?

  • Host
  • Hostess
  • Server
  • Grill Cook
  • Prep Cook
  • Busser
  • Dishwasher
  • Cashier
  • Retail Personnel
  • Assistant Manager
  • Restaurant Manager
  • Retail Manager
  • Restaurant Manager Trainee
  • Night Maintenance Employee

How will you apply for a position with Cracker Barrel?

All applicants must apply for any position through the online career portal of Cracker Barrel.

Job Opportunities at Cracker Barrel

There are many part-time and also full-time positions offered by Cracker Barrel. Each restaurant employs 20 to 30 staff members to manage the restaurant. These employees can also apply for various positions through the online or offline application process.

Part-time jobs are a normal activity at Cracker Barrel where employees work and earn competitive pays and follow paid training to advance in their career. They also get promoted to managerial positions if they are really good in leadership skills and organizational skills. Many employees get supervisory positions who are good in customer service skills and tasks like food preparation and sanitization.

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Entry-level jobs require the applicant to be 16 years old. These jobs include host, server, sales associate, and busser. They do not require any prior experience in a similar industry. Candidates looking for a career in management can avail full- time opportunities and meet strict hiring requirements.

Employment Opportunities and Salary Information for Cracker Barrel


  • The primary responsibility of the host is to greet customers.
  • They also take reservations for the table.
  • The host also seats guests.
  • They also assist customers with various queries.
  • They should also have a friendly and positive attitude towards customers.
  • The hosts also multi-task at work.
  • They earn 9 dollars an hour.


  • This is a part-time position at Cracker Barrel.
  • Servers earn tips in addition to their wages.
  • They also take food and drink orders at the restaurant
  • They also ensure the right order gets delivered to the customer at the right time.
  • Servers are also meant to stand for long durations and follow basic math skills to assist customers with food orders.
  • The minimum wage for this position is 8 dollars to 12 dollars.

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Kitchen Help

  • This position hires grill cooks and prep cooks for jobs in the kitchen.
  • Applicants require previous experience to perform well in this role.
  • This follows sanitization methods and safety methods at the restaurant.
  • Prep cooks use microwave ovens and stovetops or convection ovens to prepare food.
  • Grill cooks use commercial grills to prepare food for customers.
  • Cooks work both part-time and full-time.
  • Cooks earn between 9 dollars to 10 dollars an hour or they earn 13 to 14 dollars an hour with relevant experience.

Sales Associate

  • They assist customers to make product purchases
  • The sales associates also handle cash registers
  • They also stock the stores with an adequate supply of merchandise.
  • They also organize displays in the store.
  • These associates also prevent any kind of theft from happening.
  • They earn 8 dollars to 9 dollars per hour.
  • They should also be open to work in flexible work schedules and their job involves minor lifting.

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Work Benefits at Cracker Barrel

  • Cracker Barrel provides a weekly paycheck to employees.
  • They also work in flexible work schedules.
  • They also get complimentary uniforms at the restaurant
  • The employees are also eligible for retirement plans and stock options.
  • They can also purchase all meals at a 50% discount.
  • They get medical, dental, and also vision benefits under healthcare.
  • The employees get weekly salaries, holiday pay, and also paid vacation along with career advancement opportunities.
  • They also get an opportunity to work in corporate-level careers in the corporate office of the organization.

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Cracker Barrel offers a simple application process that is easy to understand for young applicants. The work benefits are offered to encourage employees to develop a long-term career with Cracker Barrel. Cracker Barrel also facilitates paid training programs for employees to develop a rewarding career with Cracker Barrel.

Applicants can follow up through emails or phone calls to figure out the progress of their application. The formal review process takes 2 weeks to complete. The restaurant supports the Cracker Barrel foundation to promote charity and support many social initiatives. Their main initiative deals with people not leading a hungry life.

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