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Crazy 8 Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

crazy 8 application

Crazy 8 is a kid’s clothing retailer that mainly specializes in fashion trends for kids aging newborn to teens. The chain features at least 300 locations across the globe, and in the future, the company aims to expand its operations.

crazy 8 application

The candidates looking for a job in the retail-oriented fashion for kids might take an interest in the several job opportunities available across the country. Crazy eight was established in 2007, and it is the latest brand in Gymboree Corporation’s line-up. Ideally, Gymboree Corporation’s line-up also tends to own Janie & Jack stores and Gymboree retail besides other stores.

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Founding Information

The Gymboree was established in 1986, and since then, the company has integrated a lot of different brands. Gymboree Play and Music Program are one of the company’s best brands that give opportunities to babies and kids of at least five years to play and interact with music.

Besides being available in at least 40 countries, it is available in the United States, Canada also. The brand claims to offer both boys and girls clothing options in newborn sizes and teenagers up to 14 years. The company runs both brick-and-mortar locations and online retail work. The company also takes pride in affordable pricing for kid’s clothing.

Multiple Outlets

Besides the regular stores, the brand also has several outlet stores to get more affordable clothes to the market. The retailer has 9500 employs currently, and they tend to follow all the values and rules of the company. The company aims to values like creativity, authenticity, fun, and passion. Besides that, the company also values making some difference with the patrons and communities the company serves.

Essential Information To Know Before Applying for Crazy 8

Minimum eligible age of the candidate to be able to apply at Crazy 8: The candidate needs to be a minimum of 16 years of age to be eligible to apply at Crazy 8.

Working Hours at Crazy 8: The working hours are as follows:

  • Monday to Saturday: 10:00 am to 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: 12:00 am to 6:00 pm

The Employment Opportunities Available at Crazy 8

The company offers both corporate and in-store-level jobs, and besides that, there are several employment opportunities available for job seekers. But the job seekers have to be ready to work at the headquarters in San Francisco, California. The applicants should be living there, or else they would be willing to move there.

The corporate level jobs include buying, finance, and human resources. Ideally, job opportunities are either entry-level or managerial jobs. The company must have a dedicated leadership featuring managers who can keep other employees dedicated.

crazy8 application

Even though the company tends to be the latest edition to the retail fashion industry, it has already captured a considerable market size. It seems few years down the line. It will capture a significant chunk from the market. The aim to expand means there will be new employment opportunities also like part-time and full-time jobs.

Job Requirements

At times, working here requires employees to work in a fast-paced environment featuring interpersonal communication skills. The applicants who are attentive and friendly have a great chance of being hired here.

Above all, employees need to align with the customer’s demands besides maintaining the cleanliness amid the store. The employees should also be self-motivated, and the sales job might require employees to upsell products or explain them to the patrons in depth besides explaining them the policies. The applicants should also have excellent memorization skills besides interpersonal skills. All the store employees tend to work independently. The job requirements tend to vary from location to location.

Career Opportunities at Crazy 8

The company is one of the first choices for teenagers willing to get some job experience as the minimum hiring age is 16. Besides a flexible schedule, the company also offers competitive pay.

Sales Associate

Being an encompassing position, the sales associate tends to feature cashier and sales job responsibilities. The employees also have to perform daily tasks, including helping clients with purchases and also receive payments, and process transactions. They also need to keep the shelves stocked and organize the display. The applicants need to be knowledgeable and should be comfortable in interacting with patrons. They can earn $11 per hour.

the crazy 8 application


The employees who highlight great work ethics and reliable personalities can promote managerial level jobs. Besides that, the retail chain also outsources managerial-level jobs. The managers need to fill the administrative positions, and some of the primary responsibilities include hiring, scheduling, and training the entry-level employees. They also have to delegate jobs and enforce the company values. They can get $8 per hour as supervisors, while as managers they can earn $35000 per year.

Tips For Applying at Crazy 8

This giant retail chain does look into the past experience in detail of the candidates before moving forward. Applicants should make sure to only fill in actual data, which can be backed by proofs. The candidates should take out proper time to fill the form, it will take about 45 minutes to 1 hour, but one must fill the form will an open mind. Before turning of the application to the desired store on the basis of the location, it is essential to review the application and be thorough about it.

Perks of Working at Crazy 8

The company features rewarding and laidback company cultures besides offering competitive pay, discounts on merchandise, and industry-level pay scales. The employees can also avail several rewards, including snack time, bonuses, and other programs. They can get paid holidays and training also.

Overall, the company surely should be on the lookout for people who want to enjoy a proper work-life balance and at the same time. Those who are looking forward to getting deeper insights and learning should apply for the company.

Miscellaneous Information about Crazy 8

The company offers transparent information to the general public about the merchandise and services it provides. They also take a stand against social malpractices, including human trafficking.

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Candidates should ensure they follow the tips mentioned here to get a job at Crazy 8. It is an excellent organization and the career rewards are amazing for long-term employees.

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