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Crew Leader Job Description

crew leader job description

Do you have leadership skills and a background in the foodservice industry?

If so, a job as a crew leader could be the perfect career move for you. This is a low-level managerial role that provides the chance to learn new skills and advance.

This role combines food preparation, interacting with customers, and training new employees. You need to have a good understanding of food handling procedures and be able to delegate tasks.

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crew leader job description

Crew Leader Job Description

A typical job description will begin by describing the place of work and the general working conditions. This is likely to include the hours you would be required to work and the base salary. It will include an overview of the other employees, especially those you would be charged with leading.

The duties and responsibilities of this job should be clearly outlined in the job description. It should be clear the skills and education that candidates need to have. There may also be details of the skills and attributes that the ideal candidate should possess.

Duties And Responsibilities

Your specific duties will vary depending on the size of the restaurant and your team. However, there are certain duties and responsibilities you are likely to be charged with on a regular basis.

Training Employees

The main responsibility of this job is training new crew members to perform their tasks well. This includes food safety procedures and customer service techniques. You often need to work alongside new employees until they have the skills to work independently.

Overseeing Food Preparation

You need to make sure that all employees follow food safety practices when they are preparing food. This would include making sure that food is stored and kept at the correct temperature. You also need to make sure that employees follow the company’s recipes and guidelines on food presentation.

Managing Employees

This involves creating employee schedules and making sure there are enough employees for each shift. You will assign tasks to each employee based on their skills and experience. You may also be charged with approving or denying requests for time off.

Setting Budgets and Ordering Stock

You need to perform a regular inventory of the stock in the kitchen, serving area, and storeroom. Be aware of when products are used to reorder them before they run out. You may also be charged with creating budgets for employee expenses and supplies.

Skills And Attributes

You need to have certain soft skills to do this job well. These skills will help you to manage your tasks well and interact with customers and other employees. Here are some of the main skills and attributes to be a successful crew leader.

Foodservice experience

You need to have a good understanding of the foodservice industry to lead a team. Ideally, you will have experience in a wide range of different roles in the kitchen and front of house. This will help you to demonstrate and oversee those tasks more effectively.

Leadership skills

You need to be able to delegate tasks to different employees with confidence. You must be able to motivate employees and make sure they are working to the best of their abilities.

Communication skills

It is important to be able to explain tasks to crew members clearly and in detail. You need to be prepared to do this a few times with certain employees. You also need to be able to explain any issues clearly to management.

Customer service skills

You need to be able to handle customer complaints smoothly and resolve issues. Answer questions from customers about different menu items. You should always be willing to go the extra mile to make sure customers are satisfied.

Physical stamina

You need to be able to stand throughout your shift and remain active. When deliveries arrive, you often need to help unload products and store them safely.


You need to be able to take on different roles and tasks to demonstrate them to new employees. When employees phone in sick, you may be required to take over their shifts. You may often be required to work irregular shift patterns to make sure the restaurant runs efficiently.

Tools Of The Trade

There are certain types of tools and equipment you need to use regularly. It is important to be able to use these tools safely. Here are some of the main tools you need to use to do this job.

Kitchen equipment

In addition to cooking utensils, you need to be able to operate cooking equipment like deep fryers, ovens, and stoves. You need to be able to use these items safely. You must also organize and oversee the maintenance and repair of kitchen equipment.

Cash registers

You need to be able to operate the restaurant’s cash register efficiently. Demonstrate how to input payments and provide the correct chance. It is necessary to make sure the cash register is operating properly at all times and report any issues.


You need to be able to use Excel to schedule work shifts. And use the company’s computer system to maintain and update employee records.

Education and Training

You usually need to hold a high school diploma or a GED to do this role. To become a leader, you must generally work as a crew member for a few years. You can take on an entry-level crew role such as a cashier, server, or line cook.

However, you can score this role with less work experience if you have a college degree. High-end restaurants often prefer new employees to have formal management or hospitality training. You probably have to obtain a food safety and hygiene certification.

The Working Condition

You will usually work in a fast food outlet or a restaurant. Have the option of taking on part-time or full-time hours. However, you will usually be required to work weekends and evenings and during public holidays.

You need to be prepared to work in a fast-paced environment alongside several other employees. It is necessary to get along well with the other employees and make sure everyone is working hard. You must also be able to work well under pressure and go the extra mile to resolve issues.

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Final Thoughts

Most types of restaurants employ crew leaders to oversee employees and general operations. Full-time crew leaders typically start at $30,000 per year, which can rise to $52,000 per year over time. If you work at a high-end restaurant and excel in this role, you could earn at least $90,000 per year.

One of the great things about this role is that it offers plenty of growth opportunities. Many companies like to promote in-house, and you could score an assistant manager role after a few years.

From there, you can work your way up to the role of manager or even general manager if you are motivated.

All the very best working as a Crew Leader!

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