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Custodian Job Description in 2023

custodian job description

Are you getting ready to apply for a custodian job?

Also known as a janitor or caretaker, this role involves cleaning and maintaining a specific building. This role is usually perfect for entry-level candidates who want to gain work experience and hone their skills. However, you need to be willing to work hard to do this job and be comfortable working independently. It is also necessary to be reasonably fit and able to work with toxic chemicals and dispose of them safely. 

So, let’s take an in-depth look at a typical day in the life of a custodian and find out more about this role. 

Custodian Job Description

A typical job description for a custodian should begin with an overview of the place of work. There should be information about the type of contract that is being offered as well as the base salary. There should also be information about the people you would be working with or whether you would be working alone.

The duties that go with this job should be clearly outlined in the job description, as well as information on the skills that candidates need to have to do this job. The job description is likely to end with any specialist skills and attributes that the employer is looking for. 

The Working Environment

The Working Environment

Custodians usually work in schools, office buildings, apartment complexes, or other buildings. Most of the duties take place indoors, and custodians remain cleaning and maintaining the premises throughout their shifts. While this is usually a full-time role, custodians can also take on part-time shifts.

Most custodians work early in the morning before the building is open to the public. Some custodians also work in the evening and on weekends. It is necessary to be able to work independently as well as part of a small team. 

Typical Duties And Responsibilities

When applying for a custodian role, it is important to have a clear understanding of the associated duties. Referencing certain skills in your resume shows hiring managers that you understand the job and have experience with them. Here is an overview of the most common custodian duties and what they involve. 



One of the main duties of this role is cleaning floors, tables, and a wide range of other surfaces. It is necessary to be able to work quickly and efficiently to thoroughly clean different areas. You also need to know the best techniques to use as well as the best cleaning products to work with. 

Cleaning windows

This role often involves cleaning the insides and outsides of windows regularly. It may be necessary to have a head for heights and be able to work safely and quickly. It is also necessary to know which cleaning products to use on different types of windows and how to prevent streaking. 

Emptying the trash

Emptying the trash

It is necessary to check all trash bins while cleaning different areas and empty them when necessary. You will need to know the best places to dispose of different types of waste and how to secure trash bags. It is essential to make sure that trash bags do not tear or leak during waste disposal. 

Maintenance and repair 

This role also involves basic maintenance and repair work from time to time. This includes replacing light bulbs, carpentry, and painting. The role could also involve plumbing and electrical repair. Highlighting special maintenance skills can give you access to advanced custodian positions. 

Using hand tools

It may be necessary to work with hand tools to perform certain maintenance tasks. It is important to be able to work with hand tools safely to avoid accidents. You will also be charged with making sure any hand tools you use are well maintained and stored safely. 



It is necessary to make sure that all floors are clean and properly maintained. You need to have a good understanding of how to clean and care for different types of flooring. This includes surfaces made from cement, tile, hardwood, and linoleum. 

Maintaining a safe environment

You need to make sure that the areas you clean and maintain are safe both during and after your shifts. This includes checking for loose wires and other items that could cause potential harm. You need to make sure that broken glass is disposed of safely and follow safety guidelines at all times. 

Custodian Job Description – Valuable Skills And Attributes

There are certain skills that custodians need to possess to do their job well. Even if no experience is required, highlighting these skills can help to give you the edge over the competition. Let’s check out some of the most valuable custodian skills that you can emphasize on your resume. 

Customer service skills

Customer service skills

You need to be able to interact well with clients and other people in the areas where you work. It is important to be polite and friendly at all times and answer questions. When clients assign you additional tasks, you should be ready to accommodate them if possible. 

Attention to detail

Attention to detail is essential to make sure that all areas of the building are safe and properly sanitized. You need to take note of structures that need maintaining and take steps to do the work if possible. In addition to good observation, attention to detail includes analytical thinking and quality control. 

Communication skills

You need to listen to your employer carefully to determine which tasks need to be performed during your shift. You need to be able to read and interpret graphs, diagrams, and charts. Strong communication skills are also important when you are working as part of a team. 

Critical-thinking skills

You need to be able to work out the best way to perform different tasks and plan your duties. This includes developing and implementing strategies to solve any problems that arise. You also need to be able to evaluate different projects and identify and fix any errors that occur. 

Leadership skills

Leadership skills

You may be charged with leading or overseeing a maintenance team as part of your duties. To do this, you need to be able to assess the skills of different members of the team and delegate different tasks. This includes training certain members of the team in different duties and motivating them when necessary. Highlighting your leadership skills may give you access to an advanced custodian position. 

Time management skills

You are sure to have a large number of tasks to take care of during your shift. Knowing which tasks need to be done in which order will make the job run smoothly. You also need to be able to prioritize different types of tasks so that everything is completed on time. 


You need to be ready and willing to rise to any challenge that comes your way at work. When things don’t go your way, you must be adaptable enough to remain calm and find a solution. Employers are sure to be drawn to applicants who describe themselves as being adaptable.


Being able to work well as part of a team will make it easier to work quickly and efficiently. In some cases, it may be left to you and your colleagues to decide which tasks to tackle. You must be able to collaborate well and be able to put the work first to make sure it is done well. 

Dexterity and stamina

It is necessary to be able to stand for long periods and bend down to clean certain surfaces. Therefore, custodians need to be reasonably physically fit and have good stamina. If you lack specific skills, dexterity and stamina are good attributes to highlight on your application. 

Education And Experience

Education And Experience

If you are applying for an entry-level custodian job, you usually only need to hold a high school diploma or GED. On-the-job training will be provided to make sure you can perform your duties well. This will include training on how to correctly clean different areas and handle cleaning chemicals safely.

However, some job descriptions may specify that applicants need to have a certain amount of experience. In this case, you need to make sure that you highlight the fact that you meet the requirements. It is also a good idea to showcase some of the specialist skills that you have gained through this experience. 

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Custodian Job Description – Final Thoughts

No matter what type of job you are applying for, it is important to take the time to work on your resume. 

You need to show that you understand the duties that are outlined in the job description. It is also essential to show that you have certain custodian skills so that you can perform those duties well. However, you also need to make sure that the information you include in your application and resume is accurate.

 Otherwise, you are sure to get caught out when you are asked questions about them during the interview. Review your resume just before the interview and practice answering common custodian interview questions.

All the very best in your new career as a Custodian!

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