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Customer Service Representative Interview Questions

customer service representative interview questions

If you’re a people person and love to interact with others, a job in customer service might be exactly what you’re looking for. And the good news is that, since you don’t need any specific education, you might decide to start the career at any point in your life.

When you get to the interview stage, you’ll be wondering what questions will be asked and what skills and other requirements you will need.

Therefore, I decided to run through the most frequent Customer Service Representative Interview Questions, as well as also take a look at what you can do before the interview.

customer service representative interview question

What Does a Customer Service Representative Do?

As a Customer Service Representative, your main duty will be interacting with clients and replying to inquiries on behalf of the company you’re working for.

Depending on the organization, the list of responsibilities might vary, but the following are the most common that you will have to carry out on a daily basis.

  • Providing information about products and services
  • Responding quickly to complaints and helping with the solution
  • Acting as a point of contact between the customer and the technical support
  • Following up with the customer to confirm his satisfaction after a purchase or to ensure the resolution of an issue
  • Attracting new customers by responding to their questions about a product and eventually suggesting valid alternatives
  • Creating and maintaining customers records
  • Reporting issues to the relevant department and management
  • Managing social media

Career Requirements

To be able to perform these tasks and to enhance your possibilities to succeed at the interview, you will need to meet certain requirements. By learning what they are, you will know how to get ready for the interview.


As mentioned, a specific education is not necessary. Most of the Customer Service Representatives start work with only a high school diploma and receive extensive training on the job after they get hired.

However, an associate’s or a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field will give you some advantage over the other candidates. But it’s still worth noting that your skills, especially the soft skills, will ultimately determine whether you get the job or not, regardless of your educational background.

Hard Skills

Hard skills are specifically related to the job, and they can be acquired through education and working experience.

Since comprehensive training will be provided by the company, the recruiters will not expect you to have any technical hard skills, other than a basic knowledge of MS Office tools and familiarity with the most common social media. The only exception is if you apply for a position that will support foreign customers. In this case, fluency in a particular language might be required.

customer service representative interview questions ans

Soft Skills

Almost the entire interview will be about assessing if you have all the soft skills that will allow you to excel in the profession.

Soft skills relate to your personality traits and determine how you approach and interact with people. Since this is the core of your job, it’s not surprising that the following soft skills are crucial for a Customer Service Representative.

  • Communication, both verbal and written
  • Patience
  • Ability to manage and resolve conflicts
  • Active listening
  • Empathy
  • Positive attitude
  • Problem-solving

How To Get Ready for The Interview?

There are three essential steps that you should take as you prepare for the interview.

Research the company

This is often overlooked by most candidates, and that’s a big mistake. Most likely, you will be asked why you want to work there, and showing that you did your research will be highly appreciated by the recruiters. Moreover, if you have a general idea of what products and services they offer and what kind of complaints they receive, you will be able to predict most of the questions that you will get.

Start from their official website, where you can read their history, and you can learn about their mission and values. In addition, check all their social media, especially Facebook and TripAdvisor, where you can get tons of useful information from customers’ reviews.

Read the job posting

The job posting will list all the requirements that you have to meet and the responsibilities that you will have to carry out. Combine them with the ones that we described earlier, and you will have a comprehensive overview of all the topics that might come up during the interview.

Prepare your answers

The last step will be reviewing the common questions that you can find in the next paragraph and practicing your answers. In addition, try to imagine similar questions that revolve around any of the qualities that you’re required to possess.

As a rule of thumb, the recruiters will heavily focus on behavioral questions. Therefore, they may ask you to provide examples from your working experience of specific situations and to explain how you managed them.

S.T.A.R Method…

The purpose of a behavioral question is to assess whether you have a certain skill or not. To make your answer more effective, you can use the STAR method: describe the Situation, define your Target, explain your Actions, illustrate the Results.

The Most Common Customer Service Representative Interview Questions

Define customer service

As you prepare for an interview for any customer service job, you should be ready to answer this question. After you briefly explain what it means to you, give a practical example of a time when you provided or received excellent customer service. Also, make sure you show that you are aware of how powerful superior customer service is for a successful company.

Tell me about an incident when you had to deal with an angry customer

Managing complaints and resolving issues will be a major part of your daily routine. And sometimes you will have to deal with difficult customers. Your answer should prove to the recruiters that your interpersonal skills, your patience, and your problem-solving abilities are top-notch.

If you’re approaching the customer service market for the first time, choose a situation from your educational background or your extracurricular activities.

customer service representative interview questions ans

Describe a situation where you went above and beyond for a customer

This question is a bit trickier than it might sound. While you have to provide a concrete example of one time when you did an exceptional job, the reality is that you should keep that same approach with every customer.

Going above and beyond should be the normality, not the exception. Make sure to let the recruiters know that you always do whatever you can to meet the customer’s needs.

What do you like the least about this job?

Do you know of any job that doesn’t come with at least some minor disadvantages? I don’t think one exists, and neither do the recruiters. Therefore, the worst answer you can give to this question is that you like everything about customer service.

The challenging part is to find an example that is not a crucial part of your job. Nobody likes to deal with complaints which you will have to do every single day. So, this is not a good answer. Whatever you choose, make sure you keep a positive attitude and try to finish your answer by remarking how that little negative aspect doesn’t influence your motivation and passion for the job.

What makes you unique?

This question is a fantastic opportunity to highlight your best skills. Having an effective answer ready for this situation is a must. This will come in handy for a number of similar questions such as… “Why should we hire you?”, ” What’s your biggest strength?” and “What makes you stand out?”

With all these questions, the recruiters are asking you to prove to them that your skills meet the requirements. Again, the best way to do that is by providing practical examples. On the other hand, the worst way to reply is being too generic and saying things such as ” I have exceptional customer service skills.”

This is a basic requirement that any candidate should meet, and therefore, it doesn’t make you unique.

Don’t Quite Feel Prepared Yet?

Not to worry, let’s start with my more in-depth job descriptions, such as Customer Service Representative Job Description or my Customer Service Manager Job Description in 2023.

It takes a great resume to even get that interview. So, take a look at my advice on Job Titles On Resume, How To List Education On A Resume, How To List References On A Resume, the Most Important Skills To Put On A Resume, and Achievements To List On Your Resume to help guide you.

Otherwise, you can always read up on Surviving Customer Service: Avoid Burnout, Develop Valuable Career Skills, Amazon’s Customer Service Experience, as well as Customer Service & Its Significance: Learn And Grow available online. Or for a fun work journal to write in, how about the Customer Service Representative Because Badass Miracle Worker Isn’t An Official Job Title.

Final Thoughts

An interview for a customer service position presents its own peculiar challenges. While many jobs require some extensive knowledge of a specific topic and the recruiters will focus on that, in this case, your soft skills are everything you will be tested on.

Some people find it easier when they have to talk about themselves, while someone else might not be quite so comfortable with it. But with a bit of meaningful preparation, everyone can be successful!

If you practice these most popular CSR Interview Questions, you’ll maximize your chances of being the one that gets the job.

All the very best with your Interview!

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