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CVS Dress Code (2023 Guide)

cvs dress code

Looking for a job with one of the largest pharmacy chains in the US? Then look no further than CVS! This pharmaceutical giant employs more than 290,000 people throughout America.

And like most large brands, CVS has a dress code. It expects employees to look a certain way when they’re representing the company. But what is it like?

Well, let’s find out, as I go through everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the CVS dress code!

Why Is There A Dress Code At CVS?

Why Is There A Dress Code At CVS?

The majority of retail stores have a dress code, regardless of what they sell. The main reason for this is to make customers aware of who the employees are. A guest should be able to identify staff easily and get assistance at a moment’s notice.

But that’s not all…

The dress code is not only about the color and style of clothes people may wear. It’s also about public perception. Stores generally want their staff to look fairly unremarkable as a way of making all customers feel comfortable. And there’s also practicality to consider. If you’re on your feet all day, you won’t want to be wearing stiletto shoes, will you? The dress code ensures staff are kept safe and comfortable while working.

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What Is The CVS Dress Code?

Well, that depends. Staff members wear slightly different things depending on their roles. This makes it easier for guests to find the right person for the kind of help they need.


The CVS cashier uniform starts with a pair of closed-toed shoes and either black or tan colored pants. These are then topped with a CVS employee polo shirt or t-shirt. That shirt is often blue or red, though other colors are available at some locations.

Pharmacy Technicians

The CVS pharmacy technician dress code is very different from the cashiers. They wear a pair of scrubs and closed-toed shoes. The pharmacists must look smart, wearing business attire with a lab coat over the top.

Does the dress code apply to interviews?

Happily, no! You don’t need to start wearing the uniform until you’ve got the job. Wearing clean, well-pressed business clothes is enough for your interview.

What Else Is In The Dress Code Policy?

What Else Is In The Dress Code Policy?

So, you know all about the dress code when it comes to clothes. But there’s more to think about than just what to wear. Your overall appearance counts when you’re a CVS employee.

Hair Color

This is often decided upon at the discretion of the manager. Stores in more conservative areas are stricter than others. Some store heads allow unnatural colors but others don’t. This used to be covered in the CVS employee handbook. It was clearly stated that employees could only have natural colors in their hair. The times have changed, though, and this rule is no longer stated in the handbook.


This is another time when the rules are not 100% clear. Just like hair color, it’s up to the store manager. Some will say it’s ok, but others require all tattoos to be covered.

There is no CVS policy from the head office. The company allows its managers to make their own decision. On the whole, though, as tattoos become more and more common, the majority of managers are favorable towards employees having them.

Jewelry and Piercings

The wearing of jewelry and piercings is more limited. This is less about aesthetics and more to do with safety concerns. While it’s not in the CVS employee handbook, most managers prefer a small pair of earrings and not much else.


While it’s not set in stone, it’s best to keep things fairly toned down. Foundation, neutral tones of lipstick and eyeliner are all more than acceptable. A full face of makeup with lots of bright, over-the-top eye shadow might be considered a bit much.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Are shorts mentioned in the dress code?

Yes, they are. Employees are generally not permitted to wear shorts at work. Most stores have great air conditioning, so shorts generally are not needed while at work. But in exceptional circumstances, it might be allowed. Temperatures are rising, and we’re seeing an increase in adverse weather conditions. In extreme heat, some managers will allow the wearing of shorts.

What kind of shoes are included?

Sandals, flip flops, and other similar open shoes are not allowed at CVS. The feet should be completely covered up for safety. It’s recommended that you choose non-slip shoes, too, for the same reason. In regards to color, there’s no hard rule to stick to. The dress code states that they should be black or neutral-colored. However, most stores don’t strictly follow this, treating it as a guideline more than a rule.

Are jeans included in the dress code policy?

The rule about jeans is very clearly stated in the dress code. As far as the head office is concerned, jeans are a big no-no. Trousers should be made from other materials, like cotton, for example. But unless someone from head office is visiting the store, you’ll probably get away with wearing jeans. Store managers tend to be pretty lax about this particular rule. 

Interested in working for CVS?

You can find available jobs on the CVS website. And if CVS isn’t right for you, there are plenty of other pharmacy chains to choose from. Why not try for a role at Walgreens or Walmart instead?

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CVS Dress Code – Final Thoughts

The dress code at CVS is pretty relaxed. Sure, it may not be too fashionable, but it is comfortable. Plus, it’s also easy to follow, and fairly cheap to buy the items you need as an employee.

And as you now know, many managers are quite lenient when it comes to the dress code policy at CVS. So, don’t worry too much about it. The majority of store bosses won’t be overly strict when it comes to the dress code.

All the very best in your new job at CVS!

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