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Data Center Technician Job Description

data center technician job description

The data center technicians are likely to install and maintain data servers besides network equipment. If you wish to become a data center technician, you must read all the details here.

The primary duties of these experts include:

  • Maintaining an optimally controlled environment for servers.
  • Monitoring the day-to-day performance of servers.
  • Solving all the server problems.

Besides that, these experts are expected to perform some expert repairs outside the standard business hours. The skilled, hands-on professionals will likely offer various services to keep the computer information and hardware networks running seamlessly. When it comes to safeguarding a company’s data, the data center technician is likely to be the first line of defense.

Most data center technicians are likely to have full-time jobs instead of the typical 9 to 5 jobs. They mainly work in shifts which are at least 8 to 12 hours long and can be anywhere during day or night, weekends and even on holidays. Usually, the experts work in server rooms where office or construction noise might be present. They should be willing to connect on emergency calls also.

data center technician job description

Job Description – Data Center Technician

Ideally, a data center technician provides various services, which are likely to revolve around maintaining data center equipment and its techniques. In addition, the job description is expected to include performing system/network installation, troubleshooting, and configuration to ensure perfect operations.

These technicians are likely to carry out preventative maintenance of data centers besides analyzing servers and network systems to initiate or identify the repair needs. Additionally, they also need to monitor the processes to ensure seamless implementation.

Finally, they need to evaluate various heating and cooling system to ensure the equipment is running perfectly.

The experts need to protect the company’s database and infrastructure by setting up different controls. The duties will also include installing and upgrading the system besides offering network support.

Additionally, the experts need to perform maintenance besides repairing the servers and network equipment. Therefore, if you wish to become a successful data center technician, you must possess extensive experience while assuring the perfect data center infrastructure efficiency.

Furthermore, being a technician, you need to take all the preventive measures to prevent loss of information or damage to networks. Lastly, you must maintain a proper record of all the work operations, logs, or events to produce better reports to company management.

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Skills Required – Data Center Technician

You need to have hardware repair skills besides having basic repair knowledge of the faulty devices. You must be able to run servers and switches besides routers and monitors.

Additionally, troubleshooting skills also play a vital role in performing various tests to identify errors and fix them. Being a data center technician, you need to maintain a perfect inventory of multiple tools and network devices. Above all, you must have communication skills to explain the challenging technical process in a better way.

Job Responsibilities

  • Monitor and perform ongoing maintenance on servers and network equipment.
  • They must also provide IT support to staff and patrons besides responding to the server and network problems.
  • Need to protect company information by preventing the overheating of data center elements.
  • They also need to run hardware diagnostics and replacing failing parts within a given deadline.
  • They should also monitor all the network processes to ensure the seamless flow of information across the network.

Job Requirements

  • Need to have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology, or related field.
  • Must have at least two to three years of experience as a data centre technician.
  • You also need to know how data center environments, servers, and network equipment work.
  • They must also have experience in installing, monitoring, and maintaining data center equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 What are the responsibilities that the data center technician has to take over?

Ans. As a data center technician, the candidate needs to monitor and perform ongoing maintenance on the network equipment and servers. Providing end-to-end IT assistance to the indoor and outdoor stakeholders and also respond to the network and server issues. These individuals are also required to protect the company’s data by preventing the data from overheating.

2 Mention the educational qualification required to apply for this role.

Ans. To apply for the role as a data center technician, the candidate needs to mandatorily have a bachelor’s degree in information technology, computer science, or any other similar field. A master’s degree is not compulsory for the candidates, but if the candidates have a master’s degree, it will help them get the upper hand.

3 Are there any mandatory certifications required for this role?

Ans. There are no mandatory certificates required, but if the candidate has the certificates in place, then it will always help. However, there are a few companies that do prefer a few certificates, so it is always a better idea to have these certifications in place.

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