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Delta Interview Questions

delta interview questions

Fly with Delta and Achieve Your Dreams

Delta airline is a leading airline in the US. It has designed this popular list of interview questions to facilitate young and enthusiastic candidates who would like to travel the world as cabin crew members.

Delta believes in providing equal opportunities to both men and women who want to achieve their career aspirations by flying with Delta Airlines.

Delta is known for both employees centric and customer-centric policies which are used to shape the careers of young cabin crew members who deliver exceptional customer services to passengers. It is important to understand the interview process followed by Delta Airlines so that potential candidates can effectively resolve their interview queries and put their best foot forward to achieve new heights in their careers.

Generic Interview Questions for Delta Airlines

Q – 1. Briefly Talk About Your Career Aspirations?

Ans: You can cover your previous job experience, educational qualification and talk about your specific areas of interest. You must also ensure your explanations are brief and crisp.

Q – 2. What Do You Know About Delta Airlines?


  • Delta began its operations in 1924 as a crop dusting machine
  • Currently, it operates its flights in 300 plus destinations across 50 countries.
  • It serves 200 million passengers across the global network
  • Delta Airlines has its central base in Atlanta, Georgia
  • They also offer a frequent flier program known as Sky miles
  • Delta Airlines has a fleet size of 800 aircraft presently.

Q – 3. Why Do You Want Delta to Hire You?

Ans: You can narrate you enjoy working with different people from various cultures. At the same time, you enjoy traveling to different countries and cities. You can also talk about a potential career with Delta that permits you to serve customers and travel the world. You can also talk about customer-centric policies which allow customers to avail many benefits while they travel with Delta Airlines.

delta interview question tips

Q -4. What Strength Makes You a Suitable Candidate To Join Delta?

Ans: You must talk about skills like adapting to change easily. You should also mention you are a quick learner and demonstrate to work under pressure.

Q – 5. What is Your Main Area of Improvement Before You Join Delta?

Ans: You can highlight specific weaknesses or areas of improvement which are important for overcoming before you join Delta. You can use a real-life example from your daily life to suggest a potential area of improvement. You should suggest a suitable strategy to overcome your potential weakness.

Career Opportunities with Delta

Q – 1. Why Should Delta Consider Hiring You?

Ans: As a cabin crew member you should read the Job Description very carefully. Try to identify skills and relevant experience that you have. You can also match your skillset available with the skills required by Delta Airlines for this role. You can use relevant examples to convince your interviewing panel that you have the right skills for this job.

Q – 2. According To You, What is Your Future With Delta Airlines?

Ans: If you join delta, you will be offered long-term career opportunities with the airline. In due course of time, you need to identify new skillsets and training programs that will provide you suitable career growth opportunities in the next 5 years. During the interview process, try and build a hypothetical career plan which allows you to convince your interviewer that you are a stable candidate and looking for a long term career with delta airline.

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Q – 3. Are You Open to Working Rotational Shifts?

Ans: All delta crew members must be flexible to work in rotational shifts serving the customers at all times and contributing to the company’s growth and success.

Creating Customer Experience with Delta

Q – 1. How Would You Tackle an Angry Customer?

Ans: First of all, you need to identify the basic root cause behind the customer’s frustration. Allow the customer to share his concerns with you. Once the customer has shared his concern try and identify possible measures which you can use to resolve a customer’s complaint. You need to tackle an angry customer with patience, calmness, and a polite attitude. If you are unable to resolve a customer’s query on your own you can involve any senior official to help you resolve the complaint, to deliver satisfaction to the customer.

Q – 2. What Do You Mean by Exceptional Customer Service?

Ans: Delta Airlines believes in providing best-in-class services to customers. Every customer must receive proper assistance while on-boarding and de-boarding the plane. All delta employees focus on quick response time to resolve a customer’s complaint.

Interview Tips and Attire

Q – 1. What Are The Possible Interview Tips Which Help You Excel in an Interview With Delta?


  • Arrive 10 minutes early
  • Switch off your smartphone before your interview
  • Speak with confidence and with a clear voice
  • Strike an interesting conversation with your hiring manager
  • Showcase enthusiasm and commitment towards your work

delta interview question

Q -2. What Kind of Attire is Suitable for an Interview With Delta?

Ans: All delta crew members are expected to wear a formal dress code that looks appropriate and helps you create the first impression in the minds of the interview panel.

Q – 3. What Kind of Questions Can You Ask Your Interviewing Panel at Delta Airlines?


  • You can find out about the work culture of Delta Airlines.
  • You can find out about the different qualities of an ideal crew member of delta airlines.
  • What are the specific pointers which are important for a job with Delta?
  • You can also find out how does delta measure your success during your tenure with delta.


Delta Airlines looks for potential and enthusiastic candidates who demonstrate dedication and commitment towards their work. Your available skillset must match the job requirement at Delta. You need to have effective customer handling skills to succeed in your job with delta. You must have a dynamic and pleasing personality.

Always try and foresee your future career plan with delta. You can use the list of popular questions to support your interview preparation with delta airlines. Once you make the cut, make sure you make the most of this career opportunity.

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