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Denny’s Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

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Denny’s is ideally an American table service restaurant chain. Back in 1953, the restaurant was established as a donut shop known as Danny’s Donuts”. As of now, the restaurant has at least 1700 restaurants in the United States. Besides that, there are some restaurants in 16 countries.

On the contrary, there are many restaurants, but the best part about Denny’s restaurants is that it serves 24 hours and seven days a week. At Denny’s, one can go and eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Essential Information to Know About working at Denny’s

Minimum age required to work at Denny’s: The applicant needs to be a minimum of 16 years old to be able to apply at Denny’s

Working hours at Denny’s: The outlets are open 24*7. The working hours are as per the shifts – Morning shifts and evening shifts.

Job Opportunities at Denny’s

Besides being famous in the United States, Denny’s is quite renowned in Canada, Japan, and Costa Rica. Being an international brand is quite challenging, but working at the Denny’s is relatively easy. Additionally, it will add to your experience if you have pro communication and marketing skills. Hence you can advance in your career in no time if you work at Denny’s. The stores tend to give back to the societal communities. The commitment to the social problems cares to extend to the hiring processes.

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Denny’s restaurant also hires candidates from various walks of life. As the chain is open 24*7, the candidates should be willing to work during flexible hours. Hence, they hire managers who are available freely. Candidates should also be willing to put in the right effort when working at Denny’s. This will help them grow and also ensure the restaurant progresses well.

Career Opportunities at Denny’s

The candidates tend to begin working as part-time dishwashers or hosts, but it all depends on one’s interest and personality. The job helpful can become cooks or servers or even dishwashers. Above All, skilled employees can also advance to top management if they put in the right effort.


  • The candidate needs to be responsible for cleaning dishes, bussing tables and cleaning.
  • The employee needs to be kind and friendly to all the guests in guests and coworkers.
  • Candidates who wash the dishes are paid $7 to $9 per hour.


  • If you want to become a cook at Denny’s restaurant, you need to be prepared to stand for long hours.
  • The cooks should be at least 18 years old, have good communication skills, and lift at least 50 pounds.
  • The hourly pay is $9 per hour, but it can increase to $14 and $15.

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  • The servers have to take orders and help the customer with requests.
  • Workers don’t need any experience, but they should ensure that they solve all the problems in a friendly manner.
  • The servers can earn $2 to $9 per hour besides some tips.

Tips for Applying at Denny

The application process at Denny is fairly simple and straightforward. To apply for entry-level jobs, candidates need to refer to the official website and follow the entire procedure. One pro tip for applying at Denny is that individuals who are more inclined to apply for managerial roles should have a proper resume and cover letter. The first step of selection involves screening cover letters and resume; hence, these documents should be on point.

The Application Status at Denny’s

The job seekers can drop into the location they desire and ask about the job application. Ideally, the company tends to conduct the criminal record to ensure that the applicant meets the eligibility criteria before conducting any interviews.

The Job Benefits at Denny’s

Denny is one of the most in-demand places to work at by the individuals out. Denny’s tends to offer several benefits to its entry-level and management-level candidate. Some of the services provided to entry-level employees include flexible working schedules, health, dental and life insurance, 401(k), employee relief fund, and meal discounts.

Besides that, they also get a flexible spending account and employee discount programs. Above all, you need to know that these benefits are only eligible for employees in the companies owned by Denny’s. The benefits packages tend to vary from restaurant to restaurant.

the dennys application

Overall, Denny is considered an employee-centric organization that always caters to the well-being of the employees. The biggest USP of Denny is its culture, as there is an immense work-life balance which the employees enjoy here. The top management is always open to honest communication and is approachable.

The benefits offered to the manager-level employees include insurance, flexible working schedules, competitive pay, quarterly and annual bonus pay, telecom allowance, health spending accounts, some holidays, adoption benefits, free shift meals, etc.

Step by Step Application Process at Denny’s

  • You can click on the career page and load it.
  • It would be best to search for the job positions that are open by entering the keyword or category in the given field or entering the location. Then to get the results, you need to click on the search button.
  • Then by scrolling down, you can view the results. The results can be narrowed by location or category choice.

dennys application guide

  • You can click on the job link which you would plan to apply for.
  • Before applying, you need to read the job description, requirements, etc.
  • To move on to the next step, you can click on the links available.
  • You can apply quickly if you have your resume or CV letter and upload the same.
  • After that you need to also enter your information, including name, address, city, state, postal address, etc.
  • You also need to write about your experience, including your work experience, fill in the additional skills and add the language you can speak or write.
  • Answer all the questions asked on the site.

Miscellaneous Information

Denny’s restaurant is open all day long, and it is pretty famous for its yummy American menu. It is ideally a family restaurant chain that hungry individuals love all across the globe. Denny’s menu has something for everyone, including burgers, salads, etc.; the amazing benefits ensure that the employees are satisfied with the working environment.

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