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Dental Biller Job Description

dental biller job description

Are you looking for an administration job that provides the chance to develop new skills?

If you have good attention to detail, working as a dental biller could be the perfect way to get started. This role mainly involves issuing invoices and submitting claims for provided dental services.

If you are an entry-level candidate, this is a great role to begin your career with. However, many of the duties are repetitive, and you need to have a lot of focus and be very organized.

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dental biller job description

Dental Biller Job Description

A typical job description will begin by outlining the setting that this job will take place. Traditionally, you would be working in a dental practice, although this may not always be the case. There should also be an overview of the working hours, the people you will work with, and the base salary.

The job description should also outline the typical tasks that you would need to complete regularly. There should also be an overview of the experience, and education applicants need to have. The description may also include details of the ideal skills and attributes candidates should have.

Duties And Responsibilities

This job involves completing certain tasks regularly. It is important to have a good understanding of each of these tasks and be able to perform them well. Let’s take a look at some of the main duties and responsibilities that go along with this job.

Contacting Customers

You need to contact customers via phone and email to verify their payment information. This may include receiving payment directly from the customer. In some cases, you may need to help them set up plans to help manage different types of payments.

Contacting Insurance Companies

If the customer is insured, you will need to contact their insurance company to negotiate their coverage claims. This includes verifying whether or not the customer is eligible to receive coverage under their insurance plan. You need to establish and maintain good working relationships with many insurance company representatives.

Establishing Charges

You will need to carefully check the rates of the dental practitioner you are working for. This will help you to work out how much needs to be charged for different types of services. It is important to make sure you do not overcharge customers when creating invoices.

Record Keeping

It is essential to keep clear and detailed records of all treatments and payments from customers. It is important to make sure that these records are up to date at all times. You will use these records to chase up overdue payments and take the appropriate action.

Skills And Abilities

This job combines many specific hard and soft skills. While the hard skills come in the form of knowledge and experience, the soft skills help you perform tasks well. Here are some of the main skills and abilities a successful dental biller should possess.

Specialist knowledge

You need to have a detailed understanding of the insurance industry and different types of policies. Also, having a thorough knowledge of different types of dental treatments will also help you get to grips with billing. You should be able to accurately record different types of treatments and their costs in the dental billing.

Interpersonal skills

You will interact with people from all walks of life while doing this job. Being able to relate to different types of people will help you to do your job more effectively.


It is important to remain professional and polite at all times while doing this job. The way you interact with customers and insurance agents directly reflects on your employer.


You will spend much of your time working alone with a computer and making phone calls. It is essential to be self-motivated and able to concentrate for long periods.

Communication skills

You need to be able to speak clearly and correctly when interacting with people over the phone. You also need to have strong listening skills. When writing official emails, they need to be grammatically correct and free from spelling mistakes.

Typing skills

You have to have a minimum typing speed of around thirty words per minute to do this job. This will allow you to enter data into systems quickly and accurately. It is essential to make sure all the information you enter is complete and accurate.

Computer competency

You will need to be able to use Excel and other features of Microsoft Office. You may need to master special programs and use them to create invoices.


You need to have a good understanding of the regulations surrounding patient confidentiality. It is important to protect patient information such as their payment method and contact information. This information should only be supplied to the relevant parties on a need-to-know basis.

Remaining calm under pressure

This job can be frustrating at times, especially when you are dealing with anxious or irritable customers. It is important to be able to detach from stressful situations and find a way to remain calm. This will help you find the best way to diffuse the situation.

Time management

It is important to make sure that all tasks are completed on time. This involves being able to prioritize tasks and select which ones need to be completed at a certain time. This may sometimes mean working overtime to complete certain tasks.

Educational And Career Requirements

It is possible to apply for this job when you hold a high school diploma or a GED. This makes it an excellent way for entry-level candidates to gain work experience. However, some employers prefer to hire candidates who have around a year of work experience.


Completing a formal training program can help you gain the skills you need to do this job well. One of the best options is completing a medical billing and coding specialist certificate program. This provides training in procedural and diagnostic coding, insurance principles, and medical record-keeping.

It is a good idea to choose a program that includes an internship at a practicing medical office. Many internships combine practical experience with the chance to earn a basic wage. If you impress the employer, you are likely to be offered full-time employment once you complete your training.

The Working Environment

This role typically takes place in a dental office. You will need to be able to sit for long periods and work with a computer. Most people work full-time, although it is often possible to take on part-time hours.

While you will typically work regular office hours, you may need to work varied hours to connect with certain clients. These days, it is also possible to work remotely with a headset or phone connected to your computer and a secure Internet connection. You need to be very focused to work from home as a Dental Biller and have strong organizational skills.

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Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for an entry-level position that comes with advancement opportunities, this job is a good option. The starting salary for a dental biller is typically around $29,000 per year. If you excel in this role and have specialist skills, you could earn up to $73,000 after a few years.

Gaining an additional degree and certification can help you to advance on this career path. You also have the option of working part-time while you gain additional qualifications. Plus, after a few years, you could advance to the role of a dental specialist.

All the very best with your career as a Dental Biller!

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