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Departed USPS Destination Facility Meaning (Different Terminology And Tracking Number)

departed usps destination facility meaning

Are you waiting for an important package to arrive from USPS?

The United States Postal Service offers a tracking service so that you know where your package is. This allows you to remotely watch your package as it makes its way across the country. However, the United States Postal Service uses certain terminology when referring to its services. This can be confusing and difficult to decipher if you are not in the know.

So, let’s take a look at the meaning of departed USPS destination facility as well as some other important terms.

Departed USPS Destination Facility Meaning

Depending on where your parcel was sent from, it may have gone on quite a long and interesting journey. During this journey, it is likely to be sorted and processed many different times. This term is used to show that your parcel has left the closet sorting facility to your location.

This term means that your parcel is now on its way to your local post office branch. When your parcel reaches this branch, it will be sorted one last time. This will place your parcel in the distribution van of a carrier, who will take the parcel to your door.

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United States Postal Service Destination Facilities

United States Postal Service Destination Facilities

This type of office building receives mail from a geographical area of the United States. This area is typically defined by at least one three-digit zip code prefix. Received parcels that share the same zip codes are then sorted into groups before being taken to a post office.

However, the United States Postal Service has made a few operational changes in recent years. These have been designed to save money and speed up the flow of mail. As a result, your parcel may not be taken to one of these facilities.

The Meaning of Arrived or Processed 

You can visit the United States Postal Service website to discover the status of your parcel. You will need to enter the precise tracking number that has been assigned to your parcel. 

After doing this, one of a number of different terms may be displayed, including arrived or processed. Both of these terms can be used interchangeably when you track your parcel. This is because they both have essentially the same meaning. If either of these terms appears, it means that your parcel should be with you in a few days. 

United States Postal Service Regional Distribution Facilities

United States Postal Service Regional Distribution Facilities

This type of office is used for sorting mail on its way to its destination. When your parcel arrives, it will be scanned and sorted. When your parcel is scanned, the status will be updated in your tracking notes. 

Once your parcel has been sorted, it will then embark on the next stage of its journey. However, your parcel can sometimes get held up at this stage of its journey and stay in the office a while. This is usually because there is a disruption in the distribution chain. If your tracking status remains unchanged for a week or more, it is best to contact the United States Postal Service

What does Label Created, Not Yet in System mean?

What does Label Created, Not Yet in System mean?

If you see this status in your tracking notes, you are likely to have to wait a while for your parcel. This status indicates that your parcel is still at the start of its journey to you. 

While the United States Postal Service is aware of your parcel, they have not received it. This status indicates that the sender has started the shipment process by purchasing the postage online. They have probably taken the step to schedule a pick-up. However, the sender has not handed over your parcel to a United States Postal Service carrier.

Your parcel is safe, don’t worry!

Seeing this status could also mean that the post office is backed up. As a result, there could be a delay in registering your parcel in the system. Although you can be sure that your parcel is in safe hands, you may have to wait a while to receive it. 

Departed USPS Destination Facility Meaning – How To Find Your Tracking Number

In order to find out the status of your parcel, you need to have your tracking number close to hand. If you have purchased a product online, you should have been sent your tracking number along with your receipt. Let’s take a look at some different ways to find your tracking number. 

Check your email

You should receive a shipping confirmation email after you have made a payment for a product. The shipping confirmation will typically be sent within three days and will contain your tracking number. If you don’t receive this email within three days, it is best to contact the seller and ask for confirmation. 

You may find that the email has been sent to your spam or trash folder by mistake. This tends to happen if you have never had contact with the seller before. Once you find your shipping confirmation email, make sure you save it to your archives. The next time the same seller contacts you, their email should appear in your inbox. 

Check the shipping confirmation

Check the shipping confirmation

Once you have found your shipping confirmation email, look for a long string of numbers. The tracking number will usually consist of between ten and twenty numbers. These numbers will represent your unique tracking number. It may be listed under a special heading like Track Your Package or Track This Order.

Your tracking number will not be generated until your product has actually been shipped. There will usually be a link with the tracking number that you can click on. This will direct you to your specific tracking information. 

You can check at any time until your parcel arrives!

The link under the tracking number will be defined by a blue line that you need to double-click on. You can check back on the status of your parcel anytime you want by clicking on this link. If your tracking number is not displayed as a link, copy and paste it into the shipping company’s website. 

Getting your tracking number over the phone

You can also call the shipping company and ask them to tell you your tracking number. Visit the company’s website and locate their phone number in the contact section. This is likely to be found at the bottom of the main page.

You can call the company and speak to a customer service representative. You can request a unique tracking number for your shipment. While they may tell you the number over the phone, it is a good idea to have it emailed to you. This helps to make sure that you have the shipping number close to hand when you need it. 

Have your personal info on hand…

In order to get your shipping number, you are likely to need to supply some personal information. This usually includes your name, email address, and phone number. The customer service representative will use this information to look up the details of your order.

How To Use Your Tracking Number 

Once you have the tracking number for your shipment, you can use it to monitor the progress of your parcel. Head on over to the United States Postal Service website and find the tracking section. You will then be prompted to enter your tracking number.

Make sure that you copy and paste all the digits of your tracking number. Each number is unique, so this is the only information you need to provide. The exact status of your package should appear almost immediately.

Depending on where your package is…

Each time your package embarks on a different stage of the journey to you, the status will be updated. You can check back any time you want to check in on the status of your parcel. Now that you know what the terminology means, it should be easy to know where your parcel is. 

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Departed USPS Destination Facility Meaning – Final Thoughts

By now, you should have a better understanding of the different terminology the United States Postal Service uses. This will help to make tracking your parcel a lot easier. You will be able to follow your parcel on every step of its journey and know exactly where it is.

A notification saying departed USPS destination facility is cause for celebration if you are the recipient. It means that your parcel is on the last stage of its journey to your door. In most cases, your parcel should be with you the very next day.

All the very best and I hope your parcel arrives on time!

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