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DHL Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

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About DHL Application

This is a renowned express delivery company. It is one of the largest employers in the world with more than 280,000 personnel who work as staff members. The company provides employees with a fun-loving work environment. It ranges from programs, services and benefits and offers work-life balance opportunities.

DHL offers a commitment towards the environment to create a positive health impact on customers with greenhouse gases. All vehicles that DHL uses are energy efficient and require low emissions to function. Applicants with a similar passion for environmental safety can work with this company efficiently. Companies offer strong values through mentoring or volunteering so that working in the company becomes easier.

Application Process at DHL

Applicants apply online through the official website of DHL. All job applicants attach a resume along with their application. Candidates can build their resumes in the work profile on the career website of DHL. Hiring Managers ask for a letter of motivation which is something similar to a cover letter.

Candidates should use an online application tracking system to check the actual status of their application. The company uses regular updates in the system to reflect changes. Calling or Visiting a DHL location is another method to validate whether the application is shortlisted for further processing.

Essential Requirements for Working at DHL

What is the minimum age requirement to work at DHL?

The minimum age requirement is 18 years.

What are the hours of operation to work for DHL?

Monday to Friday DHL operates from 9 am to 4.30 pm; Saturday and Sunday the organization remains closed.

List the different positions available at DHL?

The different positions available at DHL are Customer Service, Dock Worker, Home Delivery Driver & IT Help Desk Support, and Warehouse Associate.

How will you apply for any career opportunity at DHL?

You should visit the official website to search for job opportunities and apply for the same.

Career Opportunities at DHL

DHL employs 500,000 workers and adds various job roles for applicants with a positive attitude and good social skills. Many offices based jobs require the ability to work in a diverse work environment at DHL. Various positions require lifting heavy materials regularly. The company focuses on a diverse range of services which means job seekers can find work on both full-time and part-time employment. The possibility of travel can also arise in DHL as a work requirement on an international basis.

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DHL is committed to working with environmentally friendly practices to promote a healthy work environment at work. The company offers size and diversity of services which means that job seekers can find a variety of work. They offer both full-time and part-time positions as well as paid internships. This is available if the person is open to travel internationally. All positions are available full-time or part-time.

Career Positions and Salaries at DHL

IT Help Desk Support

  • Employees work with customers to resolve their issues.
  • They also ensure company databases get maintained and record inventory.
  • IT help desk support is generally Bi-lingual with proper traits.
  • IT help desk support earns 15 dollars to 18 dollars per hour.

Home Delivery Driver

  • They deliver packages in different places through company vehicles.
  • The hourly wage rate is 13 dollars to 23 dollars.
  • Employees should be reliable and also follow directions and have strong customer service skills.

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  • The hourly wage for a dockworker is 11 dollars.
  • The job duties include sorting, packing, loading, and also unloading.
  • DHL workers also have scanners to record shipping information and operate forklifts.
  • Employees should be a minimum of 18 years old.
  • This is also a labor-intensive job.
  • The employees should also be able to lift products in a single workday.

Work Benefits at DHL

The company offers full-time and part-time employment and receives employee benefits for retirement and health insurance. Dental insurance is also a health benefit for employees. The company offers paid vacations and paid time off for employees. Medical leave for the family is offered. DHL employees receive paid training assignments and employee discounts on shipping services as well.

Additional Information for DHL

This organization supports environmentally friendly practices to reduce greenhouse gases. Applicants use environmental-friendly practices to promote a healthy environment at work. The company offers strong values to employees so that they remain motivated and perform well in the jobs they do at DHL. All applicants should be open to work in diverse work environments. They require manual labor to lift heavy-duty material as a part of their job. They should be open to travel at the earliest to deliver packages.

Hiring Process at DHL

Hiring managers conduct 2 rounds of interviews and give 5 minutes to the candidate to present himself well. They test their leadership skills, team skills, and ability to perform well at DHL. DHL conducts background verification checks for employees who get shortlisted to work with DHL. The job offer gets rolled out after the employee clears the background verification check.

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Applicants should pass all pre-employment screening such as drug tests and medical tests. Employees can get rejected due to bad credit scoring. The entire hiring process takes 2 weeks to complete. The better experience a person has helps the person to get a job of his choice with DHL. The exact process for hiring depends on the role, location, division, and business area. The hiring team utilizes the hiring process to know the suitable candidate better so that they can grow properly in their career graph.


The application process at DHL involves the following steps; online application, telephonic interview, personal interview, assessment center, and on-boarding. The application process is very simple and straight – forward and opens doors for the interview for 30 – 60 minutes.

All the questions in the interview process are related to the CV and the job position you have applied for. Work benefits retain employees so that the person can develop a rewarding career with DHL. Hiring managers of DHL hire someone based on their professional work experience at DHL. Employees must be hardworking and dedicated so that the employee can grow in their professional careers with DHL smoothly.

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