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Dick’s Sporting Goods Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

Dick’s Sporting Goods Application

About Dick’s Sporting Goods Application

Dick’s Sporting Goods has 550 locations that employ entry-level and experienced professionals. It employs 30,000 employees every year and constantly hires new employees to strengthen the workforce in the Eastern side of the US. The organization hires staff members who are dedicated and company-driven. They require strong skills and sales to personally grow in this industry and provide customer satisfaction. The career opportunities offered are lucrative in nature and experience in sales is an added advantage.

Dick’s Sporting Goods offers many opportunities in various departments like exercise, sports for teams, footwear, outdoor games, soccer, and fishing. Employees focus on gaining specific experience in such items. They serve customers with immense product knowledge and create store awareness for various areas assigned.

Application Process for Dick’s Sporting Goods

Applicants should be passionate about activities like hiking or fishing along with canoeing. The applicants can ask the designated hiring managers relevant questions related to their job so that they make the best career choice. Dedication and commitment towards work play an important role to serve customers in the best way. Applicants should be 18 years old before they apply for employment.

dicks sporting goods application tip

All applicants can apply through the online career portal so that they can apply for multiple positions. There are many interviews for any applicant before they get hired. Hiring managers generally are busy during peak hours of the store. Hiring activity takes place during non-peak hours. The entire recruiting process runs for 1 month.

Essential Requirements for Dick’s Sporting Goods

Mention the appropriate age to join Dick’s Sporting Goods?

Any applicant who wants to join Dick’s Sporting Goods should be 18 years old.

What are the work timings for Dick’s Sporting Goods?

The store operates as per the following timings; Monday to Thursday 9.30 am to 9.30 pm; Friday & Saturday 9 am to 9.30 pm and on Sundays, 10 am to 7 pm.

Prepare a list of the positions offered by Dick’s Sporting Goods?

Cashier, Associate Sales, Associates for Stocks, Assistant Manager – Stores, Manager – Store are some of the positions.

How will you apply for a job with Dick’s Sporting Goods?

Any applicant should apply for a job through the online career portal so that they can choose the best opportunity of their choice.

Job Opportunities at Dick’s Sporting Goods

Dick’s Sporting Goods offers career opportunities to career-oriented people. The jobs are available for those who have strong skills in sales. Applicants should have strong interpersonal skills and customer service skills for serving customers in the best way. Many employees are young and they are first-time job seekers at Dick’s Sporting Goods.

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This retail chain generally offers job opportunities to employees in various departments. They must focus on serving customers and strengthening their ability to grow as professionals in their careers. They are also responsible to maintain stock inventory for various designated areas in the store. The retail stores offer job opportunities at the entry-level or an experienced level. Job seekers can get employment in the most consistent way for working with Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Career Positions and Salary Information


  • They process all cash transactions related to purchases by the customer.
  • Employees should also be efficient in customer service.
  • Employees also get sales incentives to serve clients.
  • They should also have at least 2 years of retail experience in any sports retail outlet.
  • They are also responsible to bag items for customers.
  • This is a part-time job opportunity.
  • They earn wages around 8.50 dollars every hour.

dicks sporting goods application tips

Sales Associate

  • They are responsible for working in different departments to serve customers.
  • Their product knowledge also helps in promoting goods for customers.
  • They also maintain a clean environment for selling products.
  • The sales associate should also be qualified for leading teams.
  • They also answer customer queries.
  • They earn an hourly wage of 9 dollars.
  • Their annual salary ranges between 22,000 dollars to 24,000 dollars every year.

Work Benefits for Dick’s Sporting Goods

Employees receive salary increments based on their performance. Dick’s Sporting Goods offers a flexible work schedule and training programs for career advancement. Employees are eligible for any competitive employment benefits. Employees receive retirement benefits and coverage for healthcare or long-term and short-term disability.

the dicks sporting goods application tips

Medical and dental coverage also gets included in the employee benefits package. The company also assists with the adoption of a childless couple. Employees receive reimbursements for their tuition fees and also leaves for the employment tenure at Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Additional Information

Customers purchase sports goods from Dick’s Sporting Goods. The retail chain has its website for online purchases. During the NFL and NBA World Cup, many items were purchased through the online store and shipped to the customers free of cost. Job opportunities are available in the store and at the corporate office of Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Dick’s Sporting Goods was established in 1948 when the owner was 18 years old. The store owner contacted Dick Stack to come up with a proper list of products required to begin the store. The store promoted the philosophy of do-it-yourself which means follow simple work ethics to serve customers and generate profitability for the business.

More About Dick’s Sporting Goods

This is a leading retail outlet which provides proper sports equipment, footwear, and accessories. The company ensures personal objectives are met for a dedicated workforce. The store also has a mobile app for online shopping and E-commerce for customers. Customers can meet their sporting requirements at the store easily and simply. The sporting goods were increased in the year 1952 when sportswear and camping goods along with supply for picnics was introduced by the store.


Dick’s Sporting Goods follows a simple application process for hiring a talented workforce for this retail outlet. The various work benefits allow employees to ace their careers with this retail outlet. The paid training programs offer career advancement opportunities to applicants so that they can develop a rewarding career with Dick’s Sporting Goods.

The various positions offered by Dick’s Sporting Goods allow applicants to develop an appropriate set of skillset so that they can grow on a professional front. Every employee must work in teams to perform well at the store.

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