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Digital Marketing Job Description

digital marketing job description

Do you have a good understanding of modern marketing techniques and practices?

If so, a career in digital marketing could be perfect for you. This job mainly involves using online advertising tools to develop and maintain marketing campaigns.

You need to have specialist knowledge and skills to be able to do this job well. It is also important to be motivated and have a good understanding of the latest marketing trends.

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digital marketing job description

Digital Marketing Job Description

The job description should start by providing an overview of the organization along with its products and services. It will explain the working environment, including the team you will be working alongside and typical clients. It should also outline the hours you would be expected to work and the base salary.

The description should provide an overview of the typical duties you would be charged with regularly. It will include the knowledge, educational background, and experience candidates should have. It may also outline the additional skills and attributes that the ideal candidate should have.

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Duties And Responsibilities

No matter where you work, certain duties and responsibilities come with this role. You will need to make sure you perform each of these duties to the best of your ability. So, let’s take a look at some of the main digital marketing duties and responsibilities.

Creating Digital Marketing Campaigns

You need to design marketing campaigns that promote different companies, brands, products, or services. This includes implementing digital marketing programs across all types of digital channels.

For example, database marketing, email campaigns, display advertising campaigns, and social media. All elements of campaigns have to be harmonized with brand strategies and business priorities.

Analyzing Marketing Data

Once a campaign has been launched, you need to be able to collect and analyze the data from it. This includes search engine traffic, page clicks, keyword hits, and other types of data. This will help you to determine how successful the campaign is and where there is room for improvement.

Advising Marketing Teams

You need to make sure the sales and marketing teams are up to date with all of the current campaigns. This includes providing information on the most and least successful elements of campaigns and how to improve them. You also need to work with the design and content marketing teams to create different types of content.

Developing and Maintaining Client Relationships

It is important to establish and develop lasting relationships with clients. You need to be able to determine the needs of different clients and show that you are working to fulfill them. This includes providing regular updates on the success of different campaigns and making suggestions for improvement.

Writing Marketing Reports

After collecting data from campaigns, you need to create detailed reports to present to clients. These reports should include the amount of traffic that online campaigns generate and the number of visitors to websites. You also need to outline schedules and timetables for different online marketing campaigns.

Other key duties and responsibilities can include:

  • Planning and controlling the digital marketing budget.
  • Allocating budgets to different channels.
  • Using A/B testing to enhance digital marketing performance.
  • Managing pay-per-click accounts.
  • Looking for additional marketing opportunities.

Skills And Attributes

You need to have a blend of hard and soft skills to do this job well. While the hard skills involve knowledge and expertise, the soft skills help you interact with other people and perform tasks well. Here are some of the key skills and attributes a successful digital marketer needs to have.

SEO skills

Well, for starters, you’ll need an in-depth knowledge of search engine optimization and search engine marketing. This will help you to create online campaigns that have the maximum impact. You need to be able to determine which tools are best for different types of campaigns.

Math skills

You need to have a strong head for figures to do this job well. Be able to look at large amounts of numbers daily and analyze them accurately. This includes analyzing the number of visitors to different social media platforms and analyzing the cost of different campaigns.

Communication skills

You need to be able to communicate well with clients and provide them with written and verbal reports. It is essential to have strong listening skills to work out the needs of clients. You also need to be able to liaise with employees from different departments.

Time management

Marketing campaigns often come with strict deadlines and release schedules. It is important to be able to prioritize work to meet these schedules. This can be particularly tricky if you are working on more than one project at the same time.

Tools Of The Trade

The majority of your work will be done using a computer. You need to have a good knowledge of a range of software programs and online tools. Here are some of the most important tools that you have to master to do this job well.

  • Online marketing tools – including Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Tableau, Bing Ads, and Sitecore.
  • Microsoft programs – such as Word and Excel.
  • Social media platforms – especially Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Education And Training

You need to hold a degree in Marketing, Business Administration, or a related field to do this job. Having a background in content creation and business strategies will help you secure this role. This job does not usually come with training, and you will be expected to start working on campaigns immediately.

If you have extensive experience with online marketing and pay-per-click campaigns, this may replace formal education. It is a good idea to create and maintain a detailed portfolio of work to present to potential employers. You will also need to remain up to date with content-creation software, digital resources, and online marketing techniques.

The Working Environment

A digital marketer’s job typically takes place in the IT or marketing department of a large organization. You will usually work regular office hours from Monday to Friday. You may occasionally need to work overtime, including weekends, to meet the needs of clients and projects.

These days, it is possible to work remotely, at least part of the time. You will often need to meet clients and consult with them regularly. This can either be done in person or via video conferencing. You need to be self-motivated to do this job and be able to work alone for long periods.

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Final Thoughts

These days, most large organizations employ digital marketing professionals to elevate their online presence and help boost sales.

The starting salary for this position is typically around $42,000 per year. Once you gain skills and experience, you could earn at least $60,000 per year in addition to a benefits package. If you excel in this role, you also have the option of working as an independent contractor. This allows you to work on your own terms and gain access to a significantly higher salary.

The only catch with taking this route is that you will not receive additional employee benefits.

All the very best working in a Digital Marketing Job!

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