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Director of Administration Job Description

director of administration job description

You might be a good fit for the post of director of administration if you enjoy leading others, developing systems, conquering complicated challenges, and helping to determine the direction of a company or organization.

Operations director, administrative director, or director of administrative services are all terms used to describe this position. It can be challenging to discover a precise “director of administration” job description because various alternative titles exist for the same or related roles. However, the word itself gives a decent general sense of what the job entails.

A director of administration is in charge of a company’s organizational features. They have responsibility for the organization’s administration managers, who are in order of administrative activities inside separate departments. Managers of various disciplines report to the director of administration. Since this role is responsible for supervising and supporting a team of managers and administrators, it also necessitates exceptional interpersonal and leadership abilities.

director of administration job description

Job Description – Director of Administration

The director of administration is responsible for all administrative aspects of the organization or department where he works. This could also be a company, a non-profit, or a specific department inside a company, such as operations or finance.

An administrative director’s primary responsibility is also to monitor a company’s daily operations and ensure that everything is going correctly. Monitoring the budget and audits, assigning cash to each department, working with supervisors, and analyzing vital data such as finances and progress reports are just a few of their responsibilities.

In addition, all progress and problems are also routinely reported to higher officials, such as the president and vice president.

Skills Required – Director of Administration

A director of administration should possess a few strong skills such as strategic thinking, Strategic thinking, great communication, and decision-making skills, intense supervision and leadership abilities, excellent time management abilities, and a track record of meeting deadlines and should have knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite or similar products.

Job Responsibility

The Director of Administration is responsible for improving administrative processes and policies, managing administrative staff, and leading long-term organizational planning. Among the duties assigned to you are:

  • Manage an internet scheduling database and keep online records up to date for organization-wide access.
  • One should also prepare personnel evaluations and administer command policies concerning people management, distribution, workforce assignment, and logistics support.
  • They should also manage the company’s administrative functions, such as purchasing, accounting, payroll, safety, and environmental training and testing.
  • Receive and process incoming Medicaid, Medicare, government grants, and gift checks.
  • They should also maintain office administrative operations, such as payroll, insurance policies, non-profit tax obligations, and quarterly invoicing for clients.
  • One should also establish processes for remote operations and emergency evacuations, write information releases, and prepare server-based forms and instructions.
  • They should also create sales and marketing materials, such as PowerPoint presentations with multimedia.
  • One should also determine which additional services are appropriate for ambulatory surgery centers and develop them.
  • They should also lead projects and improve controls, processes, reporting, and personnel turnover to re-establish mission-critical department credibility within the firm.
  • Employees, students, volunteers, physicians, and contract staff should get in-service training in safety and emergency management.
  • They should also develop and implement a weekly provider education program to improve coding accuracy and boost facility income.
  • They should also organize an external CPA assessment every year.
  • One should also coordinate women’s basketball, soccer, and cross-country teams’ postseason NCAA travel and events.
  • They should also supervise daily CAO office operations and develop an operating budget.
  • They should also assist portfolio managers with high-net-worth individuals and institutions in sales and client servicing.
  • One should also conduct a thorough risk analysis to assess the negative impact on portfolio valuations that stress tests reveal.

Job Requirements

  • Mandatory to have a degree in business administration or something equivalent
  • The hiring team also looks for self-motivated and reliable individuals
  • Thorough knowledge of, or the capacity to quickly learn, the organization’s office equipment, recordkeeping systems, management information systems, and related processes.
  • Interpersonal abilities that are professional and discreet and the ability to work with a wide range of personalities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1 Is a master’s degree important for the role of a director of administration?

Ans. The role of a director of administration is a very senior business, and you must have both a bachelor’s and master’s degree from a recognized university to be eligible to apply and increase your chances of getting hired.

2 How important are communication skills for this role?

Ans. Communications skills are also of topmost priority as you will be involved in dealing with plenty of stakeholders to manage the business daily.

3 What is the core job role of a director of administration?

Ans. This role is more of a supervision role, which also involves checking if everything in the firm is happening simultaneously and also carried out by the right people.

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