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DirecTV Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

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DirecTV extends its network throughout the United States, operating as one of the most prominent American communications firms. It specialized in distributing cable television across the country and many areas around the Latin American Caribbean. Candidates looking for a job position with DirecTV can submit their job application forms through its career portal.

Candidates should go through the instructions and guidelines for the company’s job role, qualification, and age criteria before applying for the available vacancy. Scroll down to know the complete information about the DirecTV hiring process. You can also check the requirements, work schedule, available job roles, and online job application process.

Work Requirement and Scheduling at DirecTV

Applicants looking for a job opportunity at DirecTV should be a minimum of 18 years to apply. This cable television service operates twenty-four hours a day for all days of the week.

Future Job Scope at DirecTV

This well-known company hires a huge number of talented individuals for its entry-level and other positions. It hires more than 27,000 associates for its full-time and part-time job roles. However, mostly all entry-level positions remain as part-time roles with DirecTV. Skilled and experienced candidates can also develop and grow in their careers and get long tenure with DirecTV.

In addition, employees at DirecTV often benefit from packages and increased pay. DirecTV also offers in-depth training to the employees before assigning them new responsibilities, covering any deficiencies in instructions or experience.

Job Positions Offered at DirecTV

The available opportunities to work at DirecTV include Warehouse Assistants, Technical Services Analysts, Technical Quality Managers, Technical-Customer Service, and Human Resources-Generalists. DirecTV also hires Help Desk Analysts, Data Marketing Analysts, Dispatchers, Damage Claim Adjusters, and Customer Service, Representatives. You can also apply at DirecTV for Commercial Customer Retention Representatives and Building Maintenance Technician positions.

Besides, Broadcast Systems Managers, Broadcast Scheduling Coordinators, General Ledger Accountants, Service Technicians, Satellite Installation Technicians, Sales Associates, Customer Care Team Leads, and Customer Care Agent roles are also available at DirecTV.

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Jobs positions at DirecTV break down into seven different roles, including Latin American operations, root sports, programming and content, installation and in-home services, marketing and revenue, technology and engineering, and customer care. DirecTV considers candidates with a little technical experience or associated skills needed to consider job roles at DirecTV. Installation and in-home services, and customer care roles often require entry-level candidates at DirecTV. Some of its available vacant positions include the following:

Customer Experience Specialists

  • These specialists at DirecTV are hired for its call centers to check letterhead inquiries, e-mails, or phone calls.
  • They are also responsible for processing bill pays and activate accounts of their customers.
  • Their duties also include basic word- processing, data entry, and computer skills.
  • They should be able to communicate with the public.
  • These DirecTV specialists are required to work in day shifts, holidays, weekends, and night shifts.
  • Customer Experience Specialists at DirecTV usually earn around $9.00 per hour and may rise to $30k per year.

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Satellite Installation Technicians

  • DirecTV’s Satellite Installation Technicians are responsible for troubleshooting services and install components of DirecTV.
  • These technicians usually work on-call and are scheduled to work for around 40 hours a week for six days.
  • Their annual salary may range from around $25k to $50k.The salary usually depends on proficiency and experience in the field.
  • DirecTV seeks these technicians with SWiM, Service, SBCA, and ka/ku certifications with computer skills.
  • They should also hold a high school diploma or equivalent certification or education to get employed at DirecTV.
  • DirecTV mostly considers experienced satellite installation technicians for this job role. Still, applicants without experience may also apply for this position.

Benefits of Working with DirecTV

DirecTV offers a competitive salary and intensive training programs with various work benefits to its employees. A few benefits and perks with employee packages at DirecTV include the following:

  • Employees at DirecTV enjoy various opportunities for advancement and growth in their career, prescription drug coverage, bonus programs, and 401 (K) retirement plans.
  • Employees also receive dependent care health plans, educational scholarships, and opportunities to work with non-profit companies.
  • They also benefit from employee assistance programs and paid time off from DirecTV.

The Online Job Application Process of DirecTV

DirecTV offers many positions for unemployed individuals. You can go through the following process to get employment at DirecTV.

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  • You can open DirecTV’s online platform and go to its career webpage.
  • Tap on the “Search” tab and enter your desired location to apply for at DirecTV.
  • The search results will appear here according to the keyword, job title, or location you selected to work with DirecTV.
  • Read carefully and tap on the “Accept” tab for agreeing to the privacy agreement.
  • Sign in with your account details or create a new account to apply for job roles with DirecTV.
  • Enter your required profile and personal details here, and submit your resume. Review your application carefully before submitting your job application for DirecTV, and complete the online job application process.

Checking Job Application Status of DirecTV

The hiring managers at DirecTV usually take around two to three weeks to complete the process. Prospect associates usually receive a phone call from the hiring personnel in weeks to schedule the interview process. Candidates should pass the drug test to get a job at DirecTV. It may delay callbacks from DirecTV and slow down the interview schedule.

Some More Information about DirecTV

Television subscribers use to run into issues of accessing and watching channels while using satellite receptions. Besides, regional stations block channels and blackouts from transmitting the services to the satellite television customers and receivers, leaving them frustrated. DirecTV provides complete information over its online platform that has complete solutions to customers’ problems. They also provide instances of how local stations often pull signals or remove them from satellite feeds.


DirecTV was founded in 1990. It is headquartered in El Segundo, California. It is operated and owned by AT&T. If you are looking for a career with DirecTV, you can submit an online job application on their official online platform. Applicants may follow the steps explained above and submit their job applications carefully. DirecTV offers various sales, operations, support, and corporate positions. So fill out your job application form today and be a part of the DirecTV team.

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