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Dishwasher Job Description

dishwasher job description

Dishwashers work in kitchens and complete daily routine tasks. They also provide janitorial support in commercial eateries. Their main duties are washing the dishes and kitchen appliances. They can empty trash cans in the commercial kitchens. They can scrub floors and manage stock inventory for the kitchens. Dishwashers are responsible to maintain cleanliness and keep the dining areas neat. They ensure the dining area is prepared for a variety of guests who dine at the restaurant.

dishwasher job description

Job Description – Dishwasher

A candidate who applies for the position of dishwasher enjoys working as a part of the team, in an environment that offers culinary services. The candidate is required to adapt to the fast-paced environment while working there.

Dishwashers also remove soiled table linen and cookware or dishes from the dining tables. They help the service staff to reset the tables for the next event or gathering. Dishwashers also ensure all items are restocked easily. They can unload the delivery trucks and help to set up the cooking stations. They ensure all machines and appliances are cleaned timely. Dishwashers can also empty trash bins easily.

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Skills Required – Dishwasher

  • Dishwashers should be committed, team players.
  • Dishwashers also need to communicate well with their team members.
  • They also require excellent time management skills.
  • Dishwashers also need to understand food safety guidelines in a better way.
  • Dishwashers also ensure all guidelines are followed in a timely and orderly manner.

Job Responsibilities – Dishwasher

  • They ensure they can clean different tables and clean the dirty dishes.
  • They also clean utensils such as pots and pans along with cleaning and resetting the dining area in a better manner.
  • Dishwashers also prepare dining areas and kitchens for the upcoming shift.
  • They also restock dining areas and cooking stations.
  • They can also clean machines and various appliances in the kitchen.
  • Dishwashers also clean coffee makers, pots, pans, and other appliances.
  • They also unload different delivery vehicles which transport the kitchen stock.
  • They also sweep and mop the floor to remove broken items from the floor in an efficient manner.
  • Dishwashers also remove trash and empty the garbage bins.
  • They also support restaurant staff members to work efficiently.
  • They also report kitchen accidents and ensure food safety guidelines are followed at all times.

Requirements – Dishwasher

  • A high school diploma and GED are required by a dishwasher.
  • The candidate needs prior work experience.
  • Strong problem-solving abilities are an added advantage for a dishwasher.
  • Dishwashers must judiciously manage their time.
  • Dishwashers should have the ability to stand for 8 hours or more.
  • They should also be able to lift 20 pounds easily.
  • Dishwashers should have the willingness to comply with all food safety guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 What is the role of a dishwasher?

Ans. A dishwasher ensures he stocks the shelves with clean and tidy dishware. The dishwasher assists the restaurant staff members by handling cleaning tasks at the restaurant. As a dishwasher, you should ensure the workstations and dishes are always neat when you prepare the space for the next event or gathering.

2 What are the necessary skills required by a dishwasher?


  • They need to manage their time well.
  • They need to clean neatly.
  • Dishwashers also need to keep the workstations tidy and dry.
  • They require customer service skills.
  • They require time management skills.
  • Dishwashers also help the restaurant staff members to keep the restaurant’s dining areas neat.

3 How do you edit job requirements for a dishwasher?

Ans. The job requirements must communicate the exact requirement of the role to potential applicants. As an employer, you can customize any section of the job description which is designed for a dishwasher at a given point in time. The job description should be designed in such a manner that it can meet your needs in a timely and efficient manner.

4 What kind of information is required in the job description of a dishwasher?

Ans. The information required in a job description is skills which a dishwasher needs. It should also mention job duties and roles a dishwasher performs, you can also mention the qualities and qualifications required to become a dishwasher. You need to customize the job description as per the requirements of a dishwasher.

5 How does a dishwasher prepare for his interview in a better manner?

Ans. A dishwasher can prepare for his interview by rehearsing about his prior experience in this job role, highlighting relevant skill set in this role, using their knowledge to demonstrate the best techniques to work as a dishwasher. All job descriptions and interview processes are self-explanatory which helps different applicants to figure out the best way to work as a dishwasher.

6 How does a dishwasher get hired?

Ans. They can apply through the career portal, they can apply through word of mouth and they can also apply directly at the restaurant with the help of employees working there.

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