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DKNY Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

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Do you have a passion for fashion and the desire to work in retail?

Also known as Donna Karan New York, DKNY is an iconic fashion brand based in Manhattan. This revered brand boasts more than seventy stores in the USA, Canada, the UK, and a number of other countries.

The company regularly hires fashion-conscious employees who have strong customer service skills. There are also opportunities for experienced professionals who want to take their careers to the next level.

So, let’s take an in-depth look at the DKNY Application Online: Jobs & Career Info to maximize your chances of getting hired…

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Facts about Working at DKNY

You need to be at least eighteen years old to work at DKNY. The company is open every day of the week and most days throughout the year. The hours of operation are 10:00 am to 9:00 pm from Monday to Saturday, and 10:00 am to 7:00 pm on Sundays.

Employment Opportunities

People who wish to work at DKNY should be able to demonstrate a good understanding of young-adult fashion trends. DKNY offers a range of entry-level positions to recent graduates, although those with sales experience are given hiring preference. Let’s take a look at the most popular DKNY job opportunities and the key responsibilities that go with them.

Sales Associate

Sales associates need to be knowledgeable about the full range of DKNY merchandise and current fashion trends. They help customers to find certain clothing items and accessories and also make recommendations. It is necessary to have strong customer service skills and basic administrative skills.

This role also involves operating cash registers and taking inventory. It is also necessary to fill out paperwork related to shipping from time to time. Sales associates generally make $10 per hour, which can rise slightly with experience.

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Sales Supervisor

This is the first role on the path to becoming a store manager and involves enhanced responsibilities. Sales supervisors are responsible for increasing the store revenue as well as its popularity. Tasks include maintaining promotional displays, enforcing store policies, and making sure employees perform well.

It is necessary to have at least two years of sales experience in retail to secure this role. Sales supervisors who have experience are usually started on $13. Those who perform well have the opportunity to secure an annual salary of $30,000 along with enhanced benefits.

Stock Associate

Stock associates need to be able to work independently and possess exceptional organizational skills. The role involves organizing stock, monitoring inventory, and assisting with deliveries when necessary. Stock associates typically make $10 per hour, which can increase slightly over time.

Assistant Store Manager

People who have their sights set on working in management can start as an assistant store manager. This role involves working closely with store managers to make sure that the store operates smoothly while making a profit. Assistant store managers typically make $40,000 per year and are often considered for promotion after a few years.

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Store Manager

Store managers need to have experience leading a team and are responsible for all aspects of the store. Duties include hiring and training new employees and a range of administrative tasks. Store managers generally make around $60,000 per year, depending on experience.

Additional Benefits of Working at DKNY

All DKNY employees are treated to impressive discounts on merchandise, which can be up to 75%. All employees also receive flexible scheduling and advancement opportunities so that they can take their careers to the next level. Full-time managers are also treated to additional benefits such as paid time off, health insurance coverage, and retirement plans.

Tips for Applying to Work at DKNY

The DKNY application online can be found in the careers section of the company’s website. First, you need to choose between the Corporate & Parent Company Opportunities and Retail Opportunities sections. You will be directed to the available job opportunities and can click on the view button to read about them.

It is important to read the job description carefully to make sure you meet the requirements before applying. You then need to create an account to continue with the application process. This can be done by entering your name, email address, and chosen password in the specified fields.

You can then fill out the online application form and upload your resume. Make sure that all the information is correct and properly edited before clicking on the submit button. No matter which role you are applying for, your resume should highlight your passion for fashion and relevant experience.

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Back to today’s topic…

Final Thoughts

People who have flexible availability and strong communication skills should be selected for an interview. It can take up to two weeks to hear from the hiring manager via phone or email. If you do not hear anything after a few weeks, it is a good idea to make a polite inquiry.

It is important to dress to impress when attending the interview and select an outfit that reflects your fashion knowledge. Your interview should be smart casual and can be accented with fashionable accessories. Be prepared to talk about your fashion knowledge and experience during the interview and present your strong communication skills.

All the very best with your application.

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