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Do airlines have to sit families together?

Do airlines have to sit families together?

Yes, airlines are required to make reasonable efforts to seat families together, especially young children with their parents or guardians. However, it is important to note that there is no universal requirement or law that mandates airlines to do so. The policies and guidelines vary between airlines and countries. Some airlines have specific seating policies in place to accommodate families, while others may have more flexible approaches. Ultimately, it is advisable for families to contact the airline before their flight to discuss their seating preferences and any specific requirements they may have.

When it comes to airlines seating families together, the preference is to ensure the safety and well-being of young children by having them seated near their parents or guardians. This is particularly important during emergency situations or times when extra assistance may be required. However, due to the limited availability of certain seating options and the complex logistics of flight operations, it may not always be possible to seat families together.

FAQs about seating families together on airlines:


How can I request to be seated as a family?

When making a flight reservation, you can usually request to be seated together as a family. Contact the airline’s customer service or make the request online during the booking process.


Is there an extra fee for seating families together?

Most airlines do not charge an additional fee for seating families together. However, some airlines offer seat selection options for a fee, which may include choosing specific seats together.


What should I do if my family is not seated together?

If you find that your family is not seated together when you receive your boarding passes, approach the airline staff at the gate or speak to a flight attendant on board. They will try their best to assist you and may be able to rearrange seats to accommodate your family.


Can I change my seats after I have made the reservation?

In most cases, you can change your seats after making a reservation. However, it is subject to availability, and there may be restrictions based on the airline’s policy or the type of ticket you booked.


Is the airline legally obligated to seat families together?

While there is no universal legal obligation, many airlines have policies in place to prioritize seating families together. However, these policies may not apply to all flights or situations.


Do airlines have specific guidelines for seating families?

Yes, some airlines have specific guidelines regarding seating families together. They may prioritize seating families with young children or provide designated family seating areas. These guidelines may vary between airlines.


Can families with infants be accommodated with additional space?

Some airlines offer bassinets or baby cots for families traveling with infants. These are usually available on a first-come, first-served basis, and it’s advisable to request them at the time of booking.


What if my child needs special assistance during the flight?

If your child requires special assistance during the flight, such as meal assistance or access to medical equipment, inform the airline in advance. They will make arrangements to ensure your child’s needs are met.


Can I choose specific seats online?

Many airlines provide online seat selection options during the booking process or through their website. This allows you to choose specific seats or indicate your seating preferences.


Is it better to book seats together in advance?

Booking seats together in advance is generally recommended, especially for families. This gives you a higher chance of securing seats together and allows the airline to better plan for your seating requirements.


Are there any exceptions or situations where families may not be seated together?

There are certain situations where seating families together may not be possible. This can include situations when there are no adjacent seats available or when specific seat configurations are required for operational or safety reasons.


What happens if my child is seated away from me?

If your child is seated away from you, it is important to remain calm and inform the airline staff or flight attendant. They are experienced in handling such situations and will work towards resolving the issue as best as possible.

Remember, while airlines strive to accommodate families and seat them together, there may be limitations based on factors such as availability, aircraft configurations, and operational requirements. It is always advisable to communicate your seating preferences and requirements with the airline in advance to increase the chances of a favorable seating arrangement.

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