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Do airlines pay for layovers?

Do airlines pay for layovers?

Yes, airlines do pay for layovers. When flights have a layover, it means that the aircraft stops at an intermediate airport on the way to the final destination. These layovers can be short, lasting for just a few hours, or long, lasting for several hours or even overnight. During layovers, the crew members have some time to rest, refresh, and prepare for the next leg of the journey. Airlines have specific policies and contracts in place to ensure that crew members are compensated for their time spent during layovers.

During layovers, airlines typically cover the expenses for hotel accommodations, transportation to and from the airport, and meals or per diem allowances for the crew members. The exact details of the compensation and benefits can vary depending on the airline and the length of the layover. In some cases, airlines may provide crew members with a specified amount of free time during the layover to explore the layover city or engage in personal activities. However, it’s important to note that airlines also have duty time limitations and rest requirements to ensure the safety and well-being of the crew members.

FAQs About Airlines and Layovers

1. Does the length of the layover affect the payment?

The length of the layover can affect the payment provided by airlines. Typically, longer layovers are associated with higher compensation as they involve more extended periods of rest for the crew members. However, the exact compensation policies and rates for different layover durations vary between airlines.

2. Are layovers mandatory for the crew members?

Layovers are a mandatory part of the crew members’ schedule as they allow for rest and recovery between flights. They are necessary to comply with regulations and ensure the safety of both the crew members and the passengers.

3. Do airlines provide accommodations for layovers?

Yes, airlines provide accommodations for crew members during layovers. The accommodations can range from hotels near the airport to airline-owned crew lounges or rest areas within the airport premises.

4. Can crew members choose their layover destinations?

Crew members usually do not have control over the layover destinations. The airline’s scheduling department determines the layover cities based on operational requirements and resource availability.

5. Are layovers paid vacations for crew members?

No, layovers are not considered paid vacations for crew members. They are designated time for rest and recovery between flights, during which crew members are expected to rest and prepare for the upcoming responsibilities.

6. Do airlines provide transportation during layovers?

Yes, airlines provide transportation for crew members during layovers. This can include shuttle services, taxis, or pre-arranged transportation to and from the hotel or accommodation provided by the airline.

7. Are layovers counted as working hours for crew members?

During layovers, crew members are not actively working but are still considered on duty. The time spent during layovers is accounted for in their overall duty and rest time calculations.

8. Can crew members leave the airport during layovers?

In some cases, crew members may have the opportunity to leave the airport during longer layovers. However, this depends on various factors such as visa requirements, local regulations, and specific airline policies.

9. Do airlines compensate crew members for expenses during layovers?

Airlines typically compensate crew members for expenses during layovers. This can include providing meal allowances, per diems, or reimbursing expenses incurred for transportation or other necessities.

10. How are crew members assigned to specific layovers?

Crew members are assigned to specific layovers based on the airline’s scheduling system. The system takes into account factors such as crew availability, flight schedules, and operational requirements.

11. Are crew members allowed to bring family or friends on layovers?

Crew members usually cannot bring family or friends on layovers. Layovers are designated rest periods for the crew members to recuperate, and having additional passengers may disrupt their schedule and duty time limitations.

12. Do airlines offer any recreational activities or facilities during layovers?

Airlines may offer recreational activities or facilities during layovers, depending on the layover duration and the resources available. These can include access to airport lounges, fitness centers, or organized tours of the layover city.


Layovers are an integral part of airline travel, providing crew members with essential rest and recovery time. Airlines recognize the importance of compensating their crew members during layovers by offering various benefits and covering expenses. The specific details of layover compensation may vary between airlines, but the overall aim is to ensure the well-being and comfort of crew members while upholding safety standards.

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