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Do Casinos Run Background Checks?

Do Casinos Run Background Checks

Since the legalization of the gambling business in Nevada in 1931, the industry has continued to grow. In the last decade, these permits extended to almost 40 other states. Since then, casinos have become one of the most lucrative businesses in the country. They also make attractive employment opportunities for many people with some very appealing perks.

There are casinos in more than 40 states: from small local casinos to luxurious and huge gambling centers with high tourist attractions. It is an industry in constant growth and expansion. Therefore, the demand for workers increases daily.

There are many tasks in a gambling center. For this reason, casinos hire more than 750,000 workers in the USA. To meet this growing demand, hiring policies in casinos are increasingly flexible.

Is this information useful for a felon?  Read on, and you will find out.

Reasons to Look For a Job in a Casino

1 This commercial activity increases its profits every year, as well as the salaries of its workers.

2 There are more than 1,000 casinos throughout the country so, they have a high annual hiring rate.

3 You can choose a schedule at your convenience because casinos are open 24 hours a day.

4 For many positions in a casino, no experience is necessary. Some casinos even have short training programs.

do casinos run background check

5 In several states, the laws have been changed recently. Now, they allow casinos to hire people with criminal records. In some cases, only in non-gambling jobs.

And the sixth and most important reason:

6 You can agree to the gaming license requirement, even with penile antecedents. You are only restricted if your offense involves money laundering or fraud.

Being a Felon, Do I Have a Chance to be Hired?

Yes, it is actually one of the most felon friendly jobs.

In addition to the gambling halls, casinos have parking lots, restaurants, and hotels. In those and other areas, there is a lot of work to be done.

An average casino must hire at least 300 people for its daily operation to rotate in all shifts during the day and night. The human resources area has a lot of permanent activity interviewing candidates for this rhythm of work.

Consequently, the gaming industry is one with the highest rate of hiring of felons today.

Although casino employers ask for criminal record information, this does not mean that they will reject you. Depending on the state, the policies are usually more or less flexible.

Felon-friendly States Where There Are Casinos

Each jurisdiction has its own requirements. Nevertheless, on the list of felon-friendly states, some also have liberal positions on gaming laws.

  • Oklahoma: The growth of the gaming business since 2004 pushed this state to relax its policies. Casinos generate over $130 million a year and help finance mental health and education services. In Oklahoma, you can find from a small local casino to the largest casino in the USA: the Winstar World Casino and Resort.
  • California: Poker is considered a charitable game in this state. That’s how flexible their policies are. They allow counties to autonomously define their gambling rules. Much of the state’s education revenue comes from the gambling business.

do casino run background check

  • Nevada: It has the most casinos in the country. It has a total of 334 casinos: 172 in Las Vegas and 162 in different counties. Historically, Nevada is the most permissive state where gambling is concerned. Therefore, it is easier to apply for a job there, even if you are a criminal. The Nevada Gaming Association agreed not to utilize the background checks for crimes punishable more than 7 years ago.

The policies in other states where there are casinos are quite similar. Colorado, New Jersey, Michigan, and Pennsylvania also allow the hiring of criminals in casinos.

However, consider live in a state with a seven-year limit on background checks for employment if you want to work in a casino. Depending on your place of residence, find out online about the betting center policy in your state.

General Jobs In A Casino Vs. Gaming Room Jobs

There are many trades in the gaming world. To ensure that the fun happens in the gaming room, many people work together.

If you are a felon and want to go into the gaming business, you could opt for a job for which you do not have to apply, in the first instance, for your gaming license.

do casino run the background checks tips

For example:

  • Chef/Cook
  • Bartender
  • Receptionist
  • Hotel or restaurant jobs
  • Marketing department
  • Human resources department

Do you want to work in the gaming room? If the answer is yes, you will have to apply for your gaming license to opt for positions such as:

  • Croupier
  • BlackJack dealer
  • Casino manager
  • Cashier
  • Customer service rep

Background Checks. What To Expect If You Are A Felon?

First, they will perform age verification. They also need your finger and palm prints. Secondly, they will ask you for information about your charges and guilty verdicts.

But rest assured, they only need to find out what kind of job you are eligible for.

do casinos run the background checks

If you commit a crime related to embezzling funds or money laundering you will be restricted from working in the gaming room, machine area, or money handling. However, they will consider you for support work in the hotel, restaurant, or security areas.

In case you commit a crime of violence or against the integrity of persons, you will be restricted from work that involves dealing with the public. Your application will be prioritized for activities in the kitchen, maintenance, or administrative assistance.

Gaming License for a Felon

If you want to apply for jobs in the gaming room, the background check includes more details. In some states, the minimum age will be 21 years old. They will request your credit information. If you have recently acquired debts, it is a good idea to bring them up to date before your application. Also, be sure to pay for any traffic tickets to avoid red flags on your driver’s information. Your work history will undergo an evaluation. Bring your work references up to date.

The application process for your gaming license will take a few days. In some cases, casinos collaborate with their employees from other areas to apply for it. It could be a valid option to take an entry-job at the casino, and then move up the ranks.

The second option is to apply for your gaming license directly with your state’s gaming association. Keep in mind that they don’t consider crimes tried more than seven years ago. With convictions for crimes of money laundering, extortion, or fraud, you will not be eligible for the license.


Honesty throughout the application is the key. Don’t withhold any information. A reticent attitude can ruin your application. Remember: they are asking for this information to choose which position you may apply for. You can opt for a position in a casino if you show a change and want to reintegrate.

Working in a casino is not incompatible with social responsibility. Casinos allow states to generate income for vulnerable social sectors. It is an industry where fun and money are combined with the public interest. Surely it will be beneficial for you to work on it.

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