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Do DoorDash Drivers See Tips? (The Ultimate Guide 2023)


Do you feel nervous about tipping your delivery driver

Nobody wants to be thought of as being cheap, which is always the risk if you don’t tip enough. However, you may also be wary about giving too much in case you receive bad service. When you order food from a restaurant, the situation is much more straightforward. You already know roughly how much you are expected to give as a gratuity at the end of your meal.

 If you are wondering, ‘do DoorDash drivers see tips?’ Then it’s time to find out…

When Drivers View The Gratuity 

When Drivers View The Gratuity 

The people who accept orders through the app and bring food to you are commonly referred to as DoorDashers. These employees rely on gratuities from customers to supplement their earnings. Let’s take a closer look at how they can view the tip you choose to give. 

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Before accepting orders

If you leave a tip while placing your order, the amount you tip can be viewed by DoorDashers. However, they can only see this amount if you add it before completing your order. They can also see the total earnings they will receive and the base pay of the order before accepting it.

This allows DoorDashers to decide whether or not it is worth their time. If the amount is low compared to the drive involved, they may decide to take a different order. These drivers have to do quick calculations so that they maximize profits during their shifts. 

After delivery

After your order has been completed, the DoorDasher can see a full breakdown of their earnings. This includes the base pay for the order along with the amount of gratuity you gave. This is useful if you choose not to give a gratuity until the order was completed. 

Do DoorDash Drivers See Tips? – How Much You Should Give

Do DoorDash Drivers See Tips? - How Much You Should Give

The service industry standard for leaving gratuity is usually between 15% and 20%. However, some people choose to double the tax on the order and give that as a gratuity. When it comes to tipping for deliveries, things get a little more complicated.

While there is no maximum or minimum amount, it is best to take the effort of the driver into account. If the journey was long, this eats into their time, and you should leave more.

What if it was you?

 Factors that make the delivery longer and more complicated include larger orders, rush hour traffic, and bad weather conditions. Put yourself in the position of your DoorDasher and think about how much you would want to receive. 

The percentage that drivers keep

One of the great things about giving your DoorDasher a gratuity is that they get to keep the full amount. This applies both when you use the app to give the gratuity and when you give a little extra cash. This means that tipping is the best way to make sure your driver earns more for working hard. 

The Importance Of Tipping

There is no obligation to give your DoorDasher a gratuity. However, the driver will know after the order is completed how much you choose to give. If an order from you pops up again, they are less likely to accept your order.

This can be an issue if you live in a small town where there are not many drivers. If you order food regularly, DoorDashers will quickly start to realize that you are stingy with tips. They may also choose to share information with each other about which customers refuse to tip. If you are not careful, you may quickly find that nobody will accept your order. 

A reputation for the right reason!

On the flip side, you could easily get a reputation for being generous. Each time you place an order, it gets snapped up very quickly. This will mean that you can enjoy food in the comfort of your own home in next to no time. 

While DoorDashers do not actually rate customers, the company reaches out to discover how the delivery went. Drivers can leave comments if they had an unpleasant interaction with a customer. Refusing to leave a tip could result in some rather nasty comments, and it may be difficult to get future orders accepted. 

The Base Pay For DoorDashers


The Base Pay For DoorDashersThe base pay is the amount that the company gives to drivers when they complete an order. The rate is usually between $2 and $10 for each successfully completed order. 

The factors that affect the base pay rate include:

  • Estimated time to complete the order.
  • Distance from the restaurant to the customer.
  • Time of day.
  • Size of the order.
  • Popularity of the order.

If the DoorDasher has to spend longer completing an order, the base rate will usually be higher. If drivers are reluctant to take a particular order, the company tends to raise the base pay. 

DoorDash implemented a new business model in 2019. Not only do drivers now keep the full amount of gratuities, but the base pay has also been raised slightly. However, you can be sure that your driver isn’t really raking in the cash from doing this job. 

How To Tip Your Driver

You can give a DoorDasher some cash as a gratuity after they have dropped off your order. Alternatively, you can send them the gratuity through the app. Let’s take a closer look at these two methods of giving a gratuity. 



You can hand over some cash when your DoorDasher brings your order to you. This is a good way to reward them for their efforts if they have provided a first-rate service. If you prefer a contactless method, you can always leave the cash outside your door to be collected by the driver.

Via the app

You can send a gratuity through the app either before or after receiving your order. The app features a dedicated tipping screen complete with pre-generated percentage amounts. This acts as a guide if you are not sure how much you should give. 

When Do You Give The Tip?

In addition to deciding on the amount of the gratuity, you need to work out when to give it. You can either add the gratuity when you place your order or after your food arrives. Both of these methods have pros and cons that should be taken into account.

Before you receive your order

Tipping before you receive your order is very convenient, especially if you are tipping through the app. You can add the gratuity just before you place your order. This could help to make sure your order is accepted quickly, especially if you are generous. The only downside is that you could end up giving too much for slow or generally bad service.

After you receive your order

Tipping after you receive your order allows you to match the gratuity to the service you receive. If you are particularly impressed with the driver, you can choose to give them a little extra. However, some DoorDasher may be reluctant to accept your order because they think you will skip the gratuity. 

The Information DoorDashers Can See

The Information DoorDashers Can See

When a DoorDasher chooses to accept your order, they will be able to see some of your basic information. This helps to make sure the driver gives your order to the right person. Let’s take a look at the information that is available and what is hidden. 

Your order

The DoorDasher will not be able to see what food you actually ordered or your order history. The food will already be in boxes and bags when they collect it, and they will not usually review the contents. Therefore, if your order is not correct, it is not actually the driver’s fault. 

Your name

They will only be able to see your first name and the first initial of your surname. This helps to keep your identity private to a certain extent and protects your personal information. The driver will not be able to see your gender, age, or how much money you have spent on ordering food. 

Your phone number

DoorDashers only need to see your address so that they can make the delivery. However, you can choose to add your phone number to the delivery instructions if you want. Otherwise, they use the app to communicate with you. 

The rating you give

You can leave a review of the DoorDasher and a rating after your order has been delivered. However, your driver will only be able to see their overall rating. This protects customers so that they can be honest about the experience.

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Do DoorDash Drivers See Tips? – Final Thoughts

When you leave a tip on the DoorDash app, drivers can see the amount you are giving. They can do this both before accepting the order and when the order is complete. If the gratuity is particularly low, you may find that drivers are reluctant to accept your order.

Giving generously is likely to mean that your order is accepted more quickly. You may also find that your driver offers you a special deal or discount. People in the food service industry notoriously make low wages, so it is best to be generous.

So, next time don’t forget to tip your Doordash Driver!

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