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Do Trade Schools Accept Felons?

Do Trade Schools Accept Felons

A common question arises which states whether trade schools accept applications for felons. A trade school is a vocational college that accepts applications with an attached criminal history. Most programs open new learning opportunities for felons.

Before beginning any training or learning opportunity through an educational program, felons need to research hiring policies. They should also enquire about specific barriers that refrain felons from achieving a certificate or a valid state license. The state also issues a valid work permit to felons after they meet specific terms and conditions for employment.

Felons with serious convictions get prevented from working in the industry of their choice because of convictions in their records.

  • Eligibility criteria for Program Acceptance
  • Community college for felons
  • Trade Schools for felons
  • Trade internship program
  • Educational programs for felons
  • Financial aid for felons
  • Felons Receive Pell Grants
  • Grant Funding for Felons

Eligibility Criteria for Program Acceptance

1 Programs for felons generally do not conduct a background verification check.

2 Felons can enroll in such programs to gain employment.

3 Employment requires a background verification check before hiring a felon

4 Certain programs cannot provide the required skillset to felons because of criminal history

do trade schools accept the felon

5 Community college programs get divided into 3 categories before accepting application for felons

6 These programs create genuine work opportunities for felons

7 Felons can also apply for programs in fine arts, general business, finance, and economics to rebuild a fresh career by gaining relevant education and training which makes a felon employable.

Community College for Felons

1 Felons also receive professional training and guidance in the field of information technology and infrastructure to create more job opportunities.

2 Felons can also join programs in agriculture, fine arts, and economics to study a discipline of their choice.

3 They can also participate in language programs to become language experts at college.

4 Felons require mentoring and coaching to follow a disciplined curriculum to develop skills and relevant knowledge for gaining suitable employment.

5 They can also study discipline in social sciences, math, engineering, and computer science which permits felons to gain employment in their preferred field.

6 Felons must not forget background check is a necessary procedure for all employers. Felons alone cannot escape this procedure.

Trade Schools for Felons

Trade schools offer skill-based training programs to felons. The different programs are as follows:

  • HVAC Technology Program offered to felons
  • Auto body Training Program offered to felons
  • Automotive technology offered to felons
  • Carpentry and Cabinet Making program offered to felons
  • Diesel truck technology specialized program offered to felons
  • Manufacturing technology program offered to felons
  • Welding Program offered to felons

do trade school accept the felon

Trade Internship Program

  • Felons can join workforce training programs in the area of electrical or fire service training.
  • Felons can also gain knowledge about hazardous materials and plumbing internships.
  • HVAC is a popular internship for felons
  • Trade schools generally accept applications with a felony background and encourage felons to participate in specific training programs.

Educational Programs for Felons

Felons can attend training programs to get certified for specific jobs. Every job has specific requirements to which felons need adherence. The job and its duties decide whether felony conviction will influence this job or not. The general courses offered are bookkeeping, general business accounting, pharmacy technicians, and social work.

do trade schools accept a felon

Jobs and educational programs involving service to society do not accept applications for felons. These programs are educational programs to become a teacher, a law enforcement program for becoming a police officer, health and science program to become a pharmacist.

The advantage of becoming a pharmacist is a certain felony doesn’t create a barrier after the specific period is over. Many programs have general rules for felons to follow. However, many times exception gets made.

Financial Aid for Felons

Many times felons require financial aid to support their education. The government of the USA provides many specific grants to felons who genuinely want to attend educational programs for a better living. Felons with drug trafficking felonies cannot apply for a loan grant to pursue higher education.

Any conviction which gets removed from a felon’s record before his 18th birthday doesn’t affect eligibility for school in financial terms. A drug conviction refrains felons from receiving financial assistance for a period of 1 or 2 years. The government cancels such grants on basis of selling illegal drugs.

Felons Receive Pell Grants

Pell Grants facilitate felons to complete higher education. This grant is given under the act of free application for Federal Student Aid. The grant provides felons income and current access. The application validates whether felons have been convicted with drug charges in the past.

do the trade schools accept a felon

The felons can choose not to respond to their answer as yes as long as they have undergone a drug rehabilitation program successfully. Any felon involved in drug charges without a drug rehabilitation program cannot however apply for these kinds of grants.

Grant Funding for Felons

Various businesses that want to do well for society grants specific funds through the country’s government for uplifting the life of felons. Felons can judiciously use these grants for completing an educational program at college or starting a business. They need financial support to re-enter mainstream society and achieve their career aspirations.

Felons can choose trade schools as career-fulfilling channels and making felons more employable to enter the job market. If felons do not receive appropriate student grants or loans due to felony conviction, they can enroll in peer to peer lending program. Your felony conviction does not deny the decision of your loan getting sanctioned, this is based on some financials.

Bottom Line

Felons can use a trade school option to achieve career success in the long run by studying professional courses which make them more employable in the long run. The US government also facilitates felons with good moral character to learn, earn and grow without compromising on financial stability.

Felons with serious convictions are however not eligible to get specific grants from the government which support their education and career aspirations. Colleges generally don’t run a background check for felons, however, employers do run background verification checks that felons cannot escape.

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