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Do Walgreens Have Bathrooms?


Walgreens is a well-known pharmacy chain with over 8000 stores located throughout the United States. With such a widespread presence, many people might be wondering if Walgreens stores have public restrooms that they can use.

So, let’s explore the availability, location, and policies regarding the use of public restrooms at Walgreens stores in my in-depth look at…

Do Walgreens Have Bathrooms?

Well, the answer is yes; most Walgreens stores have public restrooms that can be used by anyone. However, it is worth noting that some stores may keep their restrooms locked, in which case you may need to ask an employee to unlock them for you.

Do Walgreens Have Bathrooms

But where can you find the bathroom in a Walgreens store?

Finding the bathroom at a Walgreens store is usually not difficult. Simply look for the “restrooms” sign, which is typically located at one of the back corners of the store. 

If you are having trouble finding the restrooms, you can always ask an employee for directions.

Can the Public Use the Bathrooms at Walgreens?

The general public are welcome to use the restrooms at Walgreens stores. However, although Walgreens has a policy of regularly cleaning and maintaining its public restrooms to ensure that visitors have a pleasant experience, it is important to be considerate and make sure to leave the bathroom clean and tidy for the next person.

In any case, if you do happen to come across a dirty bathroom at a Walgreens store, you can inform an employee, and they will make sure it is cleaned as soon as possible.

Can the Public Use the Bathrooms at Walgreens

Gender Identity and Bathroom Use at Walgreens

In 2018, Walgreens implemented a policy that allows people to use the bathroom corresponding to their gender identity. This policy was put in place in response to an incident in which a woman was unfairly discriminated against and denied access to the women’s restroom due to the way she was dressed.

Since the implementation of this policy, people of all gender identities have been welcome to use the bathroom of their choice at Walgreens stores. The company does not tolerate any form of discrimination based on gender identity.

Other Things to Know About Walgreens

If you are planning to do more than just use the bathroom at a Walgreens store, there are a few other things you might want to know. 

For example, Walgreens offers a senior discount for customers aged 55 and over. The discount varies depending on the location, but it typically ranges from 10% to 30% off regular prices. So, why not just hop on in and do some shopping?

Other Things to Know About Walgreens

But what if you are not a senior?

Walgreens also offers cashback, the limit is typically $50, but it may vary depending on the location. Find out more with our informative look at Does Walgreens Do Cash Back?

Or, if you need to withdraw cash while you are at a Walgreens store, you can use an ATM. Most Walgreens stores have an ATM located inside or near the store, so you should be able to find one easily. For more info, check out our informative guide on Does Walgreens Have ATMs.

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Final Thoughts

Yes, most Walgreens stores do have public restrooms that can be used by anyone. These are typically located at the back of the store and are well-maintained. However, in some cases, the restrooms may be locked, and you may need to ask an employee to open them up for you.  

Also, Walgreens has a policy in place that allows people to use the bathroom corresponding to their gender identity. 

Overall, Walgreens strives to provide a convenient and welcoming experience for all of its customers, including access to clean and well-maintained public restrooms. So if you are in need of a bathroom while out and about, a Walgreens store is likely to be a good option.

Happy shopping at Walgreens.

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