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Do You Tip Walmart Delivery Drivers?

Do You Tip Walmart Delivery Drivers

Even though the custom of tipping is quite old, many people continue to discuss it and need clarification on when to do it. In a restaurant, you don’t second-guess leaving the wait staff a tip. A tip jar at a coffee shop, meanwhile, can be disregarded.

Walmart grocery delivery has been a massive benefit to most customers, allowing them to allocate more time for other daily tasks and relieving stress for those who are disabled.

So, let’s find out Do You Tip Walmart Delivery Drivers, and if so, how much, how to tip them, and much more!

What Should You Tip Your Walmart Delivery Driver?

Although this is a personal choice and viewpoint, it is a subjective question. There is no standard tip amount; however, a good general guideline is to tip 10%. If you’re feeling particularly generous, you can increase it to 15-20%.

Give the driver whatever tip you believe is appropriate. It’s always nice to leave a tip as long as they arrive on time, are friendly, and your order arrives in good condition.

Pros of Tipping

Tipping a Walmart delivery driver can be a great way to show your appreciation for their hard work. Delivery drivers often have to work long hours, and in difficult conditions, so a tip can be a great way to show your gratitude for their efforts. 

Additionally, tipping can help to ensure that the driver is adequately compensated for their work. This can help to motivate them to continue providing excellent service, which can benefit both the driver and the customer.

Pros of Tipping

Cons of Tipping

While giving a tip to a Walmart delivery driver can be beneficial, there are also some potential drawbacks. For example, some customers may feel obligated to tip, even if they are not satisfied with the service they received. This can lead to customers feeling like they are being taken advantage of, which can be a major turn-off. 

Additionally, some customers may not be able to afford to tip, which can lead to feelings of guilt or embarrassment.

When Tipping Your Driver, Do You Use Cash or a Credit/Debit Card?

Although both options are acceptable, cash tips are preferred. Here’s why.

Walmart grocery drivers do not always receive 100% of credit and debit card tips. As a result, tipping your Walmart driver in cash helps ensure that a third-party delivery service does not take a percentage of their tip.

When the small cuts are added together, they add up to a significant amount of money that really can help them out.

How Can I Tip When Using a Credit/Debit Card?

While Walmart adds a tip based on your order total, you can alter or remove it in the Walmart app or on the website. You can tip before or after placing your order meaning users can change the tip amount up to 24 hours after delivery.

If you choose to leave a tip for your delivery driver, you have up to 14 days to do so.

How Can I Tip When Using a CreditDebit Card

To add a tip for items delivered from your local store:

1 Select Account.

2 Next, select Purchase History.

3 Select the appropriate order.

4 Then select Add tip.

How Does Walmart Online Shopping Operate?

You can place an order for your groceries and even gadgets or anything else you need using Walmart.com, or you can download the Walmart app.

Simply place your order online, select a time slot, and an in-store associate will gather and bag your items. When your order is ready, Walmart will send you a Ready for Pickup email if you selected in-store pickup, or your food box will be delivered to your door.

How Does Walmart Online Shopping Operate

The best part? 

Members are never charged the $7.95-$9.95 delivery fee. If your order is less than $35, you will only be charged the $6.99 order minimum. However, customers who do not subscribe to Walmart Grocery delivery will be charged an individual delivery fee.

Who Delivers for Walmart?

Walmart also uses third-party delivery services for its deliveries. DoorDash is the primary third-party delivery service in some states (but not all). So, while Walmart has its own private delivery service, it also works with Point Pickup, Skip Cart, AxleHire, and Roadie.

These third-party solutions allow the groceries to be delivered within the standard two-day, next-day, and even same-day deliveries.

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Final Thoughts

Tipping a delivery driver from Walmart is a great way to show your appreciation for their hard work. 

However, it is important to consider the pros and cons before deciding whether or not to tip. If you do decide to tip, make sure that you are tipping an appropriate amount and that you are doing so out of genuine appreciation for the driver’s efforts.

So, should you tip your Walmart delivery driver? 

Yes, you should, as long as they arrive on time, offer a friendly service, and your order arrives in good condition, then it’s always nice to leave a tip. 

Happy home deliveries from Walmart.

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