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Document Control Specialist Job Description (2023 Full Guide)

document control specialist job description

Do you have strong attention to detail and excellent organizational skills?

If you are searching for an office job, the role of Document Control Specialist could be for you. This role involves scrutinizing and managing different types of records to make sure they are accessible. People who thrive in an office environment and are looking for stability are likely to enjoy this job.

However, anyone who has a short attention span and craves variety could find the job to be a bit monotonous. 

To find out if this is the perfect job for you, check out my in-depth Document Control Specialist Job Description and find out exactly what it entails.

What Is A Document Control Specialist?

What Is A Document Control Specialist?

A typical job description will begin with an overview of the company, as well as the working environment and the company structure. There should also be information on the type of contract, working hours, and base salary that is being offered. 

The usual duties that go with this role should be outlined, including the types of documents you would work with. There should be clear information on the educational background and experience that candidates need to have. The hiring manager may also include information on the attributes they are looking for in the perfect candidate. 

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The Working Environment

The Working Environment

This role typically takes place in the science and medical fields, and you would spend most of your time at a desk. Most roles require you to work from 09:00 to 17:00 from Monday to Friday. You may also be asked to take on extra hours from time to time to meet documentation demands.

These days, many employers offer employees the opportunity to perform this role remotely, at least part of the time. Most information is stored digitally, and it is possible to retrieve it with the right computer system. While it may sometimes be necessary to attend appointments or meetings, these can often be conducted via video conferencing software. 

Duties And Responsibilities

Before applying, it is important to have a good understanding of the duties of this role. This will allow you to highlight your experience with them on your resume and cover letter. Here are the main responsibilities and duties you are likely to be charged with regularly. 

Establishing guidelines

One of the most important parts of this role is assisting with the development process of new documentation. Once the guidelines have been properly established, you will oversee data programming and processing. You are also likely to be charged with helping to train process owners on control tool usage and the correct document structure. 

Overseeing the receipt of files

When certain types of files are sent to the organization, you have to make sure that they are accurate. This includes making sure that the necessary information is included and the documents are in the correct format. Once you have made sure the files are complete; you will then record them in the system in a specified way. 

Checking documentation compliance

Checking documentation compliance

You will need to coordinate with clients to issue and track different types of documents. Have a deep understanding of the related regulations that govern these documents. You will check carefully for compliance and make the necessary revisions with clients when necessary. 

Organizing and maintaining documents

Before organizing and maintaining documents, you have to scan the documents and images and review them. It is important to adhere to the organization’s document lifecycle procedures while doing this. You will then archive any records and documents that are inactive. 

Processing requests for information

You will often receive requests for information from other employees and clients during your workday. These are commonly known as RFIs, and you must carefully maintain them by using tracking logs. When new templates are created, the tracking logs will be updated to reflect any changes you have made. 

Document Control Specialist Job Description – Skills And Attributes

Part of the secret to a successful application is understanding which skills to highlight. Hiring managers are sure to be searching for particular skills when they check out your application. Here are the main skills and attributes that you will need to have to do this job well. 

Communication skills

Communication skills

You will need to have strong written and verbal communication skills to do this job. You need to be able to create clear and detailed reports, emails, and other types of records. Strong verbal communication skills are necessary when meeting with clients and conducting presentations. 

Organizational skills 

It is essential that you are very organized to do this job well. You will be charged with filing all types of documents correctly and accessing them when needed. Strong organizational skills are also needed for the file management and planning aspects of the role. 

Basic computer skills 

The majority of your work will be spent in front of a computer, and you need to be able to use it well. You need to be able to navigate Microsoft Office Suite to create, adapt, and analyze different types of documents. You need to have good typing skills and be able to learn different software and programs quickly. 

If you detect issues with the system, you need to be able to explain the problem to the IT department in detail. 

Attention to detail

You need to be able to spot even the tiniest mistakes in the documents that you receive and review. This will help you to assess the accuracy of these documents and identify errors before they become an issue. When scanning your resume, hiring managers are sure to search for a reference to this valuable soft skill. 



You will often work closely with people from different departments within the same company. It is important to maintain a good working relationship with other department employees. You may also need to collaborate with clients and official government bodies from time to time. 


You are likely to work with sensitive information and have to take steps to protect it at all times. It is important to prove that you are trustworthy and will not gossip or share information. Hiring managers are sure to be drawn to candidates who highlight this trait on their application. 

Education And Experience

You will normally need to hold a bachelor’s degree in business management or a similar field. Employers usually give hiring preference to candidates who have completed college coursework in the industry they work in. This is likely to include computer science and English. 

Having technical writing experience will help you to stand out from the crowd when you apply for jobs. 

Valuable Certifications

Earning a certification will help to take your career to the next level and give you access to better jobs. Your certification will show employers that you take your career seriously and have specialist skills. Here are some of the best certifications you can earn in your spare time. 

Certified Billing and Coding Specialist 

The National Healthcare Association offers this certification to professionals who have at least two years of work experience. 

Among the areas focused on are converting medical documentation from shorthand into billable codes that are used for claims purposes. Earning this certification will allow you to take on a claims-related role in a hospital or medical insurance company. After sitting and passing the set exam, it is necessary to renew the certification every two years. 

Certified Medical Office Manager 

This entry-level certificate helps to demonstrate your deep knowledge of various medical administration skills. The coursework provided by the Practice Management Institute includes record-keeping, care contracting time, and financial and risk management. 

Once you have completed the coursework, you will need to sit a written exam to prove your knowledge. 

Microsoft Office Specialist Master Certification 

Microsoft Office Specialist Master Certification 

This job usually involves using Microsoft Suite, and this certification proves you have expert-level skills. You can complete the requirements for this certification online once you have gained a little work experience. You can continue working while you study, and the certification can help you access advanced roles in the industry. 

Certified Coding Specialist 

Earning this certification through the American Health Information Management demonstrates your ability to produce high-quality and accurate documentation. You need to have a little experience in coding inpatient and outpatient records before applying for the certification. 

You will then be tested on your knowledge of data integrity and quality, as well as different types of medical coding.

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Document Control Specialist Job Description – Final Thoughts 

This role offers excellent job security, and there are plenty of rewards for people who excel. 

The average Document Control Specialist salary is around $49,000 per year. After several years in the industry, your salary could rise as high as $72,000 per year.

Some companies offer impressive bonuses for hard work as well as profit-sharing. Earning a special certification is a good way to boost your earning potential. If you already have a little experience, you could be rewarded with an advanced role or even a promotion.

All the very best in your career as a Document Control Specialist!

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