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Does Aerotek Hire Felons?

Aerotek is a recruiting site for employers. They connect with the best talent in the market. Felons deserve a second chance to work for decent companies and become more recognizable by re-establishing themselves in the market. Aerotek is a recruiting website that facilitates several felons to gain skills in various areas.

The central idea remains Job Descriptions must match the skill set of the person. The organization also connects many people who search for jobs and facilitate felon’s in the relevant job hunt. The company was established in 1983 by 2 people Steve Bisciotti and Jim Davis.

does aerotek hire felons

This platform is the first job search engine for aerospace and defense professionals. The organization also helps various organizations to hire hardworking and dedicated felons. It is very recently Aerotek earned a reward for developing a safe business and it also is a leading firm to provide professionals to employers.

Aerotek has numerous health benefits and provides time off to its employees with other unique perks such as special care plans and raised benefits. The company facilitates felons to take up motivational lessons to ensure they learn their job well.

Felons get many opportunities for career advancement and growth, they look forward to building a better future in the long run.

Aerotek Hires Felons

  • Aerotek hires felons with a central idea that each individual must get an equal opportunity to work and grow as a professional.
  • Any felon gets an equal chance to apply for a suitable position at Aerotek.
  • Aerotek also conducts a detailed background verification check to safeguard the interest of its clients.
  • They have a wide client base which can create multiple opportunities for felons and also provide them stability in the job market.
  • Aerotek focuses on hiring honest and dedicated felons who prove to a good hire for client organizations.

does aerotek hire the felons

  • Felons with serious felony convictions get eliminated during the application process.
  • Certain information is validated during the background verification check.
  • This information includes prior employment history, criminal history, educational history, and also the age group of the felon.
  • Felons require a basic permit to work in the USA.
  • Felons can work in the US if they are US citizens or if they hold a permanent resident ship in the US.

Career Opportunities for Felons

1 Aerotek looks for motivated and dedicated workers.

2 The company works with felons to make them goal-oriented and also demonstrates the required skillset.

3 One of the career opportunities is drywall finisher. This job role is responsible for ensuring the drywall remains in its place.

4 The next role is a machine operator. They are responsible for working on machines and also performing specific job duties.

5 The machine operator ensures the machine functions right.

does aerotek hire felon

6 The next career opportunity involves the packer's job. They are responsible for mixing raw materials to ensure various items can be created to complete a job task.

7 The next career opportunity is of a grinder. They are responsible for grinding metals. They also move large parts to perform the job function well.

8 Sanitation Job allows the felon to ensure all departments are clean and spic and span. They also stock cleaning supplies to ensure all departments receive cleanliness on time.

Application Process of Aerotek

  • Felons can apply for various positions at Aerotek on the career opportunities page.
  • Felons can also apply for various jobs as per their choice of location and role.
  • Sincere and hardworking felons receive a better chance to advance in their careers.
  • Felons can effectively use the learning opportunity to gain knowledge and also develop skills to perform any job well.
  • Felons work dedicatedly and their hard work rewards them in long run.
  • The company hires felons who are reliable. They also train them well to ensure they dedicatedly contribute towards company success.

does aerotek hire the felon

  • Felons must put consistent efforts to ensure their skills get recognized during the interview process and make the job function easier.
  • Make sure relevant questions get asked when you are applying for a suitable job role.
  • Keep the conversation simple and crisp and all questions must be related to the specific job roles.

Aerotek as an Employer for Felons

1 Aerotek provides equal opportunities to felons for career advancement.

2 They have not signed any initiatives such as Ban the Box or the fair chance business pledge.

3 Aerotek focuses on state legislation policies to help felons build a decent career.

does aerotek hire the felon guide

4 Aerotek's website helps felons with criminal records to seek employment with the organization.

5 Employees confirm that Aerotek hires felons and offers them a felon-friendly environment to work in.

6 Felons can gain relevant experience with proper training and guidance.

Describe Some of the Entry Level Positions at Aerotek?

Aerotek conducts job searches and finds relevant staff to meet the requirements of the industry. Their client base consists of 18,000 employees across the USA, so there is a wide variety of various career opportunities available for felons to choose from.

  • Office and Clerical positions where felons work in departments like tele-calling sales, customer care, administrative support, and marketing.
  • Felons also work in account receivables and payables and process medical claims for various employees in the organization.
  • Industrial and skilled trades, entry-level jobs in this category facilitate jobs like Janitor, Machinists, Warehouse, Stockroom, Painting, Production, Operation, Shipping and Receiving Work.

Tips to Get Hired at Aerotek with a Felony Record

  • Write a good resume that highlights all the relevant skills and qualifications for a felon.
  • The resume should outline work and other related experiences streamlined with the jobs you are applying for.
  • Summarize the qualities that you are proudest of.
  • Felons must update appropriate contact information in their resume.
  • Felons must review the kind of positions offered by Aerotek.

does aerotek hire a felon

  • They must gain prior knowledge about the hiring strategy and process at Aerotek.
  • Felons must choose specific jobs to apply for wherein their interest lies.
  • Read well about the company to answer all company-related questions without an issue.
  • It is important felons read about specific testimonials for employees and contractors to get an idea about the company’s core business.

Interview Tips:

  • Dress well and think you already have secured a job.
  • Use business casual as your attire
  • Always carry copies of your resume and references to the resume during the interview process to structure your answer well.
  • It is a good idea to take a small notepad with you to take notes while answering a question.
  • Allow the interviewer to gather their thoughts and create a positive impression about you.
  • Be honest about your criminal history as this improves your chances of getting a good job with Aerotek.
  • It is important, felons understand the background verification process in a better way to structure their answers well and use a logical approach during the interview.

Bottom Line

Aerotek offers many suitable opportunities to uplift the lives of felons by ensuring that felons receive the right platform for career advancement. Felons put their best foot forward. This helps them get the job at Aerotek.

Financial stability and employee benefits allow felons to take up new roles and challenges which allow felons to demonstrate their best skills. It is also interesting to note that felons when given a second chance prove outstanding employees for Aerotek by rising the career ladder. This helps them grow in their career and become successful in life.

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