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Does Aldi Run Background Checks?

does aldi run background checks

Aldi is a leading grocery supply chain across the United States. Generally, the brand recruits thousands of job-seekers every year. Most global job-seekers prefer working in Aldi due to several reasons. Attractive salary packages, insurances, and other employee benefits make Aldi a great choice.

Naturally, felons also attempt to get hired by Aldi. They do so because of the job security in Aldi. Every convict seeks a stable and secure job after his imprisonment. The good news is that the company offers job opportunities to felons. A felon can apply for a job in Aldi despite his felony. However, a lot of terms and conditions are applicable in this case. Not every prisoner gets hired by the Aldi management. The company’s hiring authority is quite strict in terms of felon-hiring.

The authority checks and analyzes every felon applicant’s application thoroughly. The company emphasizes background checks before hiring employees. That’s because they need to ensure the employee’s authenticity. The company gives opportunities to honest and dedicated felon-candidates only. The company authority reviews other factors for hiring felons too.

Let’s discover all facts related to Aldi’s background check.

Aldi’s Background Check

Aldi has numerous hiring policies like other famous brands. The company has an in-house research team to examine every candidate’s background. The dedicated team conducts a detailed background check of every candidate before employing him.

aldi run background checks

If an applicant fails to clear the background check, he is disqualified. The company management is pretty conscious regarding bad hiring. Bad hiring refers to recruiting an incompetent employee. As a global company, Aldi can’t afford to hire non-suitable candidates. Such a thing can ruin the company’s reputation in the worldwide market.

Anyway, different aspects are included in Aldi’s background check.

  • The entire checking procedure becomes stricter for an ex-felon.
  • From financial history to criminal background, the company cross-checks everything before hiring someone.
  • The company never rejects a felon’s application at the initial stage.
  • Aldi evaluates a felon candidate’s eligibility in the personal interview round.
  • An offender has to go through the same recruitment procedure as a general applicant.

Drug Testing

Besides the background check, every candidate has to appear for a drug test too. This a mandatory part of Aldi’s hiring process. The company especially monitors the drug test of a felon applicant.

A felon’s crime needs to be at least seven years old at the time of application. Otherwise, the criminal is not eligible for applying in Aldi. Even if he does so, the company discards his candidature. The company authority doesn’t entertain felon applicants with recent felonies. Every felon candidate needs to show valid discharge proof to the hiring authority.

Also, that proof needs to state a 7-year gap between the discharge and the application. However, a felon’s recruitment in Aldi depends on the company’s authority entirely. The authority takes the final call after considering the candidate’s crime.

General Factors

Apart from criminal records, the company also checks other factors in general. The following points are going to highlight those factors-

  • The educational background check is a significant part of Aldi’s background check. The authority looks into an applicant’s educational qualification. Then the hiring managers decide if a candidate is compatible with a specific position or not. Every vacant position in Aldi requires a particular education level and specific skillsets. A candidate should go through a position’s eligibility criteria before applying for that.
  • The company considers a candidate’s driving records too. Specifically, the company authority does so for delivery-related positions. Candidates with poor driving records aren’t hired as delivery executives in Aldi.
  • Aldi also checks a candidate’s credit reports before hiring. That helps the company to understand the candidate’s financial condition.
  • The company examines an applicant’s employment history too. Every candidate needs to inform the Aldi authority about his previous employments. The management evaluates the applicant’s compatibility as an employee through this.

Disqualified Crimes

Aldi’s background check can be a critical issue for a felon applicant. The company judges a felon’s candidature based on his crime. The authority doesn’t consider some offenses as considerable ones. Offenders involved with such crimes are disqualified primarily by the company. Your crime’s nature and severity determine your chances of getting hired.

Prisoners accused of the following crimes aren’t employed by Aldi-

1 Candidates with theft convictions are not entertained by the company authority. Felons involved in fraudulent offenses or assaults are also rejected straight away. However, the company gives every employee a chance to explain his crime. Every candidate gets that chance in his interview round.

2 The Company considers product-handling assaults and credit card frauds as serious crimes. Companies don’t hire offenders with such criminal histories.

does the aldi run background check

3 Sex-offenders stand the least chance to get a job in Aldi. Aldi is a grocery store where most employees need to interact with customers. That’s why the company doesn’t hire sex-offenders and abusers anyway.

4 A violent criminal also doesn’t get a job in Aldi. Criminals with mental disorders aren’t eligible for a job in Aldi too.

The company also considers an applicant’s connection with his conviction. The hiring managers try to assess the crime circumstances of a felon applicant. They don’t consider criminals involved in intentional and brutal crimes.

Rehabilitated Applicants

The company authority pays additional attention to a felon’s rehabilitation approaches. If you’ve completed your rehabilitation program successfully, you will get hired easily. That’s also a major factor in the company’s background check.

Aldi’s background checking procedure takes up to two-three weeks. You’ll have to agree to the background check only if you’re shortlisted for a position. The company doesn’t enquire about a felon’s felony at the initial stage of the application.

Tips To Get Hired At Aldi Easily

1 Being honest about your criminal offense is the primary tip. Criminals tend to hide their criminal records from interviewers. They do so to get hired without any issue. However, employers come to know about a candidate’s criminal history through background checks. If a background check reveals the felon’s lies, he gets disqualified directly.

2 Focusing on rehabilitation is another important factor. Try your best to complete your rehabilitation program and have a certificate. Aldi authorities give priority to candidates with decent rehabilitation approaches.

3 A character certificate from a government official can be the key to success. This certifies that you have become a better human being.

aldi run background check

4 Felons should make a good impression in the personal interview round. That’s what increases your chances of recruitment. The interviewer might ask something that you dislike. Try to be humble and generous in your approach.

5 A compact and complete resume are very significant when applying for Aldi. Focus on mentioning all your details in your resume.

6 You must explain your offense and conviction elaborately. Make the interviewer understand the circumstances and your viewpoint. If you do so, you keep yourself in a better position.


Working in Aldi is most felon’s dream. Being a part of such a company improves your social reputation too. Also, your financial condition will improve with the company’s handsome pay scale. So, keep the above-mentioned points in your mind while applying.

Try your best to get appointed to a suitable position in Aldi. This is a fresh start that will help you make it big in life. Wish you great luck in your future career!

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