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Does Aldi Sell Flowers? (2023 Guide)

does aldi sell flowers

Are you looking for a last-minute gift for someone special? 

Surprising a loved one with a bouquet of beautiful blooms is sure to make their day. This is the perfect way to make someone smile and show them how much you care. Many major supermarket chains stock fresh bouquets and flowering plants. However, the last thing you want is to turn up at a store and discover that bouquets are not available. 

So, let’s find out, ‘does Aldi sell flowers?’


Most Aldi stores stock a large number of bouquets and plants. At certain times of the year, the company also offers seasonal bouquets. However, these tend to be very popular and sell out quite quickly. 

Does Aldi Sell Flowers? – What’s On Offer

Aldi is famous for offering a variety of everyday bouquets. These are regularly kept in stock and are typically available all year round. They include daisies, daffodils, tulips, and Fairtrade roses. Bouquets can consist of a single type of flower or a mixture of types, including baby’s breath. 

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The holiday season is upon us…

Aldo offers holiday-themed and seasonal blooms at different times of the year. These bouquets are often released as Aldi Finds or as limited-availability products. This means that they tend to run out fast, and you need to be quick off the mark to grab them. 

Potted lilies are released for Easter, while bouquets of a dozen roses are available for Valentine’s Day. A range of bouquets is released to celebrate Mother’s Day. These include premium tulip bouquets, premium mixed bouquets, orchids, calla lilies, and hyacinths.

They come in festive pots!

Perennial blooms for planting and hanging baskets for porches are typically released as spring approaches. In November, the company releases its holiday season of blooms and plants. These include poinsettias and amaryllises in festive pots. 

Limited edition blooms are also rotated each week, so there is always something special to find. A popular option is the selection of succulents in tins, which is usually available in July. October is a great time to purchase paperwhites in elegant glass vases. 

Know what’s being released beforehand…

You can find details of the bouquets and flowering plants that will be released on the Finds section of the website. This section presents details of the special offers that will hit stores and the website in the coming week. Fliers with the latest details can also be found at the exits of all the company’s stores. 

The Cost

The Cost

The cost of all types of everyday bouquets is $3.99. This includes small bouquets of roses, which always prove to be popular. However, bouquets are also available at reduced rates when they start to lose their freshness. 

Blooms that are sold as Finds tend to vary widely in price. The typical starting price is $3.99. However, specially selected premium bouquets are priced between $8 and $20. Potted flowers typically start at $2.50 for tiny plants and can cost as much as $13. 

Where to find them

Aldi stores do not feature a dedicated floral section. Instead, bouquets tend to be prominently displayed close to cash registers. This is designed to encourage shoppers to pick up a bouquet for a loved one as an afterthought. 

Hanging baskets and potted flowers tend to be set on free-standing shelving. These displays can be found at various locations throughout stores. 


The bouquets sold by Aldi are generally considered to be good quality. Each bouquet comes complete with flower food and care instructions. With proper care and attention, your bouquet could last up to two weeks. 


Place an Instacart Order

It is not possible to call your local store and order bouquets delivered to your door. However, the company works in partnership with Instacart. You can use this service to purchase bouquets from stores and have them delivered to loved ones. 

Instacart will collect and deliver orders that are valued at $35 or over. Alternatively, you can opt for a curbside pickup when you place an order through Instacart. This option is available for orders of $10 and over. 

Online orders 

While you are unlikely to find bouquets online, the company’s website carries a selection of potted plants. Availability generally depends on the time of year. These plants often come in decorated pots and can be sent to your loved one. 

Plant seeds

Giving someone plant seeds can be a great symbol of your love. If your partner has a green thumb, they are sure to enjoy nurturing these blooms from scratch. A range of plant and flower seeds are available in the Finds section in the spring and summer months. You can also find ready-to-plant bulbs at this time of year. 

The best day to purchase flowers

All new products, including Finds, are stocked on store shelves on Wednesdays. This is the best day to pick up fresh blooms and limited-edition plants. However, Tuesday is the best time to visit your local store if you are on a tight budget. Old bouquets are usually reduced on this day, and although they won’t be as fresh, they will be much cheaper.



You will generally find a good selection of houseplants and other types of plants in your local store. In some cases, these plants are also available on the Aldi website. You can also pick out limited-edition plant stands, planter boxes, tiered plant stands, and other accessories in various seasons.

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Does Aldi Sell Flowers? – Final Thoughts

Fresh bouquets are the perfect gift for a special occasion like a birthday or anniversary. The best way to make sure your loved one gets their blooms on time is by ordering them in advance. You can surprise someone special by having a bouquet delivered to their home or place of work. 

Aldi sells a wide range of flowers for all occasions. These blooms are generally considered to be high quality and reasonably priced. You can also purchase flowering plants, which will last much longer than cut flowers.

Enjoy your flower shopping at Aldi!

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