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Does Amazon Accept Afterpay?

does amazon accept afterpay

The consumer market is worth billions, and online shopping trends have reshaped and influenced top retailers like Amazon. If you’ve heard of the slogan ‘buy now and pay later,’ then you may be familiar with Afterpay. Though, if you’re like many and enjoy purchasing online using Amazon, then you may be wondering if they offer an Afterpay payment option.

So, let’s find out if Amazon accepts Afterpay as well as other alternative ways of paying online…

What Is Afterpay?

Afterpay is a payment method that uses a ‘buy now and pay later’ (BNPL) service for consumers. Opting to use Afterpay means that instead of paying for a purchase in full, consumers can pay using installments. The first payment of 25% needs to be made, while the other payments can be made up to six weeks later.

Does Amazon Accept Afterpay in 2023?

Currently, Amazon does not accept Afterpay. Some E-Commerce platforms use Afterpay as a means to attract consumers to purchase goods online using flexible payment arrangements. Though, some companies like Amazon no longer use Afterpay as an incentive.

Why Does Amazon Not Accept Afterpay?

To put it simply, Amazon does not use Afterpay because it isn’t profitable for the company. It is also unlikely that Amazon will integrate Afterpay in the future.

As a top E-commerce and retail giant, it’s predicted that 50% of the E-commerce market belongs to Amazon. Such statistics reveal why using methods such as Afterpay will not substantially influence Amazon’s consumer market. Furthermore, Amazon’s revenue is predicted to increase in the years to come as it remains as the most popular E-commerce platform.

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Does Amazon Accept Afterpay – Can You Buy Now and Pay Later on Amazon?

Yes, you can; even though you cannot use Afterpay on Amazon, you can still take advantage of alternative methods to purchase goods and pay later on the website. Therefore, you can still check out your goods and pay for them later. Here’s how…

Use Klarna to buy products and pay at a later date

Klarna is an online financial service similar to Afterpay that enables you to make four installments that must be paid every two weeks. There’s also no interest charged, but ensure you read the policies before making purchases. Simply download the application to your phone to get started. To find out more about Klarna, how it works, and how to set up an account, click here.

Use Zip

You could also try and make purchases using Zip which is another method that lets consumers buy now and pay later on Amazon. Just download the application and start purchasing. Similar to Afterpay, you have to first be approved to use Zip. Select Amazon as the store you wish to purchase from, add items, and then checkout. To find out more about how Zip works, click here.

What Are the Benefits of Using Afterpay?

Using Afterpay as a primary payment method offers many benefits for consumers. It is an effective way to make online purchases and pay for them later. The main advantages are…

Easy Set-Up

Creating an account with Afterpay is easy. You’re only required to provide a few details before you can start shopping. There are no hidden costs to registering, and the approval process is easy too.


Using Afterpay is advantageous because some consumers are on a budget or have restricted money to spend. So buying and immediately ordering products without paying the full price is cost-effective for budget consumers. It’s also great for those who cannot buy products because they are too expensive in a single purchase.


Using Afterpay is accessible to everyone because they can order products without paying the full price in one sum. This is again convenient for consumers on a budget that needs products or goods urgently. If it’s a necessity, then it’s important to get your product delivered to your door without worrying about paying the full price immediately.

Finance Management

Using Afterpay can help others manage their finances more effectively. Consumers can organize their budgets and manage their spending better if they know when payments are due. Afterpay splits the amount of money you owe into four equal fortnightly payments. They also send you reminders when a payment is due so you can track how much you need to pay and when.

No interest

Afterpay does not charge interest to shop and purchase online. Instead, you’ll just have to pay 25% of the product price upfront at checkout. Then you must carefully follow the payment method instructions to make sure you don’t miss an installment. Though, you will have to pay a fee to Afterpay if you miss a payment.

What Are The Disadvantages of Using Afterpay?


Although Afterpay is a convenient and accessible way to make online purchases now and pay later- there are some points to consider. So, here’s what to think about before using Afterpay…

Late Payment Fee

As mentioned, Afterpay does not charge any interest fee to make purchases, but if you miss an installment or payment, then you will be charged a late payment fee. However, these fees are capped.

Paying back

Just like any other purchase – you must make sure you can eventually pay it back and can afford what you buy. Afterpay has a limit of when they expect all installments paid for six weeks. It’s worth checking Afterpay’s policies online before making online purchases. Another disadvantage is that you cannot choose the dates that you have to pay the money back.

No Credit Checks

While this may seem like an advantage, realistically, because Afterpay does not request a credit score, it means that anyone can essentially use Afterpay and put themselves at risk of not paying back on time or at all. If you’re already in debt or have loans, then opting to use this ‘buy now and pay back’ scheme is not the best suggestion. So, think about your spending carefully.

Affect Future Loans

Even though using Afterpay does not affect your credit score, some loan companies have been known to refuse to borrow money from those that have outstanding balances with companies like Afterpay. So, make sure you pay back on time to avoid any issues with future loans.

How Do You Sign Up for Afterpay?

It’s quick and simple! To sign up for Afterpay, all you’ll need is a few details to get started. When registering, just provide your name, email address, telephone number, date of birth, and credit card information. Make sure you use the official website to register with Afterpay and check the instructions to see how it works.

Here are the options on how to use Afterpay:

  • Download the application to your mobile device using Apple or Android. You can use this application to make online purchases or visit the website instead. Before checking out, use ‘Afterpay’ as your payment option.
  • You can also sign up online and get a card to use in person at designated stores. Make sure the stores accept Afterpay as a payment option, and your card is linked to your online account. Not sure which stores accept Afterpay? Then simply check here.

FAQ About Afterpay:

FAQ About Afterpay

Does Afterpay Check My Credit Scores?

No, you won’t have to include personal information about your finances, and Afterpay does not check your credit scores and report anything to your credit card company. But be careful when making too many purchases that offer ‘buy now and pay later’ incentives and ensure that you can pay back on time.

What Are the Afterpay Fees?

The fees will be applied after your installment period expires, though these fees are capped. The grace period lasts ten days, and Afterpay will charge one fee of $10 for every late installment. If you fail to make the repayment after the first $10 is applied, then you’ll be charged an additional $7 fee. Do you need extra clarification? Then check this webpage to find out more information about repayments and fees.

Is Afterpay a Credit Card?

No, Afterpay is not a credit card and is not linked to any credit or loan company. Afterpay is an alternative to interest and simply represents a ‘buy now pay later service’ (BNPL) for consumers. Although you can use a credit card to make purchases using Afterpay, however, you’ll accumulate interest fees in the process.

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Does Amazon Accept Afterpay? – Conclusion

Amazon may not incorporate the popular (BNPL) service Afterpay; however, in this guide, I’ve explored some alternative payment options to use that offer the same advantages.

Using installment services like Afterpay boast many perks for online consumers, though it’s important to check the conditions before making purchases. Representing one of the biggest e-commerce and retail multinational companies, Amazon may not offer an Afterpay method in 2023, but it’s still a growing marketplace to use for consumers worldwide.

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