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Does Amazon Accept Prepaid Cards?

does amazon accept prepaid cards

Are you looking for a convenient way to make purchases online?

Then consider using a prepaid card!

But before you whip out that plastic, let’s take a look at Amazon’s policy.

So, Does Amazon Accept Prepaid Cards?

Let’s find out, starting with…

What Is Amazon?

Amazon was founded in 1994 as an online bookseller, but these days it has evolved into a behemoth of an online shopping empire. So big, in fact, occasional jokes get made about its future evil plans to take over the world. 

It started rather humbly, though; the company was launched by Jeff Bezos out of a garage in Seattle and, within just a few years, had become an internet sensation. Thanks to its innovative use of technology and customer service practices (plus good old-fashioned hard work), it has grown phenomenally since then.

What Is Amazon

Streaming services are available too!

 Today it’s one of the most visited websites on the web, offering music, videos, books, and almost anything else you could think of. Amazon is also continuing to expand – experimenting with new products like cloud storage solutions or streaming services.

What Is A Pre-Paid Card?

Pre-Paid cards are convenient alternatives to traditional forms of payment such as credit and debit cards. They work like a normal debit or credit card without the need for a bank account; they are reloadable, allowing users to set their own spending limit by topping up their accounts. 

Pre-Paid cards are typically used in the same way as regular cards, making payments online, in-store, and taking out cash at ATMs. Furthermore, they offer an extra layer of security to shoppers as no personal financial details are shared when making purchases. Many of the major banks now offer these cards as part of their existing product range, and some even allow customers to earn interest with their account balance held on a pre-paid card.

Are Prepaid Cards Accepted On Amazon?

Yes, Amazon does accept prepaid cards – both Visa and Mastercard. The company also accepts prepaid American Express Cards. Before using one of these cards for your purchase at Amazon, you should check the terms and conditions of the card to make sure that it is eligible for use with Amazon. It’s also important to note that prepaid cards are subject to restrictions and limitations.

Restrictions on Prepaid Cards at Amazon? 

Amazon places certain restrictions on the use of prepaid cards for shopping. If a customer has already used a credit card for part of their purchase and then tries to enter their three-digit CVV code for their prepaid card, it will not accept the code since both payment methods cannot be used in the same transaction.

 Some banks may even require users to register their prepaid cards with their name, address, and billing information as extra authentication and verification before using them, as well as charge a dollar authorization fee. Although Amazon does not collect this dollar fee, some banks may hold approved cash as unavailable until the authorization expires.

Restrictions on Prepaid Cards at Amazon

Does Amazon Accept Prepaid Discover Cards?

Although Discover card is accepted as a payment option for purchases through Amazon, prepaid cards issued by Discover are not currently supported. 

 Those customers, however, may find more success in using alternative payment methods. It is worth noting that Discover is the only major credit card company in the United States that does not offer prepaid card payments for Amazon purchases.

Do Amazon Gift Cards Count as Prepaid Methods?

Yes, Amazon gift cards are technically classified as a prepaid payment method. Customers can use the cards to purchase items directly from the site or even access their account balance. Gift cards can be redeemed for specific items or categories, allowing customers to use them as a way of budgeting their shopping more effectively.

 Plus, they are a fantastic way to give special gifts without having to worry about finding the right item or size. The only downside is that Amazon gift cards can’t be used in conjunction with a credit card – you must choose one payment method or the other. 

Do Third-Party Sellers on Amazon Accept Prepaid Cards?

Yes, third-party sellers on Amazon do accept prepaid cards. When it comes to purchasing items from independent merchants, customers should always check the seller’s payment methods before making any commitments. If a customer is buying from a third party, they should also look into the seller’s return policy, as some may not accept returns of prepaid products, although most will. 

However, if a customer is looking to purchase items from the Amazon Marketplace, they can use their prepaid cards without any concerns, as it’s backed by Amazon’s A-to-Z guarantee.

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Alternative Payment Methods At Amazon

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Final Thoughts

Yes, Amazon accepts prepaid cards with certain restrictions. Customers should always check the terms and conditions of their prepaid card before using it on the site, or any other online store for that matter. 

Additionally, customers should be aware that third-party sellers may have different payment policies than those listed by Amazon. However, as long as customers take the time to read through all of the policies, they should have no issues. 

Happy Online Shopping At Amazon!

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