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Does Amazon Accept Sezzle? (The Ultimate Guide 2023)

does amazon accept sezzle

Amazon ships at least 66,000 orders per hour in the U.S alone, which means that about 1.6 million packages are shipped every day. It’s the most popular eCommerce platform in the world because of the massive product selection available. With these many packages bought and shipped daily, you can safely assume that Amazon has an excellent range of payment methods. 

So, you might be wondering, “Does Amazon accept Sezzle?” 

Sezzle provides its customers with a payment option where they can buy now and pay later. Let’s take a closer look and find out if the two can be used together…

Does Amazon Accept Sezzle?

Amazon doesn’t accept Sezzle payments, although the virtual cards can be used for other e-commerce stores. Sezzle can also be used at some physical store locations. There’s been a rise in the “buy now, pay later” payment service due to the current economic situation, so let’s find out… 

Which Stores Accept Sezzle Virtual Cards?

Sezzle is accepted by many brands, including niche retailers, which now accept these virtual cards for high-quality products. There’s a list of participating brands that can be viewed when you log in to the Sezzle App. It’s compatible with both Android and Apple gadgets.

Alphalete Athletics

This sports retailer will allow you to checkout with Sezzle. You can split your order into four payments over six weeks. You can shop for your sports apparel, from t-shirts to sports bras, and expect nothing short of excellent quality products. 

L.A Police Gear

L.A Police Gear

This store provides all your gear needs whether you’re in the army, a police officer, or a civilian. It has a wide selection of tactical clothing, first aid kits, and more. Did you know that this store was founded by cops for cops? Its collection has quality products that give you the functionality you expect. 

White Oak Boutique

This online women’s clothing store offers trendy fashion at affordable prices. With the slogan “It’s not about what size you wear, it’s about how you wear your size,” the boutique caters to all body sizes. Not only that, but if your orders are over $75, you get free shipping. That’s a great deal, especially since you don’t have to pay the full amount at once.

More Sezzle Merchants

The list of merchants that partner with Sezzle is quickly growing. Here are a few more stores that you can check out:

  • Blondie and Bro
  • Butterfly Threads Boutique
  • BMFIT Gear
  • Ever Forward
  • HauteFlair
  • Inaka Power
  • Lavender and Lace Boutique Inc.
  • Manola
  • Plammie Activewear
  • Wolven 

Does Target Accept Sezzle?

Can You Return Items To Target Without A Receipt?

Target accepts Sezzle, and you can use the card online and in Target stores. You’ll be expected to pay 25% of the purchase price and then follow Sezzle’s policy of paying the full price over the next six weeks. 

How Do You Sign Up?

To sign up, first, choose the type of account you want. It can either be a shopper or merchant account. After that, you’ll be taken to the dashboard, where you’ll fill in your details, including your first and last legal name. Create a PIN, and when your account has been created, you can apply for the virtual card. 

The card acts like a debit or credit card. It’s connected to your bank, and this helps with automated payments after you purchase something. To join, you must be at least 18 years old, and you should have a US or Canadian mobile number that allows you to receive texts. 

What Are the Benefits of Using Sezzle?

Many of us have purchased items that weren’t exactly planned for on our budgets. So, letting go of a chunk of change for a single payment can be challenging. With this app, you can finance items that you may not have been fully prepared to pay for unexpectedly. This eases the burden on your wallet, and you get enough time to complete your payment. 

Your spending limit also changes over time, and you can spend more if you have a positive payment history. Sezzle gives you spending power, and for every purchase, you’ll pay 25% as a down payment. Then, you’ll pay an additional 25% every two weeks. And you won’t be charged any interest over the six week period.

Which Virtual Cards Does Amazon Accept?

What Is Klarna

While Amazon does not accept Sezzle, it accepts other virtual cards, including Klarna and Affirm. 

If you decide to use your Klarna card, you’ll have to purchase from the app. It provides secure payments, and merchants don’t have access to your confidential online banking details. And better still, if you make purchases in any store that’s partnered with Klarna, you can earn shoppers’ points that can be redeemed for Amazon gift cards. 

Amazon has also partnered with Affirm, but there’s a limit to what you can purchase. You’ll have to make purchases of $50 and above before you can check out. However, you can’t use the service for Whole Food Market and Amazon Fresh orders. 

Which Other Payment Services Does Amazon Accept?

Amazon has several payment methods, including…

  • Visa
  • Amazon Store Card
  • MasterCard/ EuroCard
  • Discover Network
  • Chinese UnionPay
  • American Express
  • Discover

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Does Amazon Accept Sezzle? – Final Thoughts

Amazon will not accept Sezzle, but it still provides a good range of payment methods.

Many stores and larger retailers accept Sezzle, and it’s easy to set up your account. When you use the app, you can make in-store payments at selected stores. This will give you six weeks to complete your payment for the goods, with no interest charged!

Happy shopping with Sezzle!

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