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Does Amazon Deliver to PO Boxes? (Full Guide)

does amazon deliver to po boxes

It’s hard to imagine a life without Amazon. The online giant has everything you could ever need. From food to furniture, art supplies to automotive parts, it can all be found within this one handy website.

And the best part about it is the convenience. With the simple click of a button, your orders arrive directly at your front door. But what if you don’t want delivery to your house? Well, there are some other options available. And one of those is a PO box.

 But not all online companies use them. So, let’s find the answer to the question: does Amazon deliver to PO boxes?

What Is A PO box?

What Is A PO box?

A PO box is a nifty little invention. The P and the O stand for post office. And that’s exactly where you’ll find one. Simply put, it’s a box you rent that lives at the post office. It’s a secure place to have mail delivered that only you can access. Yes, it’s kept in a public place, but you’re the only one with a key.

Why do people have PO boxes?

There are many reasons to open a PO box. For a start, there’s the convenience it provides. Packages often arrive in the middle of the day when people are working, so it prevents us from missing the mail. Then there’s security. If no one’s home, the mail is sometimes left outside on the front porch. A PO means there’s a safe place for it to go.

And, of course, it makes life easier. Many people choose a location that’s on the way between work and home so they can pick up their mail on the commute. Others use one, so there’s no need to change address when they move house.


Getting your PO box is a straightforward process. Just drop into your local post office and have a quick chat to get the ball rolling. Alternatively, check out the USPS website for all the information you need and more.

Does Amazon Deliver To PO boxes?

Does Amazon Deliver To PO boxes?

There’s an easy answer here. Yes, Amazon delivers to PO boxes. It’s part of their policy that anything ordered directly from Amazon can be sent to a PO box.

But there’s a catch…

As you may already know, not everything sold on Amazon comes from their warehouse. The website also hosts third-party sellers. And they don’t always have the same delivery policy as Amazon. This is because not everyone uses USPS. Some sellers may use another dispatch service, such as FedEx. It’s up to those services whether they deliver to PO boxes or not.

How can I find out if Amazon will deliver to my PO box?

The best thing to do is read the fine print on the item you’re buying. Every seller is different, so it’s important to never assume. Make sure you check the details before ordering your goods.

Can Amazon deliver to any PO box?

If the purchase is coming directly from the Amazon warehouse, then yes. But it’s a little different from delivering to a house. There are some limitations when using a PO box.

The size and weight 

Don’t expect same-day delivery. And don’t count on 2-day delivery either. Most purchases will take three days to arrive at the bare minimum. And think about the size of your package. If it’s too big, it won’t fit into your PO box. Large items might not be deliverable.

And similarly, weight is a factor here. While PO boxes do come in a range of sizes, they can’t necessarily take heavy packages. If it’s in danger of breaking the box, then the delivery cannot be completed.

And that’s not all…

Valuable items sometimes require a signature on delivery. The staff at the post office cannot sign for you. The addressee should be the one to sign, so these products can’t be left in a PO box. And, of course, there’s the person doing the delivery. Amazon uses a lot of independent contractors. These employees aren’t insured the same way official employees are, so they’re not permitted to leave packages in a PO box.

What To Do If Amazon Can’t Deliver To Your PO Box

If you’re one of the unlucky people who can’t get Amazon deliveries to their PO box, don’t worry! There are always ways around the rules, and there are plenty of options available.

General delivery by USPS

The USPS’s Best Practices Related To Misrouted Mail and Packages

General delivery is a service offered by USPS. It’s usually used by those who do not have a permanent address. This might include remote workers and digital nomads or people traveling around the USA for fun.

It works by making the local post office your temporary address. Just write ‘General delivery’ in the first line of the shipping details, followed by the city, state, and zip code. The package will be left at the main post office associated with that area.

Package Intercept

There’s also the option of package intercept. This is another helpful choice from USPS. However, unlike general delivery, you do have to pay for it.

Package intercept tells the local post office to hold on to your package before the mailman takes it out for delivery. Then they’ll keep it until you can drop by and collect it. It’s worth noting, though, that it isn’t a guaranteed service, and sometimes things can slip through the net.

Amazon Hub Locker

Amazon Hub Locker

If you’d like an alternative to the post office, you could always try an Amazon Hub locker. This is a secure storage space usually found within a local business. It’s a safe and convenient way to receive parcels from Amazon outside the home.

When you order for delivery to an Amazon Hub locker, you’ll get a 6-digit passcode. Simply input this number into the locker and take your item. There are thousands of these dotted about the United States, so look for your closest one here.

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Does Amazon Deliver to PO Boxes? – Final Thoughts 

For the most part, Amazon can deliver to PO boxes. It’s a helpful, convenient way to get parcels, and it brings real peace of mind from the security it offers.

Just don’t forget to check before ordering! And remember, even if you can’t have it sent to a PO box, you’re not out of options. There are plenty of other alternatives besides!

Good luck shipping with Amazon!

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