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Does Amazon Offer Relocation Assistance?

does amazon offer relocation assistance

Are you getting ready to start a new job at Amazon

This international company offers a wide range of executive positions around the world. This can be a good way to make a name for yourself in your industry and work alongside talented professionals. If you have your sights set on one of these roles, you may need to move to another state or country. While this helps you take your career to the next level, making a move can be quite costly. 

So, let’s find out, ‘does Amazon offer relocation assistance?’

Employee Relocation Assistance

Amazon’s employee relocation assistance program is designed to help employees cover the costs of moving. Employees can choose to receive the fees as a single lump sum or over time. The program is a negotiable part of the compensation package for new employees and needs to be requested.

Lump Sum

You can choose to receive a single payment to cover all of your moving expenses. One of the good things about choosing this option is that you can receive all of the funds at once in advance. This can help to make it easier to plan and manage your moving budget.

The amount of the lump sum is usually around $20,000. This can also come with certain tax advantages. If you are smart, you can find ways to make sure your moving costs are much less than the total provided. This will give you extra spending money to explore and enjoy your new location. 

What The Relocation Package Includes?

Alternatively, it is possible to choose a special package that covers a range of different expenses. This package covers the cost of the moving process and settling into a new location. Depending on how far you are moving, the package could be between $20,000 and $40,000.

Expenses covered by the package include:

  • Car rental
  • Travel expenses
  • Hiring a moving van and crew
  • Temporary home rental
  • Realtor Assistance

What The Relocation Package Includes

International Relocation

In some cases, you may be offered an advanced position in another country. This is the perfect opportunity to get to know a different culture. In addition to the standard relocation assistance package, you can also apply for additional funds.

It is possible to receive help scheduling a flight from the United States to the new location. Funds could also be allocated to cover the costs of finding a home and arranging transportation. In some cases, you may also be assigned funds to cover incidental fees. 

How To Apply? 

If you require relocation assistance, you need to make a direct request to Amazon. The best way to do this is to write a formal letter to the recruiter. You need to be polite and professional while making it clear how much you need and what it will cover.

It is a good idea to do a little research to work out your moving costs. This could include the cost of hiring a moving van and the cost of traveling to the new state or country. Proving evidence of the associated costs will help make your claim stronger.

How To Apply

You might not get the full amount…

You also need to be prepared to discuss the costs with the recruiter and make adjustments. In some cases, you may be offered less or even much more than you were expecting. However, you need to be prepared to cover the moving costs yourself if necessary. 

The Stigma of Asking for Relocation Assistance

While these funds are available for new employees, some people may be embarrassed to ask for them. Asking for money before you’ve proven your worth can feel uncomfortable. However, these funds are part of the compensation package, and there is no shame in asking.

If you have specialist skills, you are sure to be valuable to the company. Amazon is sure to be willing to help pay the cost of moving to your new location. However, it is important to only ask for the amount you need.

Misuse of funds…

You should work out the rough cost of moving before making a request. If it is seen that you requested more than you needed and pocketed the rest, the situation could be uncomfortable. Misuse of funds is sure to be remembered by your manager and could be a strike against you.

Repaying Relocation Assistance Costs

Location assistance is offered to secure employee loyalty and reward employees for changing locations. The intention behind the program is to make employees stay with the company for several years. 

However, there may be cases where you choose to leave after a short period. If you leave the company after a year or less, you may be asked to repay the location fees. This is an important consideration when working out how much to ask for. 


Completing an internship at Amazon can help pave the way to a future career with the company. Amazon offers a wide range of internships to students who are majoring in a business or engineering-related subject. Interns who excel during these summer programs are often offered full-time employment once they graduate.

Internships are offered in offices in a large number of countries around the world. Applicants who are chosen for an internship in another state or country will need to move for a short period. The company helps with the moving costs and often helps interns find accommodation.


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Final Thoughts

In today’s competitive work environment, it is often necessary to move to get the job you want. While this can be exciting, it can also be quite expensive. Fortunately, Amazon has created a couple of packages to help employees cover the costs of moving.

New employees can request between $20,000 and $40,000 as part of the relocation assistance program. This payment is part of the benefits package, and all employees who have to move for work can request it. However, only ask for the amount you need and be prepared to repay it if you quit your job.

Good luck with your relocation!

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