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Does Amazon Prime Deliver on Sunday? But Not Everywhere

does amazon prime deliver on sunday

Amazon is the leading e-commerce company in the world. Not only do they sell almost anything and everything, but they also set the industry standard with fast and reliable delivery; it is no wonder that they have an astonishing 83% customer satisfaction rating.

It’s tough to beat free shipping on almost everything with their Prime membership option, especially when you receive your packages in a day or two.

But, Does Amazon Prime Deliver on Sunday?

But, Does Amazon Prime Deliver on Sunday?

The people that love to shop on Amazon – and I am talking about last-minute shoppers – are going to love the fact that… Yes, Amazon makes package deliveries every day of the week, Sunday included. 

These Sunday deliveries are available to all customers if available, regardless of whether you are a Prime member – though there is a catch!

Amazon DOES deliver on Sunday – BUT not everywhere

Amazon DOES deliver on Sunday – BUT not everywhere

Amazon has partnered with UPS and USPS making it easier for them to provide Sunday delivery. While its own logistics team transports the packages to a UPS or USPS office, it is UPS or USPS that does the delivery of the packages to the customers. This is the reason that Sunday delivery isn’t available in all instances.  

In most cases, the UPS drivers do deliveries on Sunday.

However, since Sunday service is still a relatively new option for both companies, they haven’t fully extended it to rural areas yet. Therefore, Amazon can only deliver packages on Sundays in the areas where UPS and USPS support Sunday deliveries.   

Now that we know the answer to Does Amazon Prime Deliver on Sunday? Let’s move on to the delivery times and areas available for Amazon’s Sunday deliveries. 

What Time Will Amazon Deliver Packages On Sunday?

What Time Will Amazon Deliver Packages On Sunday

When to expect your package will depend on whether you are receiving your delivery directly from Amazon, UPS, or USPS. 

Amazon drivers make deliveries between the hours of 9:00 am and 8:00 pm. So, you can expect your package any time within those hours, depending on the driver and amount of packages for the day.

If your package is being delivered by USPS, then you can expect a shorter delivery window. They deliver packages between 9:00 am and 7:00 pm. And the UPS drivers do not normally do deliveries past 6:00 pm.

If you want to track your delivery, then you can find tracking information on Amazon’s website using your order details. 

Where will Amazon Prime deliver on Sunday?

While some remote regions are not covered yet, Amazon will deliver to most areas in the U.S. They will deliver in most major cities and nearby metropolitan areas on a Sunday through logistics partners like UPS and USPS.

Amazon is currently the only company that can deliver on a Sunday through UPS and USPS. 

If you want to know whether Amazon delivers to your area on Sunday, here are a few tips to find out…

You can tell if Amazon will deliver to your address on a Sunday by seeing the option for Sunday delivery on the checkout screen before you submit your order.

Make a call to UPS or USPS to confirm if they deliver to your area

Make a call to UPS or USPS to confirm if they deliver to your area

First, make check that you are calling your local branch and have your address or zip code ready for them to check.

They will then let you know if their Sunday delivery program is available in your area or not.

Sign Up For Sunday Deliveries

In some cases, either the USPS or USPS may need you to sign up for a Sunday delivery service. 

How To Choose Amazon Prime Sunday Delivery?

How To Choose Amazon Prime Sunday Delivery

The Sunday delivery option will appear on all eligible products on the Amazon website. If you do not see the Sunday delivery or other delivery options, then it would mean that the service is not offered for your selected area. There will be different dates and times to select from if this service is not available in your area.

Amazon Prime weekend deliveries aren’t limited to home and business deliveries. If you use the unique Amazon Locker self–service option, your package might arrive on a Sunday

Want to know more about the Amazon Locker self–service. Here is how it works.

What is an Amazon Locker?

This is a secure location where your Amazon packages will be delivered. If you live in an apartment or an area that’s not safe, you might need a more secure way of receiving your Amazon packages. One of the best options is to sign up for an Amazon Locker.

Amazon Lockers can be found in several locations. If you use a business as your Locker location, you will only be able to get your package when the business is open. Therefore, you may not always be able to receive your package on Sunday.

However, Amazon Lockers tend to be placed in stores that operate seven days a week.

Is Sunday Delivery Free On Amazon Prime?

Is Sunday Delivery Free On Amazon Prime?

You may be wondering if you have to pay extra for a package to be delivered on a Sunday with Amazon Prime. That isn’t necessarily the case. Even if you don’t have Amazon Prime, you are still eligible for Sunday delivery. It will depend on when you place your order. 

You can get free two-day delivery if you place an order on Thursday or Friday if you are a Prime member.

The seller and the shipper may also affect your delivery cost. For example, some sellers will charge you extra for a Sunday delivery, depending on the item.

It all depends on how fast you need the delivery to be. For example, if you need the package the next day, then you’re probably going to pay more for the shipping cost.

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Does Amazon Prime Deliver on Sunday? – Conclusion

As long as the Sunday delivery service is available in your area, then you should be able to get your package delivered. And you can expect a Sunday delivery whether you are a Prime member or a non–prime member.

However, it is a good idea to sign up for an Amazon Prime membership if you are looking for faster, free delivery options.

And remember that if Sunday delivery is available in your location, it will show on the product page. Then you can pick your delivery preferences and enjoy fast and secure Amazon delivery.

Happy shopping!

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